Died in 1748

Jan 1 Johann Bernoulli a Swiss mathematician and was one of the many prominent mathematicians in the Bernoulli family. He is known for his contributions to infinitesimal calculus and educating Leonhard Euler in the pupil's youth
Jan 16 Arnold Drakenborch a Dutch classical scholar.
Jan 19 Ernest Augustus I Duke of Saxe-Weimar-Eisenach a duke of Saxe-Weimar and, from 1741, of Saxe-Weimar-Eisenach.
Feb 18 Otto Ferdinand von Abensberg und Traun an Austrian Generalfeldmarschall. The current spelling of the name, and the spelling used in his time, is mostly Abensperg
Feb 21 Antoine Danchet a French playwright, librettist and dramatic poet.
Mar 7 William Corbett (composer) an English composer, violinist, and concert performer. The Director of New Theater from 1700, Corbett was appointed orchestra director of King's Theatre, The Haymarket in 1705 and became a member of the Royal Orchestra in 1709
Mar 14 George Wade a British Army officer who served in the Nine Years' War, War of the Spanish Succession, Jacobite rising of 1715 and War of the Quadruple Alliance before leading the construction of barracks, bridges and proper roads in Scotland. He went on to be a military commander during the War of the Austrian Succession and Commander-in-Chief of the Forces during the Jacobite rising of 1745
Mar 17 Pietro Giannone an Italian historian born in Ischitella, in the province of Capitanata. He opposed the papal influence in Naples, for which he was imprisoned for twelve years until his death
Mar 23 Johann Gottfried Walther a German music theorist, organist, composer, and lexicographer of the Baroque era.
Apr 3 Jean-Jacques Burlamaqui a Swiss legal and political theorist who popularised a number of ideas propounded by other thinkers.
Apr 12 William Kent an eminent English architect, landscape architect and furniture designer of the early 18th century.
Apr 24 Anton thor Helle the translator of the first Bible in Estonian in 1739, and the first Estonian grammar. The New Testament was a North Estonian revision of the 1648 version by Johannes Gutslaff author of Observationes Grammaticae circa linguam Esthonicam, and Helle's version was revised many times, including by Malm in 1896
Apr 26 Muhammad Shah the Mughal emperor between 1719 and 1748. He was son of Khujista Akhtar, the fourth son of Bahadur Shah Ascending the throne at 17 with the help of the Sayyid Brothers, he later got rid of them with the help of Asaf Jah Muhammad Shah was a great patron of the arts, including musical, cultural and administrative developments, his pen-name was Sada Rangila
May 12 Thomas Lowndes (astronomer) the founder of the Lowndean professorship of astronomy at Cambridge University, England.
May 28 Ignazio Stern a Baroque painter who worked in Rome, dying there in 1748.
Jun 1 Qamar-ud-din Khan Asif Jah I a Mughal and Turkic nobleman the founder of the Asaf Jahi dynasty. He established the Hyderabad state, and ruled it from 1724 to 1748. He is also known by his titles Chin Qilich Khan , Nizam-ul-Mulk and Asaf Jah
Jun 16 Jean Philippe d'Orléans an illegitimate son of Philippe d'Orléans, nephew and son-in-law of Louis XIV.
Jun 28 Joseph-Anne-Marie de Moyriac de Mailla a French Jesuit missionary to China.
Aug 27 James Thomson (poet) a Scottish and British poet and playwright, known for his masterpiece The Seasons and the lyrics of "Rule, Britannia!".
Sep 6 Edmund Gibson a British divine who served as Bishop of Lincoln and Bishop of London, jurist, and antiquary.
Sep 10 Ignacia del Espíritu Santo a Filipino Religious Sister of the Roman Catholic Church.
Sep 15 Countess Palatine Dorothea Sophie of Neuburg princess of Neuburg by birth and later Duchess of Parma from 1695 to 1727. She was the sixth daughter of the Elector of the Palatinate, Philip William of Neuburg, and Landgravine Elisabeth Amalie of Hesse-Darmstadt. Three of her sisters were Queen of Spain, Queen of Portugal and Empress of the Holy Roman Empire
Sep 21 John Balguy an English divine and philosopher.
Nov 22 Margravine Elisabeth Sophie of Brandenburg (1674–1748) a Duchess consort of Courland, Margravine consort of Brandenburg-Bayreuth and Duchess consort of Saxe-Meiningen. She was married to Duke Frederick Casimir Kettler of Courland, Christian Ernst, Margrave of Brandenburg-Bayreuth, and Ernst Ludwig I, Duke of Saxe-Meiningen. She was joint regent in Courland during the minority of her son from 1698 until 1701
Nov 25 Isaac Watts an English Christian hymnwriter, theologian and logician. A prolific and popular hymn writer, his work was part of evangelization. He was recognized as the "Father of English Hymnody", credited with some 750 hymns. Many of his hymns remain in use today and have been translated into numerous languages
Dec 2 Charles Seymour 6th Duke of Somerset a British peer. The son of Charles Seymour, 2nd Baron Seymour of Trowbridge, and Elizabeth Alington , he succeeded his brother Francis Seymour, 5th Duke of Somerset, in the dukedom when the latter was shot in 1678. He also inherited the title of Baron Seymour of Trowbridge
Dec 22 Johann Nepomuk Karl Prince of Liechtenstein the Prince of Liechtenstein between 1732 and 1748. He was the son of Johann Josef Anton