Born in 1682

Feb 4 Johann Friedrich Böttger a German alchemist. He was born in Schleiz, and died in Dresden and is normally credited with being the first European to discover the secret of the creation of porcelain in 1708, but it has also been claimed that English manufacturers or Ehrenfried Walther von Tschirnhaus produced porcelain first. Certainly, the Meissen factory, established 1710, was the first to produce porcelain in Europe in large quantities and since the recipe was kept a trade secret by Böttger for his company, experiments continued elsewhere throughout Europe
Feb 11 Johann Jacob Bach a German musician, composer and an older brother of Johann Sebastian Bach.
Feb 13 Giovanni Battista Piazzetta an Italian Rococo painter of religious subjects and genre scenes.
Feb 23 Christian Duke of Saxe-Weissenfels a duke of Saxe-Weissenfels-Querfurt and member of the House of Wettin.
Feb 25 Giovanni Battista Morgagni an Italian anatomist, celebrated as the father of modern anatomical pathology.
Mar 4 Ernest Ferdinand Duke of Brunswick-Lüneburg a titular Duke of Brunswick and Lüneburg. He was Prince of Brunswick-Bevern and founder of the younger Brunswick-Bevern line
Mar 10 William VIII Landgrave of Hesse-Kassel ruled Hesse-Kassel from 1730 until his death, first as regent and then as landgrave.
Apr 1 Pierre-Joseph Thoulier d'Olivet a French abbot, writer, grammarian and translator. He was elected the fourth occupant of Académie française seat 31
Apr 3 Valentin Rathgeber a German composer, organist and choirmaster of the Baroque Era.
Apr 6 Princess Johanna Charlotte of Anhalt-Dessau a princess of Anhalt-Dessau from the House of Ascania by birth and Margravine of Brandenburg-Schwedt by marriage. From 1729 until her death she was Abbess of Herford Abbey
Apr 11 Jean-Joseph Mouret a French composer whose dramatic works made him one of the leading exponents of Baroque music in his country. Even though most of his works are no longer performed, Mouret's name survives today thanks to the popularity of the Fanfare-Rondeau from his first Suite de symphonies, which has been adopted as the signature tune of the PBS program Masterpiece and is a popular musical choice in many modern weddings
Apr 15 Jan van Huysum a Dutch painter.
Apr 16 John Hadley an English mathematician, inventor of the octant, a precursor to the sextant, around 1730.
Apr 27 Claudine Guérin de Tencin a French salonist and author. She was the mother of Jean le Rond d'Alembert, philosophe and contributor to the Encyclopédie, though she left him on the steps of the Saint-Jean-le-Rond de Paris church a few days after his birth
May 17 Bartholomew Roberts a Welsh pirate who raided ships off the Americas and West Africa between 1719 and 1722. He was the most successful pirate of the Golden Age of Piracy, as measured by vessels captured, taking over 470 prizes in his career. He is also known as Black Bart , but this name was never used in his lifetime, and also risks confusion with Black Bart of the American West
May 20 Ursin Durand a French Benedictine of the Maurist Congregation, and historian.
May 22 Peter Zorn a German librarian and philologist and Protestant theologian.
Jun 17 Charles XII of Sweden the King of Sweden from 1697 to 1718. He belonged to the House of Palatinate-Zweibrücken, a branch line of the House of Wittelsbach. Charles was the only surviving son of Charles XI and Ulrika Eleonora the Elder. He assumed power, after a seven-month caretaker government, at the age of fifteen
Jul 3 Margravine Albertina Frederica of Baden-Durlach a German princess. She was the daughter of Frederick VII, Margrave of Baden-Durlach and his wife Duchess Augusta Marie of Holstein-Gottorp. She married Christian August of Holstein-Gottorp, Prince of Eutin
Jul 10 Roger Cotes an English mathematician, known for working closely with Isaac Newton by proofreading the second edition of his famous book, the Principia, before publication. He also invented the quadrature formulas known as Newton–Cotes formulas and first introduced what is known today as Euler's formula. He was the first Plumian Professor at Cambridge University from 1707 until his death
Jul 10 Bartholomäus Ziegenbalg a member of the Lutheran clergy and the first Pietist missionary to India.
Aug 16 Louis Dauphin of France Duke of Burgundy the eldest son of Louis, Dauphin of France. Until he became the official Dauphin of France upon his father's death in 1711, he was known as Le Petit Dauphin to distinguish him from his father, who was known as le Grand Dauphin
Oct 24 William Aikman (painter) a Scottish portrait-painter.
Oct 29 Pierre François Xavier de Charlevoix a French Jesuit priest, traveller and historian, often distinguished as the first historian of New France, which then occupied much of North America known to Europeans.
Dec 26 Calico Jack an English pirate captain operating in the Bahamas and in Cuba during the early 18th century. His nickname derived from the calico clothing he wore, while Jack is a diminutive of "John."
Dec 31 Kasper Niesiecki a Polish heraldist, Jesuit, lexicographer, writer, theologian and preacher.