Born in 1669

Jan 6 Isabel Luísa Princess of Beira a Portuguese infanta and the sole daughter of King Peter II of Portugal and his first wife and former sister-in-law Maria Francisca of Savoy. As such she was styled Princess of Beira. She was the presumptive heir to the throne of Portugal between 1668 and 1689, the year her half-brother John was born
Jan 16 Sava Vladislavich a Serbian diplomat, count and merchant-adventurer in the employ of Peter the Great who conducted important diplomatic negotiations in Constantinople, Rome and Beijing. His most lasting achievement was the Treaty of Kiakhta, which regulated relations between the Russian Empire and the Qing Empire until the mid-19th century. Also, he was an author of a whole number of pamphlets, monographs, treaties and letters concerned with liberating the lands of the Slavs, then occupied by the Ottoman Empire and the forces of Leopold I
Jan 18 Maria Antonia of Austria the eldest daughter and only surviving child of Holy Roman Emperor Leopold I and his wife Margaret Theresa of Spain. She became Electress of Bavaria when she married in 1685, but died prematurely in 1692
Feb 2 Louis Marchand a French Baroque organist, harpsichordist, and composer. Born into an organist's family, Marchand was a child prodigy and quickly established himself as one of the best known French virtuosi of his time. He worked as organist of numerous churches and, for a few years, at the French court. Marchand had a violent temperament and an arrogant personality, and his life was filled with scandals, publicized and widely discussed both during his lifetime and after his death. Despite his fame, few of his works survive to this day, and those that do almost all date from his early years. Nevertheless, a few pieces of his, such as the organ pieces Grand dialogue in C and Fond d'orgue in E minor, have been lauded as classic works of the French organ school
Feb 2 Chief Kepuha the island of Guam's first Catholic chief. The chief's name means "to uphold." He granted the lands to Spanish missionaries upon which the first Catholic church in the Marianas was built. Kepuha was a member of the Chamorri, the highest caste in Chamorro society, and lived in the village of Hagåtña. As the elder maga'lahi, or high-ranking male, he could make important decisions with the consent of the highest ranking women, maga'hagas, in his clan
Feb 13 Jean Charles Chevalier Folard born at Avignon.
May 19 Philip William Margrave of Brandenburg-Schwedt a Prussian Prince, was the first owner of the Prussian secundogeniture of Brandenburg-Schwedt and governor of Magdeburg from 1692 to 1711.
May 26 Sébastien Vaillant a French botanist.
Jun 9 Leonty Magnitsky a Russian mathematician and educator.
Aug 9 Eudoxia Lopukhina the first wife of Peter I of Russia. They married in 1689 but divorced in 1698. She is the mother of Tsarevich Alexei Petrovich and the paternal grandmother of Peter II of Russia
Aug 27 Anne Marie d'Orléans the first Queen consort of Sardinia and the maternal grandmother of Louis XV of France. She is also an important figure in British history
Aug 29 John Anstis an English officer of arms and antiquarian. He rose to the highest heraldic office in England and became Garter King of Arms in 1718 after years of political manoeuvring
Oct 10 Johann Nicolaus Bach a German composer of the Baroque period.
Oct 19 Count Wirich Philipp von Daun an Austrian Field Marshal in the War of Spanish Succession, and father of the better known Leopold Josef Graf Daun. In 1710 he was created Prince of Teano
Nov 27 Karol Stanisław Radziwiłł (1669–1719) a Polish-Lithuanian szlachcic.
Dec 16 Joseph-Anne-Marie de Moyriac de Mailla a French Jesuit missionary to China.
Dec 20 Charlotte Marie of Saxe-Jena a German princess member of the House of Wettin in the branch of Saxe-Jena and by marriage Duchess of Saxe-Weimar.