Died in 1763

Jan 2 John Carteret 2nd Earl Granville a British statesman and Lord President of the Council from 1751 to 1763; effectively leader of the country when Spencer Compton was Prime Minister.
Jan 11 Caspar Abel a German theologian, historian and poet.
Jan 23 Johann Hieronymus Kniphof a German physician and botanist.
Jan 27 Anton Ulrich Duke of Saxe-Meiningen Duke of Saxe-Meiningen from 1746 to 1763.
Jan 29 Johan Ludvig Holstein-Ledreborg a Minister of State of Denmark.
Jan 29 Louis Racine a French poet of the Age of the Enlightenment.
Feb 2 Emmanuel Héré de Corny the court architect to Stanisław Leszczyński, Duke of Lorraine and former King of Poland at his capital of Nancy.
Feb 11 William Shenstone an English poet and one of the earliest practitioners of landscape gardening through the development of his estate, The Leasowes.
Feb 12 Pierre de Marivaux a French novelist and dramatist.
Feb 12 Gottfried Heinrich Bach the firstborn son of Johann Sebastian Bach by his second wife Anna Magdalena Wilcke.
Mar 5 William Smellie (obstetrician) a Scottish obstetrician.
Mar 31 Marco Foscarini a Venetian poet,writer and statesman who served as the 117th Doge of Venice from May 31, 1762 until his death. He studied in his youth in Bologna, and was active as a diplomat, serving as ambassador to Rome and Turin; he also served as the Procurator of Mark for a time. He was succeeded as Doge by Alvise Giovanni Mocenigo. Liceo classico Marco Foscarini,Venice,was named after him to honour his "History of Venetian literature"
Apr 12 Giuseppe Spinelli an Italian Cardinal. He was a prefect of the Congregation for the Evangelization of Peoples
Apr 13 James Waldegrave 2nd Earl Waldegrave a British statesman.
Apr 15 Fyodor Volkov a Russian actor and founder of the first permanent Russian theater.
Apr 18 Marie-Josephte Corriveau one of the most popular figures in Québécois folklore. She lived in New France, and was sentenced to death by a British court martial for the murder of her second husband, was hanged for it and her body hanged in chains. Her story has become legendary in Quebec, and she is the subject of numerous books and plays
May 3 George Psalmanazar claimed to be the first Formosan to visit Europe. For some years he convinced many in Britain, but was later revealed to be an impostor. He later became a theological essayist and a friend and acquaintance of Samuel Johnson and other noted figures of 18th-century literary London
Jun 3 Johann Caspar Vogler a German organist and composer taught by Johann Sebastian Bach.
Jul 11 Peter Forsskål a Swedish explorer, orientalist, naturalist and an apostle of Carl Linnaeus.
Jul 16 Jacques-Martin Hotteterre a French composer and flautist. Jacques-Martin Hotteterre was the most celebrated of a family of wind instrument makers and wind performers
Aug 12 Olof von Dalin a Swedish nobleman, poet, historian and courtier. He was an influential literary figure of the Swedish Enlightenment
Aug 14 Giovanni Battista Somis an Italian violinist and composer of the Baroque music era.
Aug 21 Charles Wyndham 2nd Earl of Egremont a British statesman who served as Secretary of State for the Southern Department 1761-63.
Aug 29 Karl August Prince of Waldeck and Pyrmont Prince of Waldeck and Pyrmont and Commander of the Dutch forces in the War of Austrian Succession.
Sep 7 Prince Georg Ludwig of Holstein-Gottorp a Prussian lieutenant-general and an Imperial Russian field marshal.
Sep 26 John Byrom an English poet, the inventor of a revolutionary system of shorthand and later a significant landowner. He is most remembered as the writer of the lyrics of Anglican hymn Christians Awake, salute the happy morn, which was supposedly a Christmas gift for his daughter
Oct 5 Augustus III of Poland King of Poland and Grand Duke of Lithuania from 1734 until 1763, as well as Elector of Saxony in the Holy Roman Empire from 1733 until 1763 where he was known as Frederick Augustus II.
Oct 22 Frans van Mieris the Younger a Dutch painter.
Oct 28 Heinrich von Brühl a Polish-Saxon statesman at the court of Saxony and the Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth and a member of the powerful German von Brühl family. The incumbency of the ambitious politician went along with the decline of both states. Brühl was a skillful diplomat and cunning strategist, who managed to attain control over of Saxony and Poland, partly by controlling its king, August III the Saxon, who ultimately only could be accessed through Brühl himself
Nov 10 Joseph François Dupleix governor general of the French establishment in India, and the rival of Robert Clive.
Nov 23 Friedrich Heinrich von Seckendorff a Franconian field marshal and diplomat, in the service of the imperial Habsburg monarchy of Austria. Later he served as commander of the Bavarian army and fought Austria
Nov 27 Princess Isabella of Parma the daughter of Infante Felipe of Spain, Duke of Parma and his wife Louise Elisabeth, eldest daughter of Louis XV of France and Maria Leszczyńska. Her paternal grandparents were Philip V of Spain and his second wife, Elisabeth of Parma
Nov 28 Naungdawgyi king of Konbaung Dynasty of Burma from 1760 to 1763. He was a top military commander in his father Alaungpaya's reunification campaigns of the country. As king, he spent much of his short reign suppressing multiple rebellions across the newly founded kingdom from Ava and Toungoo to Martaban and Chiang Mai. The king suddenly died less than a year after he had successfully suppressed the rebellions. He was succeeded by his younger brother Hsinbyushin
Dec 17 Frederick Christian Elector of Saxony the Prince-Elector of Saxony for less than three months in 1763. He was a member of the House of Wettin. He was the third but eldest surviving son of Frederick Augustus II, Prince-Elector of Saxony and King of Poland, by his wife, Maria Josepha of Austria
Dec 23 Antoine François Prévost a French author and novelist.
Dec 25 Suraj Mal ruler of Bharatpur in Rajasthan, India. A contemporary historian has described him as "the Plato of the Jat people" and by a modern writer as the "Jat Odysseus", because of his political sagacity, steady intellect and clear vision