1770 events in history

Mar 5 Boston Massacre: Five Americans, including Crispus Attucks, are fatally shot by British troops in an event that would contribute to the outbreak of the American Revolutionary War (also known as the American War of Independence) five years later
Apr 19 Marie Antoinette marries Louis XVI in a proxy wedding
Apr 19 Captain James Cook sights the eastern coast of what is now Australia
Apr 20 The Georgian king, Erekle II, abandoned by his Russian ally Count Totleben, wins a victory over Ottoman forces at Aspindza
Apr 29 James Cook arrives at and names Botany Bay, Australia
May 16 A 14-year old Marie Antoinette marries 15-year-old Louis-Auguste who later becomes king of France
May 26 The Orlov Revolt, an attempt to revolt against the Ottoman Empire before the Greek War of Independence, ends in disaster for the Greeks
Jun 11 British explorer Captain James Cook runs aground on the Great Barrier Reef
Jul 1 Lexell's Comet passes closer to the Earth than any other comet in recorded history, approaching to a distance of 0.0146 a.u
Jul 5 The Battle of Chesma between the Russian Empire and the Ottoman Empire begins
Jul 7 The Battle of Larga between the Russian Empire and the Ottoman Empire takes place
Aug 21 James Cook formally claims eastern Australia for Great Britain, naming it New South Wales
Aug 22 James Cook names and lands on Possession Island, Queensland and claims the east coast of Australia as New South Wales in the name of King George III
Nov 14 James Bruce discovers what he believes to be the source of the Nile