Died in 1706

Jan 21 Adrien Baillet a French scholar and critic. He is now best known as a biographer of René Descartes
Jan 29 Charles Sackville 6th Earl of Dorset an English poet and courtier.
Feb 27 John Evelyn an English writer, gardener and diarist.
Mar 1 Heino Heinrich Graf von Flemming a Saxon, later Brandenburger army leader and Field Marshal and Governor of Berlin.
Mar 9 Johann Pachelbel a German composer, organist and teacher who brought the south German organ tradition to its peak. He composed a large body of sacred and secular music, and his contributions to the development of the chorale prelude and fugue have earned him a place among the most important composers of the middle Baroque era
Apr 10 Arthur Chichester 3rd Earl of Donegall an Irish nobleman and soldier. Having succeeded his father as third Earl of Donegall in 1678, he refused to attend the Irish Parliament called by James II in May 1689, but later sat in the Parliament called by William III in October 1692
Apr 20 Hieronim Augustyn Lubomirski a Polish noble , magnate, politician and outstanding military commander. He was a Prince of the Holy Roman Empire SRI
Apr 23 Princess Wilhelmine Ernestine of Denmark an Electress Palatine. She was the third of five daughters of King Frederick III of Denmark and Sophie Amalie of Brunswick-Lüneburg
Apr 27 Bernhard I Duke of Saxe-Meiningen a duke of Saxe-Meiningen.
May 2 Georg Joseph Kamel a Czech Jesuit missionary and botanist to the Philippines. He is the author of the first descriptions of the Philippine flora and fauna. Also the first depiction of Philippine tarsier comes from Kamel. He was also the founder of the first Philippine Botanical Garden and first Philippine farmacy from where he treated a large population of the Luzon island. The well known genus of flowering plants Camellia was named in his honour by Carolus Linnaeus
Jul 9 Pierre Le Moyne d'Iberville a soldier, ship captain, explorer, colonial administrator, knight of the order of Saint-Louis, adventurer, privateer, trader, member of Compagnies Franches de la Marine and founder of the French colony of Louisiana of New France.
Aug 23 Edward Nott a British Colonial Governor of Virginia. He was appointed by Queen Anne on either April 25, 1705 or August 15, 1705. His administration lasted only one year, as he died in 1706 at the age of 49. He is interred at Bruton Parish Church in Williamsburg, Virginia. He is noted as having been a "mild, benevolent man."
Aug 26 Michael Willmann a German painter. The Baroque artist became known as the "Silesian Rembrandt"
Oct 13 Iyasu I nəgusä nägäst , 19 July 1682 – 13 October 1706 of Ethiopia, and a member of the Solomonic dynasty. He was the son of Yohannes I and Empress Sabla Wangel
Oct 26 Andreas Werckmeister an organist, music theorist, and composer of the Baroque era.
Oct 27 Arsenije III Čarnojević the Archbishop of Peć and Patriarch of Serbs from 1674 to 1691 and Metropolitan of Sentandreja from 1691 to his death in 1706. In 1690, he led a large migration of Serbs from Ottoman lands into the Habsburg north
Nov 15 6th Dalai Lama the sixth Dalai Lama. He was a Monpa by ethnicity and was born at Urgelling Monastery, 5 kilometres from Tawang Town, India and not far from the large Tawang Monastery in the northwestern part of present-day Arunachal Pradesh
Nov 16 Godfried Schalcken a Dutch genre and portrait painter. He was noted for his mastery in reproducing the effect of candlelight, and painted in the exquisite and highly polished manner of the Leiden fijnschilders
Dec 3 Countess Emilie Juliane of Barby-Mühlingen a German countess and hymn writer.
Dec 9 Peter II of Portugal Regent and King of Portugal and the Algarves. He was sometimes known as o Pacífico, "the Pacific"
Dec 28 Pierre Bayle a French philosopher and writer best known for his seminal work the Historical and Critical Dictionary, published beginning in 1697.