Died in 1685

Jan 2 Sir Harbottle Grimston 2nd Baronet an English lawyer and politician who sat in the House of Commons at various times between 1640 and 1685 and was Speaker in 1660. During the English Civil War he remained a Parliamentarian but was sympathetic to the Royalists
Jan 18 Wentworth Dillon 4th Earl of Roscommon an English poet.
Feb 6 Charles II of England monarch of the three kingdoms of England, Scotland, and Ireland.
Feb 20 Sophie Amalie of Brunswick-Lüneburg queen of Denmark and Norway as the consort of the King Frederick III of Denmark.
Feb 24 Charles Howard 1st Earl of Carlisle an English military leader and politician who sat in the House of Commons at various times between 1653 and 1660 and was created Earl of Carlisle in 1661.
Feb 24 Archduchess Isabella Clara of Austria Not to be confused with Isabella Clara Eugenia, sovereign of the Netherlands.
Mar 19 René-François de Sluse a Walloon mathematician and churchman, who served as the canon of Liège and abbot of Amay.
Mar 22 Emperor Go-Sai the 111th emperor of Japan, according to the traditional order of succession.
Apr 14 Thomas Otway an English dramatist of the Restoration period, best known for Venice Preserv'd, or A Plot Discover'd.
Apr 29 Luc d'Achery a learned French Benedictine of the Congregation of Maur, a specialist in the study and publication of medieval manuscripts.
May 2 Adriaen van Ostade a Dutch Golden Age painter of genre works.
May 26 Charles II Elector Palatine Elector Palatine from 1680 to 1685. He was the son of Charles I Louis, Elector Palatine and Charlotte of Hesse-Kassel
May 28 Pieter de la Court the origin of the successful De la Court family. He pioneered modern thinking about the economic importance of free competition and was an uncompromising advocate of the republican form of government
Jul 15 James Scott 1st Duke of Monmouth an English nobleman. Originally called James Crofts or James Fitzroy, he was born in Rotterdam in the Netherlands, the eldest illegitimate son of Charles II of England, Scotland and Ireland and his mistress, Lucy Walter
Jul 28 Henry Bennet 1st Earl of Arlington an English statesman.
Aug 8 Giovanni Battista Salvi da Sassoferrato an Italian Baroque painter. He is often referred to only by the town of his birthplace , as was customary in his time, and for example seen with da Vinci and Caravaggio
Aug 25 Francisco Herrera the Younger a Spanish painter and architect.
Sep 1 Leoline Jenkins a Welsh academic, jurist and politician. He was a clerical lawyer serving in the Admiralty courts, and diplomat involved in the negotiation of international treaties
Sep 7 William Carpenter (Rhode Island) a co-founder of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations. He was listed by 1655 as a "freeman" of the colony
Sep 12 Jacob Abendana hakham of London from 1680 until his death. Jacob was the eldest son of Joseph Abendana and brother to Isaac Abendana
Sep 24 Gustaf Otto Stenbock a Swedish soldier and politician.
Oct 2 David Teniers III a Flemish painter who was born in Antwerp, the son of David Teniers the Younger.
Oct 3 Juan Carreño de Miranda a Spanish painter of the Baroque period.
Oct 12 Christoph Ignaz Abele an Austrian jurist.
Oct 30 Michel Le Tellier a French statesman.
Nov 28 Nicolas de Neufville de Villeroy a French nobleman and marshal of France. He was marquis then 1st duke of Villeroy and peer of France, marquis d'Alincourt and lord of Magny, and acted as governor of the young Louis XIV. His son François succeeded him as duke. He was the lover of Catherine-Charlotte de Gramont
Dec 12 John Pell an English mathematician.