Born in 1747

Jan 4 Vivant Denon a French artist, writer, diplomat, author, and archaeologist. He was appointed as the first Director of the Louvre Museum by Napoleon after the Egyptian campaign of 1798-1801, and is commemorated in the Denon Wing of the modern museum. His two-volume Voyage dans la basse et la haute Egypte , was the foundation of modern Egyptology
Jan 10 Abraham-Louis Breguet a horologist who made many innovations in the course of a career in watchmaking in France. In his lifetime he was considered the leading watchmaker of his day, and he built up a clientele that included many leading public figures and members of the European nobility. Alongside his friend and contemporary John Arnold, Breguet is now widely acknowledged as one of the greatest horologists of all time
Jan 11 François Alexandre Frédéric duc de la Rochefoucauld-Liancourt a French social reformer.
Jan 15 John Aikin an English doctor and writer.
Jan 17 Markus Herz a German physician and lecturer on philosophy.
Jan 19 Johann Elert Bode a German astronomer known for his reformulation and popularization of the Titius–Bode law. Bode determined the orbit of Uranus and suggested the planet's name
Feb 3 Samuel Osgood an American merchant and statesman born in North Andover, Massachusetts, parent town of the Andovers. His family home still stands at 440 Osgood Street in North Andover and his home in New York City, the Samuel Osgood House, served as the country's first Presidential mansion. He served in the Massachusetts and New York State legislatures, represented Massachusetts in the Continental Congress and was the first Postmaster General of the United States, serving during George Washington's first term
Feb 10 Yasuaki Aida a Japanese mathematician in the Edo period.
Feb 19 Heinrich Leopold Wagner a German dramatist.
Feb 21 Eugenio Espejo a medical pioneer, writer and lawyer of mestizo origin in colonial Ecuador. Although he was a notable scientist and writer, he stands out as a polemicist who inspired the separatist movement in Quito. He is regarded as one of the most important figures in colonial Ecuador. He was Quito's first journalist and hygienist. As a journalist he spread enlightened ideas in the Royal Audiencia, and as a hygienist he composed an important treatise about sanitary conditions in colonial Ecuador that included interesting remarks about microorganisms and the spreading of disease
Mar 10 Iolo Morganwg an influential Welsh antiquarian, poet, collector, and literary forger. He was widely considered a leading collector and expert on medieval Welsh literature in his day, but after his death it was revealed that he had forged a large number of his manuscripts. Regardless, he had a lasting impact on Welsh culture, seen most notably in his foundation of the Gorsedd, and the philosophy he developed in his forgeries had a huge impact on the early neo-druid movement. His bardic name is Welsh for "Iolo of Glamorgan". Iolo is the diminutive of "Iorwerth", a Welsh name often seen as equivalent to "Edward", although neither name is a translation of the other
Mar 14 Alexander Bezborodko the Grand Chancellor of Russia and chief architect of Catherine the Great's foreign policy after the death of Nikita Panin.
Mar 17 Johannes Jährig a German Mongolist and translator of Tibetan and Mongolian texts.
Mar 21 Dmitry Pavlutsky a Russian polar explorer and leader of military expeditions in Chukotka, best known for his campaigns against the indigenous Chukchi people.
Mar 29 Luigi Acquisti an Italian sculptor mainly known for his works in the neoclassical style.
Mar 29 Johann Wilhelm Hässler a German composer, organist and pianist.
Mar 31 Johann Abraham Peter Schulz a German musician and composer. Today he is best known as the composer of the melody for Matthias Claudius's poem "Der Mond ist aufgegangen" and the Christmas carol "Ihr Kinderlein kommet"
Apr 6 Jean Gaspard de Vence a French privateer, admiral and Maritime Prefect of Toulon.
Apr 13 Louis Philippe II Duke of Orléans a member of a cadet branch of the House of Bourbon, the ruling dynasty of France. He actively supported the French Revolution and adopted the name Philippe Égalité, but was nonetheless guillotined during the Reign of Terror. His son Louis-Philippe became King of the French after the July Revolution of 1830. Following his career, the term Orléanist came to be attached to the movement in France that favoured constitutional monarchy
Apr 13 Armand Louis de Gontaut a French soldier and politician, known for the part he played in the American War of Independence and the French Revolutionary Wars.
Apr 13 Gunning Bedford Jr. an American lawyer and politician from Wilmington, in New Castle County, Delaware. He served in the Delaware General Assembly, as a Continental Congressman from Delaware and as a delegate to the U.S. Constitutional Convention of 1787. He is often confused with his cousin, Gunning Bedford, an officer in the Continental Army during the American Revolution and Governor of Delaware
Apr 14 Uvedale Price a Herefordshire landowner who was at the heart of the 'Picturesque debate' of the 1790s.
