Born in 1686

Jan 9 Andrew Michael Ramsay a Scottish-born writer who lived most of his adult life in France. He was a Baronet in the Jacobite Peerage
Jan 17 Archibald Bower a Scottish historian, now noted for his complicated and varying religious faith, and the accounts he gave of it, now considered by scholars to lack credibility.
Jan 31 Hans Egede a Dano-Norwegian Lutheran missionary who launched mission efforts to Greenland, which led him to be styled the Apostle of Greenland. He established a successful mission among the Inuit and is credited with revitalizing Dano-Norwegian interest in the island after contact had been broken for hundreds of years. He founded Greenland's capital Godthåb, now known as Nuuk
Feb 1 Suzanne Henriette of Lorraine a member of the House of Lorraine and was the Duchess of Mantua by marriage. Her husband Ferdinand Charles Gonzaga was the last Gonzaga Duke of Mantua
Feb 10 Jan Frederik Gronovius a Dutch botanist notable as a patron of Linnaeus.
Mar 17 Jean-Baptiste Oudry a French Rococo painter, engraver, and tapestry designer. He is particularly well known for his naturalistic pictures of animals and his hunt pieces depicting game
Apr 1 Jan Frans van Bredael the best known of a dynasty of painters, and the son of Alexander van Bredael , who was also an artist.
Apr 9 James Craggs the Younger a British politician.
Apr 19 Vasily Tatishchev a prominent Russian statesman, and ethnographer, best remembered as the author of the first full-scale Russian history. Throughout this work, he advocates his favourite idea that autocracy is the perfect form of government for Russia
Apr 28 Michael Brokoff a Czech sculptor of the Baroque era, working with sandstone.
Apr 29 Peregrine Bertie 2nd Duke of Ancaster and Kesteven a British nobleman and statesman.
May 24 Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit best known for inventing the mercury-in-glass thermometer , and for developing a temperature scale now named after him.
Jun 7 Adolphus Frederick III Duke of Mecklenburg-Strelitz a Duke of Mecklenburg-Strelitz.
Jun 9 Andrey Osterman a German-born Russian statesman who came to prominence under Tsar Peter I of Russia and served until the accession of the Tsesarevna Elizabeth. His foreign policy was based upon the Austrian alliance. General Admiral
Jun 24 Domenico Montagnana an Italian master luthier based in Venice, Italy. He is regarded as one of the world's finest violin and cello makers of his time
Jul 6 Antoine de Jussieu a French naturalist.
Jul 9 Philip Livingston (1686–1749) the son of Robert Livingston the Elder, and elder brother of Robert Livingston of Clermont. Philip was the second Lord of Livingston Manor, a merchant, and slave trader
Jul 31 Charles Duke of Berry (1686–1714) a grandson of Louis XIV of France. Although he was only a grandson of Louis XIV, Berry held the rank of fils de France , rather than petit-fils de France , as the son of the Dauphin, heir apparent to the throne. The Duke of Berry was for seven years heir presumptive to the throne of Spain
Aug 1 Benedetto Marcello an Italian composer, writer, advocate, magistrate, and teacher.
Aug 8 Wenzel Lorenz Reiner a Baroque painter who lived and died in Prague, Bohemia.
Aug 10 Georg Christian Fürst von Lobkowitz an Austrian Generalfeldmarschall.
Aug 12 John Balguy an English divine and philosopher.
Aug 17 Nicola Porpora a Neapolitan composer of Baroque operas and teacher of singing, whose most famous singing student was the castrato Farinelli. Other students included composers Matteo Capranica and Joseph Haydn
Aug 19 Eustace Budgell an English writer and politician.
Sep 29 Cosmas Damian Asam a German painter and architect during the late Baroque period. Born in Benediktbeuern, he moved to Rome in 1711 to study at the Accademia di San Luca with Carlo Maratta. There, he could see the fresco Ascent of Christ by Melozzo da Forlì in the Basilica Santi Apostoli. Melozzo's innovative techniques of foreshortening influenced Asam's works. In 1713 Asam won the Academy's first prize for his drawing of Miracle of Saint Pio. He worked with his brother Egid Quirin and their joint projects are often attributed to the "Asam Brothers". These include the Asam Church in Munich and Innsbruck Cathedral. Cosmas Damian died in Munich
Oct 12 Sylvius Leopold Weiss a German composer and lutenist.
Oct 15 Allan Ramsay (poet) a Scottish poet , playwright, publisher, librarian and wig-maker.
Oct 31 Senesino a celebrated Italian contralto castrato, particularly remembered today for his long collaboration with the composer George Frideric Handel.
Nov 13 Eleonora Luisa Gonzaga the Duchess of Rovere and Montefeltro as the wife of Francesco Maria de' Medici. She was the only child of Vincenzo Gonzaga, Duke of Guastalla and Sabbioneta and his second wife, Maria Vittoria Gonzaga. She did not bear any children
Dec 15 Jean-Joseph Fiocco a Flemish composer of the high and late Baroque period.
Dec 25 Giovanni Battista Somis an Italian violinist and composer of the Baroque music era.