Born in 1711

Jan 1 Baron Franz von der Trenck an Austrian soldier.
Jan 12 Gaetano Latilla an Italian opera composer, the most important of the period immediately preceding Niccolò Piccinni.
Jan 29 Giuseppe Bonno an Austrian composer of Italian origin.
Feb 2 Wenzel Anton Prince of Kaunitz-Rietberg a diplomat and statesman of the Holy Roman Empire. In 1764 he was made a prince of the Holy Roman Empire as Reichfürst von Kaunitz-Rietberg and in 1776 prince of the Kingdom of Bohemia
Feb 4 Józef Aleksander Jabłonowski a Polish nobleman.
Feb 9 Luis Vicente de Velasco e Isla a Spanish sailor and commander in the Royal Spanish Navy. He is known for his valiant defense against the British expedition against Cuba in 1762, during which action he was killed
Feb 27 Constantine Mavrocordatos a Greek noble who served as Prince of Wallachia and Prince of Moldavia at several intervals. As a ruler he issued reforms in the laws of each of the two Danubian Principalities, ensuring a more adequate taxation and a series of measures amounting to the emancipation of serfs
Mar 5 Carl Gustaf Pilo a Swedish-born artist and painter, one of many 18th-century European artists who had to leave their own country in order to make a living. Pilo worked extensively in Denmark as a painter to the Danish Court and as professor and director at the Royal Danish Academy of Art , as well as in his native Sweden. Carl Gustaf is most famous for his masterly painting, "The Coronation of Gustaf III" commissioned by King Gustav III of Sweden
Mar 22 Samuel Gotthold Lange a German poet.
Apr 13 John Mitchell (geographer) a colonial American physician and botanist. He created the most comprehensive and perhaps largest 18th-century map of eastern North America, known today as the Mitchell Map. First published in 1755, in conjunction with the imminent Seven Years' War, the Mitchell Map was subsequently used during the Treaty of Paris to define the boundaries of the newly independent United States and remains important today for resolving border disputes
Apr 22 Eleazar Wheelock an American Congregational minister, orator, and educator in Lebanon, Connecticut, for 35 years before founding Dartmouth College in New Hampshire. He had tutored Samson Occom, a Mohegan who became a Presbyterian minister and the first Native American to publish writings in English. Before founding Dartmouth, Wheelock had founded and run the Moor's Charity School in Connecticut to educate Native Americans. The college was primarily for the sons of English colonists
Apr 22 Paul II Anton Prince Esterházy a prince of the Esterházy family. He had a distinguished career as a soldier and patron of music
Apr 26 Jeanne-Marie Leprince de Beaumont a French author who wrote the best known version of Beauty and the Beast. She had a relationship with the spy for the British Thomas Pichon
May 17 Agustín de Jáuregui a Spanish politician and soldier who served as governor of Chile and viceroy of Peru.
May 18 Roger Joseph Boscovich a physicist, astronomer, mathematician, philosopher, diplomat, poet, theologian, Jesuit priest, and a polymath from the city of Dubrovnik in the Republic of Ragusa , who studied and lived in Italy and France where he also published many of his works.
May 22 Guillaume du Tillot a French politician infused with liberal ideals of the Enlightenment, who from 1759 was the minister of the Duchy of Parma under Philip, Duke of Parma and his wife Princess Louise-Élisabeth of France. At a time when both Bourbon France and Bourbon Spain thought of Parma as a strategic point of interest, Tillot favoured French policies abroad and wide-ranging reforms within the Duchy of Parma. He was made marchese di Felino
May 30 Princess Amelia of Great Britain the second daughter of George II of Great Britain.
May 31 Johann Heinrich Samuel Formey a German author who wrote in French. Besides his activities as a journalist or editor, he contributed to the French Encyclopédie. He died in Berlin
Jun 23 Giovanni Battista Guadagnini an Italian luthier, regarded as one of the finest craftsmen of string instruments in history. He is widely considered the third greatest maker after Antonio Stradivari and Giuseppe Guarneri "Del Gesu"
Jul 22 Georg Wilhelm Richmann a German physicist who lived in Russia.
Jul 26 Lorenz Christoph Mizler a German physician, historian, printer, mathematician, Baroque music composer, and precursor of the Polish Enlightenment.
Aug 19 Edward Boscawen an Admiral in the Royal Navy and Member of Parliament for the borough of Truro, Cornwall. He is known principally for his various naval commands throughout the 18th century and the engagements that he won, including the Siege of Louisburg in 1758 and Battle of Lagos in 1759. He is also remembered as the officer who signed the warrant authorising the execution of Admiral John Byng after Byng's court martial in 1757 after the failure of Byng to engage the enemy at the Battle of Minorca
Sep 1 William IV Prince of Orange the first hereditary stadtholder of the Netherlands.
