1661 events in history

Jan 6 English Restoration: The Fifth Monarchists unsuccessfully attempt to seize control of London, England
Jan 19 Thomas Venner is hanged, drawn and quartered in London
Jan 30 Oliver Cromwell, Lord Protector of the Commonwealth of England is ritually executed two years after his death, on the anniversary of the execution of the monarch he himself deposed
Apr 23 King Charles II of England, Scotland and Ireland is crowned in Westminster Abbey
Jun 23 Marriage contract between Charles II of England and Catherine of Braganza
Jul 16 The first banknotes in Europe are issued by the Swedish bank Stockholms Banco
Aug 6 The Treaty of The Hague is signed by Portugal and the Dutch Republic
Sep 5 Fall of Nicolas Fouquet: Louis XIV Superintendent of Finances is arrested in Nantes by D'Artagnan, captain of the king's musketeers