Died in 1730

Jan 1 Samuel Sewall a judge, businessman, and printer in the Province of Massachusetts Bay, best known for his involvement in the Salem witch trials, for which he later apologized, and his essay The Selling of Joseph , which criticized slavery. He served for many years as the chief justice of the Massachusetts Superior Court of Judicature, the province's high court
Jan 1 Daniel Finch 2nd Earl of Nottingham an English Tory statesman during the late seventeenth and early eighteenth centuries.
Jan 7 Árni Magnússon an Icelandic scholar and collector of manuscripts. He assembled the Arnamagnæan Manuscript Collection
Jan 30 Peter II of Russia the Emperor of Russia from 1727 until his death. He was the only son of Tsarevich Alexei Petrovich, son of Peter I of Russia by his first consort Eudoxia Lopukhina, and Princess Charlotte of Brunswick-Wolfenbüttel
Jan 30 Ludwik Pociej a Lithuanian nobleman, podkomorzy of Brest, podskarbi, castelan and voivode of Vilnius, Great and Field Hetman of Lithuania.
Feb 9 Johann Georg von Eckhart a German historian and linguist.
Feb 12 Luca Carlevarijs an Italian painter and engraver of landscapes.
Feb 21 Pope Benedict XIII Pope from 29 May 1724 to his death in 1730.
Mar 10 Theresa Kunegunda Sobieska an Electress of Bavaria and of the Electorate of the Palatinate. She also served as Regent of the Palatinate in 1704–05
Mar 20 Adrienne Lecouvreur a French actress, considered by many as the greatest of her time. Born in Damery, she first appeared professionally on the stage in Lille. After her Paris debut at the Comédie-Française in 1717, she was immensely popular with the public. Together with Michel Baron, she was credited for having developed a more natural, less stylized, type of acting
Mar 23 Charles I Landgrave of Hesse-Kassel the Landgrave of Hesse-Kassel from 1670 to 1730.
May 27 Leonardo Vinci an Italian composer, best known for his operas.
May 30 Arabella Churchill (royal mistress) the mistress of King James II, and the mother of four of his children.
Jun 6 Alain Emmanuel de Coëtlogon a Marshal of France during the reign of Louis XIV and Louis XV.
Jun 9 John the Russian one of the most renowned saints in the Greek Orthodox Church. Being a prisoner of war and a slave to a Turkish Agha, he became famous and respected even by his Muslim master for his humility, steadiness in faith and benevolence. His holy relics are undecayed and wonder-working; there are myths that this saint particularly helps sick children and those who suffer from cancer
Jul 7 Olivier Levasseur a pirate, nicknamed La Buse or La Bouche in his early days, called thus because of the speed and ruthlessness with which he always attacked his enemies.
Jul 7 Johann Christian Buxbaum a German physician, botanist and traveller.
Jul 18 François de Neufville duc de Villeroy a French soldier.
Jul 19 Jean-Baptiste Loeillet of London a Flemish baroque composer as well as a performer on the recorder, flute, oboe, and harpsichord. He is called the London Loeillet to distinguish him from another famous composer, his first cousin Jean Baptiste Loeillet of Ghent, and he was the elder brother of Jacques Loeillet, also a composer
Aug 10 Sébastien de Brossard a French music theorist, composer and collector.
Aug 31 Gottfried Finger a Moravian Baroque composer. He was also a virtuoso on the Viol, and many of his compositions were for the instrument. He also wrote operas. Finger was born in Olomouc, modern-day Czech Republic, and worked for the court of James II of England before becoming a freelance composer
Sep 3 Nicholas Mavrocordatos a Greek member of the Mavrocordatos family, Grand Dragoman to the Divan , and consequently the first Phanariote Hospodar of the Danubian Principalities - Prince of Moldavia, and Prince of Wallachia. He was succeeded as Grand Dragoman by his son John Mavrocordato , who was for a short while hospodar in both Wallachia and Moldavia
Sep 27 Laurence Eusden an English poet who became Poet Laureate in 1718.
Oct 12 Frederick IV of Denmark the king of Denmark and Norway from 1699 until his death. Frederick was the son of King Christian V of Denmark-Norway and his consort Charlotte Amalie of Hesse-Kassel
Oct 15 Jean Baptiste Senaillé a French born Baroque composer and violin virtuoso. His father was a member of Les Vingt-quatre Violons du Roi. Senaillé studied under Jean-Baptiste Anet, Giovanni Antonio Piani and in Italy under Tomaso Antonio Vitali and imported Italian musical techniques and pieces into the French court. He wrote around 50 violin sonatas. He is most well known for a fast 2/4 movement from one of these sonatas, Allegro Spiritoso, which has had versions published transcribed for a wide variety of instruments, from violoncello to bassoon to euphonium
Oct 16 Nevşehirli Damat Ibrahim Pasha served as Grand Vizier for Sultan Ahmed III of the Ottoman Empire during the Tulip period. He was also the head of a ruling family which had great influence in the court of Ahmed III. The epithet "Nevşehirli" is used to distinguish this Grand Vizier from another, Damat Ibrahim Pasha
Oct 23 Anne Oldfield born in London, the daughter of a soldier.
Oct 25 Johann Michael Rottmayr an Austrian painter. He was the first notable baroque painter north of Italy
Oct 29 Jean Louis Petitot the eldest son of Jean Petitot, and was instructed in enameling by his father. Some of his works so closely resemble those of the elder Petitot that it is difficult to distinguish between them, and he was really the only serious rival his father ever had. He settled for a while in London, where he remained till 1682, and painted many enamel portraits of Charles In 1682 he removed to Paris, but in 1695 was back again in London, where he remained until his death
Nov 6 Hans Hermann von Katte a Lieutenant of the Prussian Army and close friend of the future Frederick II of Prussia, then the Crown Prince. He was executed by Frederick's father King Frederick William I of Prussia when Frederick plotted to escape from the Kingdom of Prussia to the Kingdom of Great Britain. Some believe that Frederick intended to defect to the service of George II of Great Britain and possibly return to Prussia to depose Frederick William
Nov 10 Gregorio Lazzarini a Italian painter of mythological, religious and historical subjects, as well as portraits. Best known for first training Giambattista Tiepolo, he was one of the most successful Venetian artists of the day and a prominent teacher. His own style was somewhat eclectic
Nov 21 François de Troy a French painter and engraver who became principal painter to King James II in exile at Saint-Germain-en-Laye and Director of the Académie Royale de peinture et de sculpture.
Nov 25 Patrona Halil the instigator of a mob uprising in 1730 which replaced Sultan Ahmed III with Mahmud I and ended the Tulip period.
Dec 11 Daidōji Yūzan a samurai and military strategist of Edo period Japan. He was born in Fushimi in Yamashiro Province. Among the works he wrote in his late years was the widely circulated Budō Shoshin-shū , an introduction to bushidō that was influential among middle- and lower-class samurai. It is available in an English translation by William Scott Wilson as Budoshoshinshu: The Warrior's Primer