Born in 1667

Feb 4 Alessandro Magnasco an Italian late-Baroque painter active mostly in Milan and Genoa. He is best known for stylized, fantastic, often phantasmagoric genre or landscape scenes
Feb 27 Ludwika Karolina Radziwiłł a magnate of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania in the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth and an active reformer. She carried the title of Princess
Mar 3 Jacob Heinrich von Flemming a Saxon count, military officer and politician. He was born in Hoff, Prussian Province of Pomerania to a noble family. He completed his law studies in 1688, after which he entered service with Brandenburg. He attained the rank of general in 1705 and Generalfeldmarschall in 1711
May 16 Germain Boffrand a French architect. A pupil of Jules Hardouin-Mansart, Germain Boffrand was one of the main creators of the precursor to Rococo called the style Régence, and in his interiors, of the Rococo itself. In his exteriors he held to a monumental Late Baroque classicism with some innovations in spatial planning that were exceptional in France His major commissions, culminating in his interiors at the Hôtel de Soubise, were memorialised in his treatise Livre d'architecture, published in 1745, which served to disseminate the French "Louis XV" style throughout Europe
May 26 Abraham de Moivre a French mathematician known for de Moivre's formula, one of those that link complex numbers and trigonometry, and for his work on the normal distribution and probability theory. He was a friend of Isaac Newton, Edmond Halley, and James Stirling. Among his fellow Huguenot exiles in England, he was a colleague of the editor and translator Pierre des Maizeaux
Jun 17 Robert Tournières a French painter. After the Second World War, a street in the new Saint-Paul district of his birthplace of Caen was named rue Robert Tournières
Jun 18 Ivan Trubetskoy a Russian Field Marshal, promoted in 1728. He was a member of the inner circle of Tsar Peter I of Russia. Made a boyar in 1692, Trubetskoy commanded part of the Russian fleet during the Azov campaigns in 1696. In 1699, he was named governor of Novgorod. Trubetskoy ordered surrender during the Battle of Narva in 1700. He was captured and held prisoner in Sweden until exchanged in 1718
Jul 2 Pietro Ottoboni (cardinal) an Italian cardinal and grandnephew of Pope Alexander VIII. He is remembered especially as a great patron of music and art. Ottoboni was the last person to hold the curial office of Cardinal-nephew, which was abolished by Alexander VIII's successor, Pope Innocent XII, in 1692. Ottoboni "loved pomp, prodigality and sensual pleasure, but was in the same time kind, ready to serve and charitable"
Aug 6 Johann Bernoulli a Swiss mathematician and was one of the many prominent mathematicians in the Bernoulli family. He is known for his contributions to infinitesimal calculus and educating Leonhard Euler in the pupil's youth
Aug 11 Anna Maria Luisa de' Medici the last scion of the House of Medici. A patron of the arts, she bequeathed the Medici's large art collection, including the contents of the Uffizi, Palazzo Pitti and the Medicean villas, which she inherited upon her brother Gian Gastone's death in 1737, and her Palatine treasures to the Tuscan state, on the condition that no part of it could be removed from "the Capital of the grand ducal State.... the succession of His Serene Grand Duke."
Aug 28 Louise of Mecklenburg-Güstrow Queen consort of Denmark and Norway as the first spouse of the King Frederick IV of Denmark.
Sep 5 Giovanni Girolamo Saccheri an Italian Jesuit priest, scholastic philosopher, and mathematician.
Sep 7 Florent-Jean de Vallière a French artillery officer of the 18th century. He was lieutenant-general of the King's Armies. In 1726, de Vallière became Director-General of the Battalions and Schools of the Artillery
Sep 24 Jean-Louis Lully a French musician and composer. He was born in Paris, the youngest son of Jean-Baptiste Lully
Sep 28 Asano Naganori the daimyo of the Akō Domain in Japan. His title was Takumi no Kami. He is known as the person who triggered a series of incidents retold in a story known as Chūshingura, one of the favourite themes of kabuki, jōruri, and Japanese books and films
Oct 2 Louis Count of Vermandois the eldest surviving son of Louis XIV of France and his mistress Louise de La Vallière.
Oct 7 Avtonom Golovin a Russian military leader and one of the associates of Peter the Great.
Oct 25 Louis Frederick I Prince of Schwarzburg-Rudolstadt the ruling prince of Schwarzburg-Rudolstadt, Count of Hohenstein, Lord of Rudolstadt, Blankenburg and Sondershausen from 1710 until his death.
Oct 28 Maria Anna of Neuburg Queen of Spain from 1689 to 1700 as the second wife of King Charles II.
Nov 2 James Louis Sobieski the son of King John III of Poland and Marie Casimire Louise de La Grange d'Arquien.
Nov 5 Christoph Ludwig Agricola a German landscape painter. He was born and died at Regensburg
Nov 30 Jonathan Swift an Anglo-Irish satirist, essayist, political pamphleteer , poet and cleric who became Dean of St Patrick's Cathedral, Dublin.
Dec 4 Michel Pignolet de Montéclair a French composer of the baroque period.
Dec 9 William Whiston an English theologian, historian, and mathematician, a leading figure in the popularisation of the ideas of Isaac Newton. He is now probably best known for his translation of the Antiquities of the Jews and other works by Josephus, his A New Theory of the Earth, and his Arianism
Dec 15 Ernest Louis Landgrave of Hesse-Darmstadt Landgrave of Hesse-Darmstadt from 1678 to 1739. His parents were Landgrave Louis VI of Hesse-Darmstadt and Elisabeth Dorothea of Saxe-Gotha-Altenburg
Dec 25 Melusine von der Schulenburg Duchess of Kendal a long-time mistress to King George I of Great Britain. Her middle name was probably given in reference to the Melusine legends