May 5 Leopold II Holy Roman Emperor Holy Roman Emperor and King of Hungary and Bohemia from 1790 to 1792, Archduke of Austria and Grand Duke of Tuscany from 1765 to 1790. He was a son of Emperor Francis I and his wife, Empress Maria Theresa, thus the brother of Marie Antoinette. Leopold was a moderate proponent of enlightened absolutism
May 6 George I Prince of Waldeck and Pyrmont Prince of Waldeck and Pyrmont from 1812 to 1813.
May 17 Johannes van der Kemp a military officer, doctor and philosopher who became a missionary in South Africa.
May 29 Louis Thomas Villaret de Joyeuse a French admiral.
Jun 14 Anton von Zach Freiherr von Zach enlisted in the army of Habsburg Austria and fought against the First French Republic. In the French Revolutionary Wars, he gained prominence as a staff officer. Still on active service during the Napoleonic Wars, he fought in the 1805 and 1809 wars. He was not given combat assignments after 1809
Jun 26 Leopold Kozeluch a Czech composer and teacher of classical music. He was born in the town of Velvary, in Bohemia
Jul 2 Rose Bertin a French milliner and dressmaker to Queen Marie Antoinette. She was the first celebrated French fashion designer and is widely credited with having brought fashion and haute couture to the forefront of popular culture
Jul 6 John Paul Jones a Scottish sailor and the United States' first well-known naval fighter in the American Revolutionary War. Although he made enemies among America's political elites, his actions in British waters during the Revolution earned him an international reputation which persists to this day. As such, he is sometimes referred to as the "Father of the United States Navy". He later served in the Imperial Russian Navy
Jul 10 Princess Wilhelmina Caroline of Denmark the Electress of Hesse-Kassel.
Jul 15 Teresa Margaret of the Sacred Heart O.C.D. was an Italian Discalced Carmelite nun. During her brief life of quiet service in the monastery, she came to be revered for her mystical gifts. She has been declared a saint by the Catholic Church
Jul 25 Roger Ducos a French political figure during the Revolution and First Empire, a member of the National Convention, and of the Directory.
Aug 4 Olfert Fischer a Danish officer in the Royal Dano-Norwegian Navy. He commanded the Dano-Norwegian fleet against British forces under Lord Nelson during the Battle of Copenhagen on 2 April 1801
Aug 21 Franz von Paula Schrank a German priest, botanist and entomologist.
Sep 5 Natalia Zagryazhskaya a Russian philanthropist, salonist and lady-in-waiting. She was a leading member of Saint Petersburg society from the 1770s until her death in 1837, and is often mentioned in contemporary memoirs and diaries
Sep 6 Louis Alexandre Prince of Lamballe the son and heir of Louis Jean Marie de Bourbon, grandson of Louis XIV by the king's legitimised son, Louis Alexandre de Bourbon. He was known as the Prince of Lamballe from birth. He pre-deceased his father, and died childless
Sep 11 Prince Frederick of Hesse-Kassel a younger member of the dynasty that ruled the Landgraviate of Hesse-Kassel and a Danish general.
Sep 29 Józef Wybicki a Polish jurist, poet, political and military activist. He is best remembered as the author of Mazurek Dąbrowskiego , which in 1927 was adopted as the Polish national anthem
Sep 30 Friedrich Justin Bertuch a German publisher and patron of the arts. He co-founded the Fürstliche freie Zeichenschule Weimar with the painter Georg Melchior Kraus in 1776. He was the father of the writer and journalist Karl Bertuch
Oct 7 Antoine Nicolas Duchesne a French botanist known for his keen observation of variation within species, and for demonstrating that species are not immutable, because mutations can occur. "As Duchesne's observations were unaided by knowledge of modern concepts of genetics and molecular biology, his insight was truly remarkable." His particular interests were in strawberries and gourds
Oct 8 Jean-François Rewbell a French lawyer, diplomat, and politician of the Revolution.
Oct 13 Ange-François Fariau a French poet and translator.
Oct 20 François-Marie marquis de Barthélemy a French politician and diplomat, active at the time of the French Revolution.
Oct 26 Ivan Mane Jarnović a virtuoso violinist-composer of the 18th century whose family was of possibly Ragusan origin. He had a European career, performing in almost all major centres including Paris, Berlin, Warsaw, St Petersburg, Vienna, Stockholm, Basle, London, Dublin, amongst others. It appears he was a pupil of Antonio Lolli and he was an acquaintance of Joseph Haydn, with whom he shared concert programmes in London
Oct 31 Johann Karl Wezel a German poet, novelist and philosopher of the Enlightenment.
Dec 18 Barthélemy Louis Joseph Schérer born in Delle, near Belfort, became a French general during the French Revolutionary Wars and on three occasions led armies in battle.
Dec 31 Gottfried August Bürger a German poet. His ballads were very popular in Germany. His most noted ballad, Lenore, found an audience beyond readers of the German language in an English adaptation and a French translation