1757 events in history

Jan 5 Louis XV of France survives an assassination attempt by Robert-François Damiens, the last person to be executed in France by drawing and quartering, the traditional and gruesome form of capital punishment used for regicides
Mar 14 Admiral Sir John Byng is executed by firing squad aboard HMS Monarch for breach of the Articles of War
Mar 23 Capture of Chandannagar fort by British forces
May 6 English poet Christopher Smart is admitted into St Luke's Hospital for Lunatics in London, beginning his six-year confinement to mental asylums
May 6 Battle of Prague – A Prussian army fights an Austrian army in Prague during the Seven Years' War
May 6 The end of Konbaung–Hanthawaddy War, and the end of Burmese Civil War (1740–1757)
Jun 18 Battle of Kolín between Prussian forces under Frederick the Great and an Austrian army under the command of Field Marshal Count Leopold Joseph von Daun in the Seven Years' War
Jun 23 Battle of Plassey: Three thousand British troops under Robert Clive defeat a 50,000 strong Indian army under Siraj Ud Daulah at Plassey
Nov 5 Seven Years' War: Frederick the Great defeats the allied armies of France and the Holy Roman Empire at the Battle of Rossbach
Dec 5 Seven Years' War: Battle of Leuthen – Frederick II of Prussia leads Prussian forces to a decisive victory over Austrian forces under Prince Charles Alexander of Lorraine
Dec 31 Empress Elizabeth I of Russia issues her ukase incorporating Königsberg into Russia