Born in 1705

Jan 8 Jacques-François Blondel a French architect and teacher. After running his own highly successful school of architecture for many years, he was appointed Professor of Architecture at the Académie d'Architecture in 1762, and his Cours d'architecture largely superseded a similarly titled book published in 1675 by his famous namesake, François Blondel, who had occupied the same post in the late 17th century
Jan 14 Jean-Baptiste Charles Bouvet de Lozier a French sailor, explorer, and governor of the Mascarene Islands.
Jan 24 Farinelli the stage name of Carlo Maria Michelangelo Nicola Broschi , celebrated Italian castrato singer of the 18th century and one of the greatest singers in the history of opera.
Feb 13 Franciszka Urszula Radziwiłłowa a Polish-Lithuanian noble dramatist and writer, first Polish woman playwright.
Feb 15 Charles-André van Loo a French subject painter, son of the painter Louis-Abraham van Loo, a younger brother of Jean-Baptiste van Loo and grandson of Jacob van Loo. He was the most famous member of a successful dynasty of painters of Dutch origin. His oeuvre includes every category: religion, history painting, mythology, portraiture, allegory, and genre scenes
Feb 20 Nicolas Chédeville a French composer, musette player and musette maker.
Feb 21 Edward Hawke 1st Baron Hawke an officer of the Royal Navy. He is best remembered for his service during the Seven Years' War , particularly his victory over a French fleet at the Battle of Quiberon Bay in 1759, preventing a French invasion of Britain. A number of Royal Navy warships were named after him, in commemoration of this. He had also won an earlier victory, the Battle of Cape Finisterre in 1747 which made his name. Hawke acquired a reputation as a "fighting officer" which allowed his career to prosper, despite him possessing a number of political enemies. He developed the concept of a Western Squadron, keeping an almost continuous blockade of the French coast throughout the war
Feb 22 Peter Artedi known as the "father of Ichthyology.".
Mar 2 William Murray 1st Earl of Mansfield a British barrister, politician and judge noted for his reform of English law. Born to Scottish nobility, he was educated in Perth, Scotland before moving to London at the age of 13 to take up a place at Westminster School. He was accepted into Christ Church, Oxford, in May 1723, and graduated four years later. Returning to London from Oxford, he was called to the Bar by Lincoln's Inn on 23 November 1730, and quickly gained a reputation as an excellent barrister
Mar 22 Nicolas-Sébastien Adam a French sculptor working in the Neoclassical style. He was born in Nancy and died in Paris
Mar 30 August Johann Rösel von Rosenhof a German miniature painter, naturalist and entomologist. With his accurate, heavily detailed images of insects he was recognised as an important figure in modern entomology
Apr 12 William Cookworthy an English Quaker minister, a successful pharmacist and an innovator in several fields of technology.
May 8 António José da Silva a Brazilian dramatist, known as "the Jew". The Brazilian spelling of his first name is Antônio, António José da Silva in Hebrew אנטוניו ז'וזה דה סילווה
Jun 10 Charles Frederick Albert Margrave of Brandenburg-Schwedt a Prussian military officer and the Herrenmeister of the Order of Saint John.
Jul 23 Francis Blomefield an English antiquary, who projected a county history of Norfolk. During his lifetime, he compiled and published detailed accounts of the city of Norwich, Borough of Thetford and the southern hundreds of the county, but died before the whole work could be completed
Aug 8 Gustaaf Willem van Imhoff a Dutch colonial administrator for the Dutch East India Company. He served as Governor of Ceylon from 1736 to 1740 and as Governor-General of the Dutch East Indies from 1743 until his death in 1750
Aug 30 David Hartley (philosopher) an English philosopher and founder of the Associationist school of psychology.
Sep 7 Matthäus Günther an important German painter and artist of the Baroque and Rococo era.
Sep 8 Joasaph of Belgorod an 18th-century holy hierarch, bishop of Belgorod from 1748 until his death.
Sep 24 Count Leopold Joseph von Daun born at Vienna, as son of Count Wirich Philipp von Daun.
Sep 28 Johann Peter Kellner a German organist and composer. He was the father of Johann Christoph Kellner
Sep 28 Henry Fox 1st Baron Holland a leading British politician of the 18th century. He identified primarily with the Whig faction. He notably held the posts of Secretary for War, Southern Secretary and Paymaster of the forces, from which he enriched himself, but while widely tipped as a future Prime Minister, he never held that office. He was the father of Charles James Fox
Oct 3 Jacques-Joachim Trotti marquis de La Chétardie a French diplomat who engineered the coup d'etat that brought Elizaveta Petrovna to the Russian throne in 1741. In the course of his eventful career, La Chetardie was sent on diplomatic errands throughout Europe: in London , then in Holland and Prussia, in Russia twice, and finally in Turin in 1749 in the company of Jean-Louis Favier
Oct 8 Yakov Shakhovskoy a Russian statesman.
Oct 12 Emmanuel Héré de Corny the court architect to Stanisław Leszczyński, Duke of Lorraine and former King of Poland at his capital of Nancy.
Oct 23 Maximilian Ulysses Browne an Austrian military leader during the middle of the 18th century, and a scion of the Irish "Wild Geese".
Oct 29 Gerhard Friedrich Müller a historian and pioneer ethnologist.
Oct 31 Pope Clement XIV born Giovanni Vincenzo Antonio Ganganelli, reigned from 19 May 1769 to his death in 1774. At the time of his election, he was the only Franciscan friar in the College of Cardinals. He is the last pope to take the name "Clement" upon his election
Nov 4 Louis-Élisabeth de La Vergne de Tressan a French soldier, physician, scientist, medievalist and writer, best known for his adaptations of "romans chevaleresques" of the Middle Ages, which contributed to the rise of the Troubadour style in the French arts.
Nov 5 Louis-Gabriel Guillemain a French composer and violinist.
Nov 23 Thomas Birch an English historian.
Nov 29 Michael Christian Festing an English violinist and composer. His reputation lies mostly on his work as a violin virtuoso