Died in 1725

Jan 6 Chikamatsu Monzaemon a Japanese dramatist of jōruri, the form of puppet theater that later came to be known as bunraku, and the live-actor drama, kabuki. The Encyclopædia Britannica has written that he is "widely regarded as the greatest Japanese dramatist." His most famous plays deal with double-suicides of honor bound lovers
Jan 26 Sulkhan-Saba Orbeliani a Georgian writer.
Feb 7 Johann Philipp Krieger a German Baroque composer and organist. He was the elder brother of Johann Krieger
Feb 8 John Bellers an English educational theorist and Quaker, author of Proposals for Raising a College of Industry of All Useful Trades and Husbandry.
Feb 8 Peter the Great I or Pyotr Alexeyevich ruled the Tsardom of Russia and later the Russian Empire from 7 May 1682 until his death, jointly ruling before 1696 with his half-brother. Through a number of successful wars he expanded the Tsardom into a much larger empire that became a major European power. He led a cultural revolution that replaced some of the traditionalist and medieval social and political system with one that was modern, scientific, westernized, and based on The Enlightenment
Mar 2 José Benito de Churriguera a Spanish architect, sculptor and urbanist of the late-Baroque or Rococo style. He was born in Madrid to a Catalan cabinetmaker, gilder and altarpiece joiner, Josep Simó Xoriguera i Elies and to doña Maria de Ocaña, and studied under his father along with two of his brothers
Mar 30 René de Froulay de Tessé a French Marshal and diplomat.
Apr 8 John Wise (clergyman) a Congregationalist reverend and political leader in Massachusetts during the American colonial period. Wise was noted for his political activism, specifically his protests against British taxation, for which he was once jailed As the pastor of the Chebacco Parish from 1680 to his death in 1725, Wise lived in Ipswich, Massachusetts, often called "the birthplace of American independence."
Apr 12 Giovanni Battista Foggini an Italian sculptor active in Florence, renowned mainly for small bronze statuary.
Apr 22 Mahmud Hotaki an Afghan ruler of the Hotaki dynasty who overthrew the heavily declined Safavid dynasty to briefly become the king of Persia from 1722 until his death in 1725.
Apr 25 Paul de Rapin a French historian writing under English patronage.
May 24 Jonathan Wild a London underworld figure, notable for operating on both sides of the law, posing as a public-spirited crimefighter, titled ‘Thief Taker General’.
May 31 Erik Carlsson Sjöblad a Swedish governor, admiral, and baron.
Jun 27 Christian Heinrich Heineken a legendary German child prodigy. When he was eight weeks old, he could speak German. He read the Pentateuch at age one, and between the ages of two and three, he read the Old and New Testament in Latin. When he was three years old, he was said to have authored A History of Denmark and recited it when visiting the King of Denmark later the same year. He died at age four of celiac disease
Jun 29 Arai Hakuseki a Confucianist, scholar-bureaucrat, academic, administrator, writer and politician in Japan during the middle of the Edo Period, who advised the Shogun Tokugawa Ienobu. His personal name was Kinmi or Kimiyoshi. Hakuseki was his pen name. His father was a Kururi han samurai Arai Masazumi
Aug 12 Pierre de Montesquiou d'Artagnan a French soldier and Marshal of France.
Oct 10 Philippe de Rigaud Vaudreuil a French politician, who was Governor-General of New France from 1703 to 1725, throughout Queen Anne's War and Father Rale's War.
Oct 11 Hans Herr born in Zürich, Switzerland, a descendant of the Knight, Hugo Herr. He joined the Swiss Brethren and became a bishop. He was the first Mennonite bishop to emigrate to America
Oct 22 Alessandro Scarlatti an Italian Baroque composer, especially famous for his operas and chamber cantatas. He is considered the founder of the Neapolitan school of opera. He was the father of two other composers, Domenico Scarlatti and Pietro Filippo Scarlatti
Oct 23 Charles Whitworth 1st Baron Whitworth a British diplomat.
Nov 28 Nikita Demidov a Russian industrialist who founded the Demidov industrial dynasty.
Dec 7 Florent Carton Dancourt born at Fontainebleau. He belonged to a family of rank, and his parents entrusted his education to Pere de la Rue, a Jesuit, who made earnest efforts to induce him to join the order. But he had no religious vocation and proceeded to study law
Dec 26 Tomasz Józef Zamoyski a Polish nobleman.