Born in 1671

Jan 11 François-Marie 1st duc de Broglie a French military leader.
Jan 15 Abraham de la Pryme an English antiquary.
Feb 19 Charles-Hubert Gervais a French composer of the Baroque era. The son of a valet to King Louis XIV's brother, Monsieur, Gervais was born at the Palais Royal in Paris and probably educated by Monsieur's musical intendants, Jean Granouillet de Sablières and Charles Lalouette. He worked as a musician for the Duc de Chartres, the future regent of France. In 1701, he married Françoise du Vivier. In 1721 he was named sous-maître de musique at the Chapelle royale along with André Campra, Nicolas Bernier and Michel Richard Delalande. Gervais composed sacred music and operas, including two tragédies en musique
Feb 26 Anthony Ashley-Cooper 3rd Earl of Shaftesbury an English politician, philosopher and writer.
Mar 7 Rob Roy MacGregor sometimes known as the Scottish Robin Hood.
Mar 20 Princess Christine Louise of Oettingen-Oettingen Duchess of Brunswick-Lüneburg and the maternal grandmother of Empress Maria Theresa, Queen Elisabeth Christine of Prussia, Queen Juliane Marie of Denmark and Tsar Peter II of Russia. She was also the maternal great-grand mother of the Queen of France Marie Antoinette and Emperor Ivan VI of Russia and the great-great-grand mother of Princess Victoria of Saxe-Coburg-Saalfeld
Apr 6 Jean-Baptiste Rousseau a French dramatist and poet, particularly noted for his short cynical epigrams.
May 1 Claude Capperonnier born at Montdidier. Though destitute of a learned education, he attained a considerable knowledge of the Latin and Greek, of which last language he became professor at Paris. He studied at Amiens and Paris, and took orders in the Church of Rome, but devoted himself almost entirely to classical studies. He declined a professorship in the University of Basle, and was afterwards appointed to the Greek chair in the Collège de France
May 10 Alivardi Khan the Nawab of Bengal during 1740–1756. He toppled the Nasiri Dynasty of the Nawabs and took powers of the Nawab. He is also one of the few Mughal-era leaders known for his victory during the Battle of Burdwan against the Maratha Empire
May 20 Emmanuel Lebrecht Prince of Anhalt-Köthen a German prince of the House of Ascania and ruler of the principality of Anhalt-Köthen.
May 24 Gian Gastone de' Medici Grand Duke of Tuscany the seventh and last Medicean Grand Duke of Tuscany. He was the second son of Grand Duke Cosimo III and Marguerite Louise d'Orléans. His sister, Electress Palatine Anna Maria Luisa, arranged his marriage to the wealthy and widowed Anna Maria Franziska of Saxe-Lauenburg in 1697. The couple despised each other and had no children. As Grand Prince Ferdinando, Gian Gastone's elder brother, predeceased Cosimo III, Gian Gastone succeeded his father in 1723
Jun 8 Tomaso Albinoni an Italian Baroque composer. While famous in his day as an opera composer, he is mainly remembered today for his instrumental music, such as the concertos, some of which are regularly recorded
Jun 16 Johann Christoph Bach (1671–1721) a German musician and composer. He was the eldest brother of the more famous German musician and composer Johann Sebastian Bach. Johann Christoph was born in Erfurt, where he studied under Johann Pachelbel, and his library of keyboard music included works by Pachelbel, Johann Jakob Froberger and Johann Kaspar Kerll. In 1690 he became organist at the Michaeliskirche at Ohrdruf, and in 1694 he was married there. He died, aged 49, in Ohrdruf
Jul 6 Carmine Caracciolo 5th Prince of Santo Buono Spanish viceroy of Peru from October 5, 1716 to January 26, 1720.
Jul 14 Jacques d'Allonville a French astronomer and mathematician.
Jul 20 Philip of Hesse-Darmstadt a Prince of Hesse-Darmstadt, Imperial Field marshal and Governor of Mantua.
Jul 22 Louis Rudolph Duke of Brunswick-Lüneburg ruled over the Wolfenbüttel subdivision of the duchy from 1731 until his death.
Aug 20 Qamar-ud-din Khan Asif Jah I a Mughal and Turkic nobleman the founder of the Asaf Jahi dynasty. He established the Hyderabad state, and ruled it from 1724 to 1748. He is also known by his titles Chin Qilich Khan , Nizam-ul-Mulk and Asaf Jah
Sep 7 Antoine Danchet a French playwright, librettist and dramatic poet.
Oct 1 Luigi Guido Grandi Dom Guido Grandi, O.S.B. Cam., was an Italian monk, priest, philosopher, mathematician, and engineer
Oct 11 Frederick IV of Denmark the king of Denmark and Norway from 1699 until his death. Frederick was the son of King Christian V of Denmark-Norway and his consort Charlotte Amalie of Hesse-Kassel
Oct 12 Charles de la Boische Marquis de Beauharnois a French Naval officer who served as Governor of New France from 1726 to 1746.
Oct 18 Frederick IV Duke of Holstein-Gottorp the reigning Duke of Holstein-Gottorp.
Dec 5 Joseph Clemens of Bavaria a member of the Wittelsbach dynasty of Bavaria and Archbishop-Elector of Cologne from 1688 to 1723.
Dec 19 Christiane Eberhardine of Brandenburg-Bayreuth Electress of Saxony from 1694 to 1727 and titular Queen of the Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth from 1697 to 1727 as the wife of Augustus II the Strong. Not once throughout the whole of her thirty-year queenship did she set foot in Poland, instead living in Saxony in self-imposed exile. Born a German margravine, she was called Sachsens Betsäule, "Saxony's pillar of prayer", by her Protestant subjects for her refusal to convert to Catholicism and her loyalty to the Protestant faith. Despite the allegiance of Christiane Eberhardine and her mother-in-law, Anna Sophie of Denmark, to Lutheranism, her husband and son, later Augustus III, both became Catholics
Dec 26 Philipp Ludwig Wenzel von Sinzendorf an Austrian diplomat and Court Chancellor.