Born in 1675

Jan 16 Louis de Rouvroy duc de Saint-Simon a French soldier, diplomat and writer of memoirs, was born in Paris. The dukedom-peerage granted to his father, Claude de Rouvroy , is a central fact in his history
Feb 21 Franz Xaver Josef von Unertl a Bavarian politician.
Feb 28 Guillaume Delisle a French cartographer known for his popular and accurate maps of Europe and the newly explored Americas and Africa.
Mar 5 Henri-Jacques Nompar de Caumont duc de La Force a French nobleman and peer, the son of Jacques-Nompar II de Caumont, duc de La Force and Suzanne de Beringhen. He was a member of the Académie française
Mar 21 James Douglas (physician) a Scottish physician and anatomist, and Physician Extraordinary to Queen Caroline.
Mar 28 Frederick William Duke of Mecklenburg-Schwerin the reigning Duke of Mecklenburg in the Mecklenburg-Schwerin portion of the duchy of Mecklenburg from 1692 until 1713.
Mar 28 Johann Wilhelm Duke of Saxe-Jena a duke of Saxe-Jena.
Mar 31 Pope Benedict XIV Pope from 17 August 1740 to his death in 1758.
Apr 4 Francis Charteris (rake) a Scottish soldier and adventurer who earned a substantial sum of money through gambling and the South Sea Bubble. He was convicted of raping a servant in 1730 and sentenced to death, but was subsequently pardoned, before dying of natural causes shortly afterwards
Apr 23 Charles Spencer 3rd Earl of Sunderland an English statesman from the Spencer family. He served as Lord Lieutenant of Ireland , Lord Privy Seal , Lord President of the Council and First Lord of the Treasury
May 29 Humphry Ditton an English mathematician.
Jun 1 Francesco Scipione marchese di Maffei an Italian writer and art critic, author of many articles and plays. An antiquarian with a humanist education whose publications on Etruscan antiquities stand as incunabula of Etruscology, he engaged in running skirmishes in print with his rival in the field of antiquities, Antonio Francesco Gori
Jun 23 Louis de Silvestre a French portrait and history painter. He was court painter to King Augustus II of Poland, and director of the Royal Academy of Arts in Dresden
Jul 5 Mary Walcott one of the witnesses at the Salem Witch Trials of Salem, Massachusetts in the years 1692 and 1693.
Jul 12 Evaristo Felice Dall'Abaco an Italian composer and cellist.
Jul 14 Claude Alexandre de Bonneval a French army officer who later went into the service of the Ottoman Empire, eventually converting to Islam and becoming known as Humbaracı Ahmet Paşa.
Jul 25 James Thornhill an English painter of historical subjects working in the Italian baroque tradition. He was responsible for some large-scale schemes of murals, including the "Painted Hall" at the Royal Hospital, Greenwich, the paintings on the inside of the dome of St Paul's Cathedral, and works at Chatsworth House and Wimpole Hall
Sep 2 William Somervile an English poet.
Sep 3 Paul Dudley (jurist) the son of colonial governor Joseph Dudley and grandson of one of the colony's founders, Thomas Dudley. Paul was born in Roxbury, Massachusetts
Sep 15 Vakhtang VI of Kartli a Georgian monarch of the royal Bagrationi dynasty. He ruled the East Georgian Kingdom of Kartli in the time of kingdom's vassalage at the hands of Persia from 1716 to 1724. One of the most important and extraordinary statesman of the early 18th Georgia, he is known as a notable legislator, scholar, critic, translator and poet. His reign was terminated by the Ottoman invasion, which forced Vakhtang into exile to the Russian Empire. With Russia still short of reaching its Imperial zenith, Vakhtang was unable to get the tsar’s support for his kingdom and instead had to permanently stay with his northern neighbors for his own safety. On his way to a diplomatic mission sanctioned by Empress Anna, he fell ill and died in southern Russia in 1737, never reaching Georgia
Oct 11 Samuel Clarke an English philosopher and Anglican clergyman. He is considered the major British figure in philosophy between John Locke and George Berkeley
Oct 14 Charles Whitworth 1st Baron Whitworth a British diplomat.
Oct 21 Emperor Higashiyama the 113th emperor of Japan, according to the traditional order of succession.
Oct 24 Richard Temple 1st Viscount Cobham a British soldier and Whig politician. After serving as a junior officer under William III during the Williamite War in Ireland and during the Nine Years' War, he fought under John Churchill, 1st Duke of Marlborough during the War of the Spanish Succession. During the War of the Quadruple Alliance Temple led a force of 4,000 troops on a raid on the Spanish coastline which captured Vigo and occupied it for ten days before withdrawing. In Parliament he generally supported the Whigs but fell out with Sir Robert Walpole in 1733. He was known for his ownership of and modifications to the estate at Stowe Park and for serving as a political mentor to the young William Pitt
Nov 19 Epiphanius Slavinetsky an ecclesiastical expert of the Russian Orthodox Church who helped Patriarch Nikon to revise the ancient service-books, thus precipitating the Great Schism of the national church.
Dec 7 Nicola Michetti an Italian architect, active in a late-Baroque style in mostly Rome, Italy and St Petersburg, Russia.