Born in 1702

Jan 6 José de Nebra a Spanish composer.
Jan 10 Johannes Zick a German painter of frescoes in southern Germany and active during the Baroque period. He was the father of painter Januarius Zick and considered to be an important master of the Late Baroque
Jan 12 Józef Andrzej Załuski a Polish Catholic priest, Bishop of Kiev, a sponsor of learning and culture, and a renowned bibliophile. A member of the Polish nobility , bearing the hereditary Junosza coat-of-arms, he is most famous as co-founder of the Załuski Library, one of the largest 18th-century book collections in the world
Jan 12 Jacques Aved a French painter of the 18th century and one of the main French Rococo portraitists. He painted the Ottoman Empire ambassador to France in 1742, Mehmed Said Efendi
Jan 14 Emperor Nakamikado the 114th emperor of Japan, according to the traditional order of succession.
Feb 3 Giovanni Battista Vaccarini an Italian architect, notable for his work in the Sicilian Baroque style in his homeland during the period of massive rebuilding following the earthquake of 1693. Many of his principal works can be found in the area in and around Catania
Feb 3 Michael Adelbulner a German mathematician, physicist, physician, and astronomer. He was born at Nürnberg and died in Altdorf bei Nürnberg
Feb 27 Enrichetta d'Este an Italian noblewoman. She was the Duchess of Parma by marriage to Antonio Farnese, Duke of Parma, who was her first cousin as well as an uncle of Elisabeth Farnese, Queen of Spain
Feb 27 Johann Valentin Görner a German composer.
Mar 4 Jack Sheppard a notorious English thief and gaol-breaker of early 18th-century London. Born into a poor family, he was apprenticed as a carpenter but took to theft and burglary in 1723, with little more than a year of his training to complete. He was arrested and imprisoned five times in 1724 but escaped four times from prison, making him a notorious public figure, and wildly popular with the poorer classes. Ultimately, he was caught, convicted, and hanged at Tyburn, ending his brief criminal career after less than two years. The inability of the notorious "Thief-Taker General" Jonathan Wild to control Sheppard, and injuries suffered by Wild at the hands of Sheppard's colleague, Joseph "Blueskin" Blake, led to Wild's downfall
Mar 25 Pieter Teyler van der Hulst a wealthy Dutch Mennonite merchant and banker, who died childless, leaving a legacy of two million florins to the pursuit of religion, arts and science in his hometown, that led to the formation of Teyler's Museum. This was not the value of his entire estate. He also founded Teylers Hofje in his name, and made important donations to individuals in the Mennonite community
Mar 27 Johann Ernst Eberlin a German composer and organist whose works bridge the baroque and classical eras. He was a prolific composer, chiefly of church organ and choral music. Marpurg claims he wrote as much and as rapidly as Alessandro Scarlatti and Georg Philipp Telemann, a claim also repeated by Leopold Mozart - though ultimately Eberlin did not live to the great age of those two composers
May 2 Friedrich Christoph Oetinger a German Lutheran theologian and theosopher.
Jun 13 Michał Kazimierz "Rybeńko" Radziwiłł a Polish–Lithuanian noble. A member of the aristocratic Radziwiłł family, he was frequently referred to by his idiolect Rybeńko , to distinguish him from the other Michał Kazimierz Radziwiłł. Ordynat of Niasviž and Olyka, owner of Biržai, Dubingiai, Slutsk and Kopyła
Jun 19 Frederick Augustus Rutowsky a Saxon Field Marshal who commanded Saxon forces in the Siege of Pirna during the Seven Years' War.
Jun 26 Philip Doddridge an English Nonconformist leader, educator, and hymnwriter.
Jul 18 Maria Clementina Sobieska a Polish noblewoman, the granddaughter of the Polish king John III Sobieski.
Jul 22 Alessandro Besozzi an Italian composer and virtuoso oboist. He was a member of the ducal Guardia Irlandese from 1714, a hautboy band created by Antonio Farnese, Duke of Parma in 1702, where he worked with his father Cristoforo Besozzi and his brothers Giuseppe and Paolo Girolamo Besozzi. After leaving the company on 20 April 1731, he worked in Turin with his brother Paolo Girolamo at the court of Charles Emmanuel III of Sardinia
Jul 31 Jean Denis Attiret a French Jesuit painter and missionary to China.
Aug 2 Dietrich of Anhalt-Dessau a German prince of the House of Ascania and later regent of the principality of Anhalt-Dessau. He was also a Prussian Generalfeldmarschall
Aug 10 Stepan Fyodorovich Apraksin a relative of Fyodor Apraksin, commanded the Russian armies during the Seven Years' War. He should not be confused with his son Stepan Stepanovich Apraksin, who had a notable military career in the service of Catherine the Great
Aug 15 Francesco Zuccarelli an Italian painter of the late Baroque period.
Aug 17 Muhammad Shah the Mughal emperor between 1719 and 1748. He was son of Khujista Akhtar, the fourth son of Bahadur Shah Ascending the throne at 17 with the help of the Sayyid Brothers, he later got rid of them with the help of Asaf Jah Muhammad Shah was a great patron of the arts, including musical, cultural and administrative developments, his pen-name was Sada Rangila
Aug 28 Jean Philippe d'Orléans an illegitimate son of Philippe d'Orléans, nephew and son-in-law of Louis XIV.
Sep 4 Legall de Kermeur a French chess player. His name is variously written Kermur, Sire de Legalle, by Twiss, and Kermur and Kermuy, Sire de Legal, by others. In the List of Subscribers to Philidor's second edition it stands as in Twiss, but the spelling was, probably, in both cases Philidor's own
Oct 5 Prince Joseph of Saxe-Hildburghausen an Austrian general and field marshal. He is best known for commanding the Franco-Austrian forces at the Battle of Rossbach
Nov 5 Grégoire Orlyk a French military commander, special envoy and member of Louis XV's secret intelligence service. Grégoire Orlyk was born in Ukraine, the son of Ukrainian hetman in exile Pylyp Orlyk received good education in Sweden, served in Poland and Saxony, participated in secret efforts of France to restore on the Polish throne Stanisław Leszczyński. He later commanded the king's regiment of Royal suedois. For his intelligence work and military exploits was given the title of a comte and promoted to the general's rank of Maréchal de camp. Grégoire Orlyk was an acquaintance of French philosopher Voltaire, championed Ukrainian cause in France and other countries
Nov 6 Josias Weitbrecht a known German Professor of Medicine and Anatomy in Russia.
Dec 22 Jean-Étienne Liotard a Swiss-French painter, art connoisseur and dealer.