Sep 5 Johann Nathanael Lieberkühn a German physician. His middle name is sometimes misspelled Nathaniel
Sep 6 Henry Muhlenberg a German Lutheran pastor sent to North America as a missionary, requested by Pennsylvania colonists.
Sep 8 Flavio Chigi (1711–1771) an Italian Roman Catholic cardinal. He was a member of the noble Chigi family, nephew of Fabio Chigi, Pope Alexander VII
Sep 9 Thomas Hutchinson (governor) a businessman, historian, and a prominent Loyalist politician of the Province of Massachusetts Bay in the years before the American Revolution. A successful merchant and politician, Hutchinson was active at high levels of the Massachusetts government for many years, serving as lieutenant governor and then governor from 1758 to 1774. He was a politically polarising figure who, despite initial opposition to Parliamentary tax laws directed at the colonies, came to be identified by John Adams and Samuel Adams as a proponent of hated British taxes. He was blamed by Lord North for being a significant contributor to the tensions that led the outbreak of the American Revolutionary War
Sep 11 Alexandre Guy Pingré a French canon regular, astronomer and naval geographer.
Sep 11 William Boyce (composer) widely regarded as one of the most important English-born composers of the 18th century.
Sep 18 Ignaz Holzbauer a composer of symphonies, concertos, operas, and chamber music, and a member of the Mannheim school. His aesthetic style is in line with that of the Sturm und Drang "movement" of German art and literature
Sep 20 Frederick August I Duke of Oldenburg the son of Christian August, Duke of Holstein-Gottorp and his wife Margravine Albertine Friederike of Baden-Durlach.
Sep 23 Louis Nicolas Victor de Félix d'Ollières a French soldier and statesman from a family originating in Provence. He was made a member of the Ordre du Saint-Esprit in 1764
Sep 25 Qianlong Emperor the sixth emperor of the Manchu-led Qing Dynasty, and the fourth Qing emperor to rule over China proper. The fourth son of the Yongzheng Emperor, he reigned officially from 11 October 1735 to 8 February 1796.1 On 8 February, he abdicated in favor of his son, the Jiaqing Emperor – a filial act in order not to reign longer than his grandfather, the illustrious Kangxi Emperor. Despite his retirement, however, he retained ultimate power until his death in 1799. Although his early years saw the continuation of an era of prosperity in China, his final years saw troubles at home and abroad converge on the Qing Empire
Sep 26 Richard Grenville-Temple 2nd Earl Temple a British politician. He is best known for his association with his brother-in-law William Pitt who he served with in government during Britain's participation in the Seven Years War between 1756 and 1761. He resigned along with Pitt in protest at the cabinet's failure to declare war on Spain
Oct 7 John Mavrocordatos caimacam of Moldavia and Prince of Wallachia between 2 December 1716 and 23 February 1719. He was a member of the Mavrocordatos family
Oct 15 Elisabeth Therese of Lorraine born a Princess of Lorraine and was the last queen consort of Charles Emmanuel III of Sardinia. The sister of Francis Stephan, Duke of Lorraine, she died as a result of giving birth to Benedetto of Savoy
Oct 17 Jupiter Hammon a black poet who in 1761 became the first African-American writer to be published in the present-day United States. Additional poems and sermons were also published. Born into slavery, Hammon was never emancipated. He was living in 1790 at the age of 79, and died by 1806. A devout Christian, he is considered one of the founders of African-American literature
Oct 20 Timothy Ruggles an American military leader, jurist and politician. He was a delegate to the Stamp Act Congress of 1765
Oct 31 Laura Bassi the first woman in the world to earn a university chair in a scientific field of studies. She received a doctoral degree from the University of Bologna in May 1732, only the third academic qualification ever bestowed on a woman by a European university, and the first woman to earn a professorship in physics at a university in Europe. She was the first woman to be offered an official teaching position at a university in Europe
Nov 11 Stepan Krasheninnikov a Russian explorer of Siberia, naturalist and geographer who gave the first full description of Kamchatka in the early 18th century. He was elected to the Russian Academy of Sciences in 1745. The Krasheninnikov Volcano on Kamchatka is named in his honour
Nov 19 Mikhail Lomonosov a Russian polymath, scientist and writer, who made important contributions to literature, education, and science. Among his discoveries was the atmosphere of Venus. His spheres of science were natural science, chemistry, physics, mineralogy, history, art, philology, optical devices and others. Lomonosov was also a poet and influenced the formation of the modern Russian literary language
Dec 4 Barbara of Portugal an Infanta of Portugal and later Queen of Spain as wife of Ferdinand VI of Spain.
Dec 25 Jean-Joseph de Mondonville a French violinist and composer. He was a younger contemporary of Jean-Philippe Rameau and enjoyed great success in his day. Pierre-Louis Daquin claimed: "If I couldn't be Rameau, there's no one I would rather be than Mondonville"