Died in 1734

Jan 6 John Dennis (dramatist) an English critic and dramatist.
Jan 29 Danylo Apostol in Moldavia-born Zaporozhian Cossack, who served in Russian Empire as Hetman of Zaporozhian Host of Left-bank of Dnieper. Daniel Apostol was forefather of Russian noble family Muravyov-Apostol
Feb 1 John Floyer (physician) an English physician and author.
Mar 21 Robert Wodrow a Scottish historian.
Apr 25 Johann Conrad Dippel a German pietist theologian, alchemist and physician.
May 4 James Thornhill an English painter of historical subjects working in the Italian baroque tradition. He was responsible for some large-scale schemes of murals, including the "Painted Hall" at the Royal Hospital, Greenwich, the paintings on the inside of the dome of St Paul's Cathedral, and works at Chatsworth House and Wimpole Hall
May 15 Sebastiano Ricci an Italian painter of the late Baroque school of Venice. About the same age as Piazzetta, and an elder contemporary of Tiepolo, he represents a late version of the vigorous and luminous Cortonesque style of grand manner fresco painting
May 24 Georg Ernst Stahl a German chemist, physician and philosopher. He was a supporter of vitalism, and until the late 18th century his works on phlogiston were accepted as an explanation for chemical processes. He died in Berlin
May 27 Claude Audran III a French painter.
Jun 12 James FitzJames 1st Duke of Berwick an Anglo-French military leader, illegitimate son of King James II of England by Arabella Churchill, sister of the 1st Duke of Marlborough.
Jun 15 Giovanni Ceva an Italian mathematician widely known for proving Ceva's theorem in elementary geometry. His brother, Tommaso Ceva was also a well-known poet and mathematician
Jun 17 Claude Louis Hector de Villars the last great general of Louis XIV of France and one of the most brilliant commanders in French military history, one of only six Marshals who have been promoted to Marshal General of France.
Jun 23 Dom Jacques Alexandre a learned Benedictine monk of the Congregation of Maur. He made his profession in the abbey of Vendôme, 26 August 1673, and after completing his philosophical and theological studies, was sent to the monastery of Bonne-Nouvelle, where he spent the remainder of his life
Sep 3 Margrave Christian Ludwig of Brandenburg-Schwedt a Margrave of Brandenburg and a military officer of Brandenburg-Prussia's Hohenzollern dynasty. The title "Margrave of Brandenburg" was given to princes of the Prussian Royal House and did not express a territorial or allodial status. He is best known as the recipient of Johann Sebastian Bach's Brandenburg concertos
Sep 5 Nicolas Bernier a French composer.
Nov 14 Louise de Kérouaille Duchess of Portsmouth a mistress of Charles II of England. Through her son by Charles II, Charles Lennox, 1st Duke of Richmond, she is ancestress of both wives of Prince Charles: Diana, Princess of Wales, and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall
Dec 7 James Figg an English bare-knuckle boxer. He is widely recognized the first English bare-knuckle boxing champion, reigning from 1719 to 1730. Jack Dempsey called him the father of modern boxing. Many of the bouts at the time consisted of boxing, wrestling and fencing with sharp swords. Figg was also a great fencer that engaged in sword duels and singlestick matches. He was born in Thame in Oxfordshire and fought his early prize fights there. In 1719 he started his own school and taught boxing, fencing, and quarterstaff. William Hogarth painted his portrait. Although records were not as precise back then, the common belief is that Figg had a record of 269–1 in 270 fights. His only loss came when Ned Sutton beat him to claim the title. Figg demanded a rematch, which he won, and also went on to retire Sutton in a rubber match. After 1730 he largely gave up fighting, and relied on his three protégés to bring in spectators: Bob Whittaker, Jack Broughton, and George Taylor. Taylor took over Figg's business upon Figg's death in 1734, though Broughton went on to become his most famous protégé
Dec 9 Gaetano Berenstadt best remembered for his association with the composer George Frideric Handel. Berenstadt created roles in three of Handel's operas. Berenstadt's parents were German and his father was timpanist to the Grand Duke of Tuscany. By the end of his 27-year-long career Berenstadt had sung in 55 dramatic works, 33 of which were newly composed
Dec 14 Noël-Nicolas Coypel a popular French artist.
Dec 28 Rob Roy MacGregor sometimes known as the Scottish Robin Hood.