1689 events in history

Jan 22 The Convention Parliament convenes to determine whether James II and VII, the last Roman Catholic monarch of England, Ireland and Scotland, had vacated the thrones when he fled to France in 1688
Feb 12 The Convention Parliament declares that the flight to France in 1688 by James II, the last Roman Catholic British monarch, constitutes an abdication
Feb 13 William and Mary are proclaimed co-rulers of England
Mar 12 The Williamite War in Ireland begins
Mar 16 The 23rd Regiment of Foot or Royal Welch Fusiliers is founded
Apr 11 William III and Mary II are crowned as joint sovereigns of Britain
Apr 18 Bostonians rise up in rebellion against Sir Edmund Andros
Apr 20 The former king, James II of England, now deposed, lays siege to Derry
May 12 King William's War: William III of England joins the League of Augsburg starting a war with France
May 24 The English Parliament passes the Act of Toleration protecting Protestants. Roman Catholics are intentionally excluded
Jul 27 Glorious Revolution: The Battle of Killiecrankie ends
Aug 5 One thousand five hundred Iroquois attack the village of Lachine in New France
Aug 21 The Battle of Dunkeld in Scotland
Aug 27 The Treaty of Nerchinsk is signed by Russia and the Qing Empire (Julian calendar)
Oct 26 General Piccolomini of Austria burns down Skopje to prevent the spread of cholera. He died of cholera himself soon after
Dec 16 Convention Parliament: The Declaration of Right is embodied in the Bill of Rights