Died in 1759

Jan 1 Jacques-Joachim Trotti marquis de La Chétardie a French diplomat who engineered the coup d'etat that brought Elizaveta Petrovna to the Russian throne in 1741. In the course of his eventful career, La Chetardie was sent on diplomatic errands throughout Europe: in London , then in Holland and Prussia, in Russia twice, and finally in Turin in 1749 in the company of Jean-Louis Favier
Jan 7 Florent-Jean de Vallière a French artillery officer of the 18th century. He was lieutenant-general of the King's Armies. In 1726, de Vallière became Director-General of the Battalions and Schools of the Artillery
Jan 12 Anne Princess Royal and Princess of Orange the second child and eldest daughter of King George II of Great Britain and his consort, Caroline of Ansbach. She was the spouse of William IV, Prince of Orange, the first hereditary stadtholder of the Netherlands. Princess Anne was the second daughter of a British sovereign to hold the title Princess Royal. She was Regent of the Netherlands from 1751 until her death in 1759, exercising extensive powers on behalf of her son William Because of her English upbringing and family connections, she was known as an Anglophile - despite being unable to convince the Dutch Republic to enter the Seven Years' War on the side of the British
Feb 27 Jacob Theodor Klein a Royal Prussian jurist, historian, botanist, mathematician and diplomat in service of Polish King August II the Strong.
Mar 11 John Forbes (British Army officer) a British general in the French and Indian War. He is best known for leading the Forbes Expedition that captured the French outpost at Fort Duquesne and for naming the city of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania after British Secretary of State William Pitt the Elder
Mar 27 August Johann Rösel von Rosenhof a German miniature painter, naturalist and entomologist. With his accurate, heavily detailed images of insects he was recognised as an important figure in modern entomology
Apr 6 Johann Gottfried Zinn a German anatomist and botanist member of the Berlin Academy.
Apr 14 George Frideric Handel a German Baroque composer who spent the bulk of his career in London, becoming famous for his operas, oratorios, anthems and organ concertos. Born in a family indifferent to music, Handel received critical training in Halle, Hamburg and Italy before settling in London , and became a naturalized British subject in 1727. He was strongly influenced both by the great composers of the Italian Baroque and the middle-German polyphonic choral tradition
May 12 Lambert-Sigisbert Adam born in Nancy, the eldest son of sculptor Jacob-Sigisbert Adam.
Jun 9 Mavra Shuvalova a Russian lady in waiting, socialite and noble and a confidante of Empress Elizabeth of Russia. She was in 1742 married to Count Peter Ivanovich Shuvalov. She played an influential role in Russia during the reign of Elizabeth
Jun 22 Louis de Cahusac a French playwright and librettist, and Freemason, most famous for his work with the composer Jean-Philippe Rameau. He provided the libretti for several of Rameau's operas, namely Les fêtes de l'Hymen et de l'Amour , Zaïs , Naïs , Zoroastre , La naissance d'Osiris , and Anacréon. He is also credited with writing the libretto of Rameau's final work, Les Boréades. Cahusac contributed to the Encyclopédie and was the lover of Marie Fel
Jun 27 Jacques Claude Marie Vincent de Gournay a French economist and intendant of commerce. He is said by some historians of economics to have coined the phrase laissez faire, laissez passer. Together with François Quesnay, whose disciple he was, he was a leader of the Physiocratic School
Jul 6 William Pepperrell a merchant and soldier in Colonial Massachusetts. He is widely remembered for organizing, financing, and leading the 1745 expedition that captured the French garrison at Fortress Louisbourg during King George's War. During his day Pepperrell was called "the hero of Louisburg," a victory celebrated in the name of Louisburg Square in Boston's Beacon Hill neighborhood
Jul 24 Antoine Gaubil French Jesuit missionary to China.
Jul 27 Pierre Louis Maupertuis a French mathematician, philosopher and man of letters. He became the Director of the Académie des Sciences, and the first President of the Prussian Academy of Science, at the invitation of Frederick the Great
Aug 8 Carl Heinrich Graun a German composer and tenor singer. Along with Johann Adolph Hasse, he is considered to be the most important German composer of Italian opera of his time
Aug 10 Ferdinand VI of Spain King of Spain from 9 July 1746 until his death. He was the fourth son of the previous monarch Philip V and his first wife Maria Luisa of Savoy. Ferdinand, the third member of the Spanish Bourbon dynasty, was born in Madrid on 23 September 1713
Aug 18 Pyotr Saltykov a Russian statesman and a military figure, russian general-fieldmarshal , son of Semyon Saltykov.
Aug 24 Ewald Christian von Kleist a German poet and officer.
Sep 4 Princess Elizabeth of Great Britain a member of the British Royal Family, a grandchild of George II and sister of George III.
Sep 5 Lauritz de Thurah a Danish architect and architectural writer. He became the most important Danish architect of the late baroque period. As an architectural writer and historian he made a priceless contribution to the understanding of both Denmark's architectural heritage and building construction in his day
Sep 10 Ferdinand Konščak a Jesuit missionary, explorer, and cartographer.
Sep 12 Prince Karl Anton August of Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Beck the son of Peter August, Duke of Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Beck and Princess Sophie of Hesse-Philippsthal.
Sep 13 James Wolfe a British Army officer, known for his training reforms but remembered chiefly for his victory over the French at the Battle of Quebec in Canada in 1759. The son of a distinguished general, Lieutenant-General Edward Wolfe, he had received his first commission at a young age and saw extensive service in Europe where he fought during the War of the Austrian Succession. His service in Flanders and in Scotland, where he took part in the suppression of the Jacobite Rebellion, brought him to the attention of his superiors. The advancement of his career was halted by the Peace Treaty of 1748 and he spent much of the next eight years on garrison duty in the Scottish Highlands. Already a brigade major at the age of eighteen, he was a lieutenant-colonel by the age of twenty-three
Sep 14 Louis-Joseph de Montcalm a French soldier best known as the commander of the forces in North America during the Seven Years' War.
Sep 16 Nicolas Antoine Boulanger a French philosopher and man of letters during the Age of Enlightenment.
Oct 7 Karl August von Bergen a German anatomist and botanist.
Oct 10 Granville Elliott a British military officer. He served with distinction in several other European armies and subsequently in the British Army. He fought at the Battle of Minden where he was wounded, dying of his injuries several weeks later
Nov 14 Grégoire Orlyk a French military commander, special envoy and member of Louis XV's secret intelligence service. Grégoire Orlyk was born in Ukraine, the son of Ukrainian hetman in exile Pylyp Orlyk received good education in Sweden, served in Poland and Saxony, participated in secret efforts of France to restore on the Polish throne Stanisław Leszczyński. He later commanded the king's regiment of Royal suedois. For his intelligence work and military exploits was given the title of a comte and promoted to the general's rank of Maréchal de camp. Grégoire Orlyk was an acquaintance of French philosopher Voltaire, championed Ukrainian cause in France and other countries
Nov 29 Alamgir II the Mughal Emperor of India from 3 June 1754 to 29 November 1759. He was the son of Jahandar Shah
Nov 29 Nicolaus I Bernoulli a Swiss mathematician and was one of the many prominent mathematicians in the Bernoulli family.
Dec 6 Louise Élisabeth of France the eldest daughter of King Louis XV of France and his Queen consort, Maria Leszczyńska, and the elder twin sister of Anne Henriette de France. As the daughter of the king, she was a Daughter of France. She married Infante Philip, younger son of Philip V of Spain, and later became Duchess of Parma. In secondary sources she is referred also as "Louise Élisabeth of France"