1675 in history

1675 events chronologically

Jan 5 Battle of Colmar: the French army beats Brandenburg
Mar 4 John Flamsteed is appointed the first Astronomer Royal of England
May 4 King Charles II of England orders the construction of the Royal Greenwich Observatory
Aug 10 The foundation stone of the Royal Greenwich Observatory in London, England is laid
Aug 11 Franco-Dutch War: Forces of the Holy Roman Empire defeat the French in the Battle of Konzer Brücke
Oct 29 Leibniz makes the first use of the long s (∫) as a symbol of the integral in calculus
Nov 2 Plymouth Colony governor Josiah Winslow leads a colonial militia against the Narragansett during King Philip's War

Top 7 most famous people born in 1675

Jan 16 Louis de Rouvroy duc de Saint-Simon a French soldier, diplomat and writer of memoirs, was born in Paris. The dukedom-peerage granted to his father, Claude de Rouvroy , is a central fact in his history
Mar 31 Pope Benedict XIV Pope from 17 August 1740 to his death in 1758.
Apr 23 Charles Spencer 3rd Earl of Sunderland an English statesman from the Spencer family. He served as Lord Lieutenant of Ireland , Lord Privy Seal , Lord President of the Council and First Lord of the Treasury
Jun 1 Francesco Scipione marchese di Maffei an Italian writer and art critic, author of many articles and plays. An antiquarian with a humanist education whose publications on Etruscan antiquities stand as incunabula of Etruscology, he engaged in running skirmishes in print with his rival in the field of antiquities, Antonio Francesco Gori
Jul 12 Evaristo Felice Dall'Abaco an Italian composer and cellist.
Oct 11 Samuel Clarke an English philosopher and Anglican clergyman. He is considered the major British figure in philosophy between John Locke and George Berkeley
Oct 21 Emperor Higashiyama the 113th emperor of Japan, according to the traditional order of succession.

Top 7 most famous people died in 1675

Feb 9 Gerrit Dou a Dutch Golden Age painter, whose small, highly polished paintings are typical of the Leiden fijnschilders. He specialised in genre scenes and is noted for his trompe l'oeil "niche" paintings and candlelit night-scenes with strong chiaroscuro
May 18 Jacques Marquette Father Jacques Marquette S.J. sometimes known as Père Marquette or James Marquette, was a French Jesuit missionary who founded Michigan's first European settlement, Sault Ste. Marie, and later founded Ignace, Michigan. In 1673 Father Marquette and Louis Jolliet were the first Europeans to explore and map the northern portion of the Mississippi River
Jul 27 Henri de la Tour d'Auvergne Vicomte de Turenne the most illustrious member of the La Tour d'Auvergne family. He achieved military fame and became a Marshal of France. He was one of six marshals who have been made Marshal General of France
Oct 27 Gilles de Roberval born at Roberval, Oise, near Beauvais, France. His name was originally Gilles Personne or Gilles Personier, with Roberval the place of his birth
Nov 11 Thomas Willis an English doctor who played an important part in the history of anatomy, neurology and psychiatry. He was a founding member of the Royal Society
Nov 11 Guru Tegh Bahadur also known as Hind-di-Chaadar for protecting Hindus and Sikhs against forced conversion in the hands of Muslims under Aurangzeb, became the 9th Guru of Sikhs on 16 April 1664, a position earlier occupied by his grand-nephew, Guru Har Krishan. Guru Tegh Bahadur was executed on the orders of Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb in Delhi for resisting the forced conversions of Hindus in Kashmir
Dec 15 Johannes Vermeer a Dutch painter who specialized in domestic interior scenes of middle-class life. Vermeer was a moderately successful provincial genre painter in his lifetime. He seems never to have been particularly wealthy, leaving his wife and children in debt at his death, perhaps because he produced relatively few paintings