Born in 1665

Feb 6 Anne Queen of Great Britain became Queen of England, Scotland and Ireland on 8 March 1702. On 1 May 1707, under the Acts of Union, two of her realms, the kingdoms of England and Scotland, united as a single sovereign state, the United Kingdom of Great Britain. She continued to reign as Queen of Great Britain and Ireland until her death
Feb 12 Rudolf Jakob Camerarius a German botanist and physician.
Mar 4 Philip Christoph von Königsmarck a Swedish count of Brandenburgian extraction and a soldier. He was allegedly the lover of Sophia Dorothea, Princess of Celle, the wife of Duke George Louis of Brunswick and Lunenburg, the heir presumptive of the Principality of Calenberg, later to become Elector of Hanover and King of Great Britain
Mar 14 Giuseppe Crespi an Italian late Baroque painter of the Bolognese School. His eclectic output includes religious paintings and portraits, but he is now most famous for his genre paintings
Mar 17 Élisabeth Jacquet de La Guerre a French musician, harpsichordist and composer.
Mar 21 José Benito de Churriguera a Spanish architect, sculptor and urbanist of the late-Baroque or Rococo style. He was born in Madrid to a Catalan cabinetmaker, gilder and altarpiece joiner, Josep Simó Xoriguera i Elies and to doña Maria de Ocaña, and studied under his father along with two of his brothers
Apr 3 Tsarevich Simeon Alexeyevich of Russia the fourth of Tsar Alexis of Russia and Maria Miloslavskaya, brother of Tsar Feodor III of Russia and Tsar Ivan V of Russia and half-brother of Tsar Peter the Great. He died young
Apr 19 Jacques Lelong born at Paris.
Apr 29 James Butler 2nd Duke of Ormonde an Irish statesman and soldier. He was the third of the Kilcash branch of the family to inherit the earldom of Ormond. Like his grandfather the 1st Duke, he was raised as a Protestant, unlike his extended family who held to Roman Catholicism. He served in the campaign to put down the Monmouth Rebellion, in the Williamite War in Ireland, in the Nine Years' War and in the War of the Spanish Succession but was accused of treason and went into exile after the Jacobite rising of 1715
May 12 Albertus Seba a Dutch pharmacist, zoologist and collector.
Jun 4 Zacharie Robutel de La Noue a French lieutenant and captain in the colonial regular troops, and seigneur of Châteauguay. Robutel de La Noue was a Canadian, born in Montreal, son of Claude Robutel de La Noue, seigneur of Île Saint-Paul, and Suzanne de Gabrielle. As a soldier he escorted various expeditions - to Hudson Bay in 1686 with Pierre de Troyes, Chevalier de Troyes and up the Ottawa River in 1692. He also led military attacks on Mohawk villages in 1692-93. He was sent by governor Vaudreuil in July 1717 to establish a chain of three posts from Lake Superior to Lake of the Woods, but he was able only to re-establish a fur trading post, Fort Kaministiquia, on the Kaministiquia River. He remained there as commandant until 1721
Jul 2 Samuel Penhallow a Cornish colonist and historian and militia leader in present-day Maine during Queen Anne's War and Father Rale's War. He was the commander at Fort Menaskoux and was attacked during the Northeast Coast Campaign
Jul 20 Frederick Wilhelm von Pfalz-Neuburg by birth Count Palatine of Neuburg and Imperial General.
Jul 24 John George II Duke of Saxe-Eisenach a duke of Saxe-Eisenach.
Jul 26 Erhard Ernst von Röder a Prussian Field Marshal General, Minister of War and Minister of Finance.
Jul 31 Johann Reinhard III Count of Hanau-Lichtenberg the last of the counts of Hanau-Lichtenberg. He reigned from 1680 to 1736. From 1712 to 1736, he also reigned the county of Hanau-Münzenberg
Aug 21 Giacomo F. Maraldi a French-Italian astronomer and mathematician. His name is also given as Jacques Philippe Maraldi. Born in Perinaldo he was the nephew of Giovanni Cassini, and worked most of his life at the Paris Observatory. He also is the uncle of Jean-Dominique Maraldi
Aug 27 John Hervey 1st Earl of Bristol an English politician.
Sep 14 Jean-Baptiste Colbert marquis de Torcy a French diplomat, who negotiated some of the most important treaties towards the end of Louis XIV's reign, notably the treaty that occasioned the War of the Spanish Succession , in which the dying Charles II of Spain named Louis XIV's grandson, Philippe, duc d'Anjou, heir to the Spanish throne, eventually founding the line of Spanish Bourbons.
Nov 1 Antonio de Zamora a Spanish playwright.
Dec 22 Tommaso Redi (painter) an Italian painter, who was active during the late-Baroque in his native Florence.
Dec 25 Lady Grizel Baillie a Scottish songwriter.
Dec 28 George FitzRoy 1st Duke of Northumberland the third and youngest illegitimate son of King Charles II and his mother Barbara Villiers, Countess of Castlemaine. On 1 October 1674, he was created Earl of Northumberland, Baron of Pontefract and Viscount Falmouth. On 6 April 1683, he was created Duke of Northumberland