Died in 1752

Jan 4 Gabriel Cramer a Swiss mathematician, born in Geneva. He was the son of physician Jean Cramer and Anne Mallet Cramer
Jan 16 Francis Blomefield an English antiquary, who projected a county history of Norfolk. During his lifetime, he compiled and published detailed accounts of the city of Norwich, Borough of Thetford and the southern hundreds of the county, but died before the whole work could be completed
Jan 26 Jean François de Troy a French Rococo painter and tapestry designer. He was one of a family of painters, being the son of the portrait painter François de Troy , under whom he first studied, and at whose expense he first went to Italy from 1699 to 1706, staying in Rome, but also visiting many north Italian cities
Feb 4 Louis d'Orléans Duke of Orléans the Duke of Orléans and a member of the royal family of France, the House of Bourbon, and as such was a prince du sang. At his father's death, he became the First Prince of the Blood. Known as Louis le Pieux and also as Louis le Génovéfain, Louis was a pious, charitable and cultured prince, who took very little part in the politics of the time
Feb 9 Fredrik Hasselqvist a Swedish traveller and naturalist.
Feb 10 Princess Henriette of France the twin sister of Louise Élisabeth de France, the eldest child of King Louis XV of France and of his queen consort Marie Leszczyńska.
Mar 7 Pietro Grimani a Venetian statesman who served as the 115th Doge of Venice from June 30, 1741 until his death. Grimani was a cultured and learned man, who wrote poetry and counted among his acquaintances Isaac Newton, who he had met while serving as a diplomat in England. He was succeeded as Doge by Francesco Loredan
Mar 17 Jacques-Pierre de Taffanel de la Jonquière Marquis de la Jonquière a French admiral and Governor General of New France from March 1, 1749 until his death in 1752.
Mar 23 Jean Charles Chevalier Folard born at Avignon.
Apr 10 William Cheselden an English surgeon and teacher of anatomy and surgery, who was influential in establishing surgery as a scientific medical profession.
May 3 Samuel Ogle the 16th, 18th and 20th Proprietary Governor of Maryland from 1731 to 1732, 1733 to 1742, and 1746/1747 to 1752.
May 18 Robert Tournières a French painter. After the Second World War, a street in the new Saint-Paul district of his birthplace of Caen was named rue Robert Tournières
May 23 William Bradford (Colonial printer) an early English printer in North America. He is best known as "the pioneer printer of the Middle colonies" and the head of a family that included publishers for 140 years. He was also known for controversies regarding freedom of the press
May 24 Charles Parrocel a French painter and engraver and a specialist in battle and hunt paintings.
Jun 5 Duke Charles Louis Frederick of Mecklenburg a member of the House of Mecklenburg-Strelitz and the father of Queen Charlotte of the United Kingdom.
Jun 15 Charles-Antoine Coypel a French painter, art commentator, and playwright. He lived in Paris. He was the son of the artist Antoine Coypel and grandson of Noël Coypel. Charles-Antoine inherited his father’s design and painting duties as premier peintre du roi at the French court when his father died in 1722. He became premier peintre du roi and director of the Académie Royale in 1747. He received a number of commissions for paintings for the Palais de Versailles, and worked for Madame de Pompadour, the king’s mistress
Jun 16 Joseph Butler an English bishop, theologian, apologist, and philosopher. He was born in Wantage in the English county of Berkshire. He is known, among other things, for his critique of Thomas Hobbes's egoism and John Locke's theory of personal identity. During his life and after his death, Butler influenced many philosophers, including David Hume, Thomas Reid, and Adam Smith
Jul 20 Johann Christoph Pepusch a German-born composer who spent most of his working life in England.
Jul 24 Michael Christian Festing an English violinist and composer. His reputation lies mostly on his work as a violin virtuoso
Aug 22 William Whiston an English theologian, historian, and mathematician, a leading figure in the popularisation of the ideas of Isaac Newton. He is now probably best known for his translation of the Antiquities of the Jews and other works by Josephus, his A New Theory of the Earth, and his Arianism
Nov 2 Johann Albrecht Bengel a Lutheran pietist clergyman and Greek-language scholar known for his edition of the Greek New Testament and his commentaries on it.
Nov 5 Carl Andreas Duker a German classical scholar and jurist.
Nov 6 Ralph Erskine (preacher) a Scottish churchman.
Dec 11 Adolphus Frederick III Duke of Mecklenburg-Strelitz a Duke of Mecklenburg-Strelitz.