Born in 1790

Jan 5 Melchor Múzquiz a Mexican soldier and politician. From August to December 1832 he was president of Mexico
Jan 14 Alexander von Lüders a Russian general and Namestnik of the Kingdom of Poland.
Jan 19 Per Daniel Amadeus Atterbom a Swedish romantic poet, and a member of the Swedish Academy.
Jan 23 Johann Jakob Heckel an Austrian taxidermist, zoologist, and ichthyologist from Mannheim in the Electoral Palatinate.
Jan 25 William Henry Sykes an English naturalist who served with the British military in India and was specifically known for his work with the Indian Army as a politician, Indologist and ornithologist. One of the pioneers of the Victorian statistical movement, he conducted surveys and examined the efficiency of army operation. Returning from service in India, he became a director of the East India Company and a member of parliament representing Aberdeen
Jan 26 Claude François Lallemand a French physician.
Jan 27 William Davies Evans best known today as a chess player. He is buried at the Belgian port of Ostend
Feb 1 Charles-Joseph Sax a Belgian musical instrument maker. His son was Adolphe Sax who invented the saxophone, the saxhorn and the saxotromba
Feb 1 Germain Delavigne a French playwright and librettist.
Feb 16 Chrétien Urhan a French violinist, organist, composer and player of the viola and the viola d'amore.
Feb 25 Juan Álvarez Mendizábal a Spanish economist and politician.
Feb 28 Joseph Christian Freiherr von Zedlitz an Austrian dramatist and epic poet.
Mar 3 John Austin (legal philosopher) a noted British jurist and published extensively concerning the philosophy of law and jurisprudence.
Mar 4 David "Robber" Lewis an American criminal who became known as the "Robin Hood of Pennsylvania" for his style of crime.
Mar 6 Jacques Arago a French writer, artist and explorer, author of a Voyage Round the World.
Mar 11 Ignaz von Rudhart a Bavarian scholar and public servant who was dispatched to Greece to serve as President of the Privy Council during the reign of King Otto.
Mar 12 John Frederic Daniell an English chemist and physicist.
Mar 12 James Bannerman a lieutenant and acting governor of the Gold Coast from 4 December 1850 to 14 October 1851.
Mar 14 Ludwig Emil Grimm a German painter, art professor, etcher and copper engraver. His brothers were the well-known folklorists Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm
Mar 15 Nicola Vaccai an Italian composer, particularly of operas, and a singing teacher.
Mar 18 Marquis de Custine best known for his travel writing, in particular his account of his visit to Russia in 1839 Empire of the Czar: A Journey Through Eternal Russia. This work documents not only Custine's travels through the Russian empire, but also the social fabric, economy, and way of life during the reign of Nicholas I
Mar 29 John Tyler the tenth President of the United States. He was elected vice president on the 1840 Whig ticket with William Henry Harrison, and became president after his running mate's death in April 1841. Tyler was known as a supporter of states' rights, which endeared him to his fellow Virginians, yet his acts as president showed that he was willing to support nationalist policies as long as they did not infringe on the rights of the states. Still, the circumstances of his unexpected rise to the presidency and his possible threat to the ambitions of other potential presidential candidates left him estranged from both major parties in Washington. A firm believer in manifest destiny, President Tyler sought to strengthen and preserve the Union through territorial expansion, most notably the annexation of the independent Republic of Texas in his last days in office
Mar 29 Carl Theodor Welcker a German law professor, politician and journalist.
Apr 1 Auguste Couder a French painter and student of Jean-Baptiste Regnault and Jacques-Louis David. He joined the Académie des beaux-arts in 1839 and was an officer of the Légion d'honneur. He married Cornélie Stouf, daughter of the sculptor Jean-Baptiste Stouf
Apr 2 Jacques Lisfranc de St. Martin a pioneering French surgeon and gynecologist. He pioneered a number of operations including removal of the rectum, lithotomy in women, and amputation of the cervix uteri
Apr 14 Albrecht Agthe a German music teacher.
Apr 21 Manuel Blanco Encalada a Vice-Admiral in the Chilean Navy, a political figure, and Chile's first President.
May 11 Dmitry Buturlin a Russian general and military historian from an old noble family of Ratshid stock. He was admitted into the Governing Senate in May 1833 and into the State Council of Imperial Russia in December 1840
May 12 Carsten Hauch a Danish poet.
May 21 William Cavendish 6th Duke of Devonshire a British peer, courtier and Whig politician. Known as the "Bachelor Duke", he was Lord Chamberlain of the Household between 1827 and 1828 and again between 1830 and 1834
May 22 Antoine-Félix Boisselier a French painter. A native of Paris, he was of the same generation as Camille Corot and Achille Etna Michallon. He studied with his brother and Jean-Victor Bertin, and is known to have visited Italy around 1811, in which year he painted two oil studies of that country. He first entered the Salon in 1812, and exhibited frequently thereafter; in 1824 he won a second-class medal. In 1827 he entered the first Prix de Rome competition for historical landscape. He placed second behind Michalllon, but nevertheless appears to have traveled to Italy soon thereafter. Many of his Salon entries, and many images he submitted to provincial salons, were views of Italian sites and historical landscapes. Later in his career he painted in the Auvergne region, as well as the Dauphiné and Provence. Boisselier taught drawing at the École spéciale militaire de Saint-Cyr, and maintained a popular studio; he died in Versailles in 1857
May 23 Jules Dumont d'Urville a French explorer, naval officer and rear admiral, who explored the south and western Pacific, Australia, New Zealand and Antarctica. As a botanist and cartographer he left his mark, giving his name to several seaweeds, plants and shrubs, and places such as D'Urville Island
May 26 Albert Joseph Goblet d'Alviella an officer in the army of the United Kingdom of the Netherlands. After the Belgian Revolution, he became a politician and served as Prime Minister of Belgium
Jun 1 Ferdinand Raimund an Austrian actor and dramatist.
Jun 1 Solomon Judah Loeb Rapoport a Galician rabbi and Jewish scholar. He was born in Lemberg, Kingdom of Galicia and Lodomeria. He married in 1810 the daughter of the famed Aryeh Leib Heller, and was instrumental in publishing the work Avnei Miluim of his father in law. He wrote both the index, sources and numerous comments
Jun 5 Said bin Sultan Sultan of Muscat and Oman Sultan of Muscat and Oman from March 1807 to 4 June 1856.
Jun 9 Abel-François Villemain a French politician and writer.
Jun 13 José Antonio Páez a Venezuelan leader who fought against the Spanish Crown under Simon Bolivar during the Venezuelan Wars of Independence. He later led Venezuela's breakaway from Gran Colombia and dominated the country's politics for most of the next two decades as its president once it was independent of the Gran Colombia. He is considered a prime example of a 19th-century South American caudillo
Jun 17 Abel P. Upshur an American lawyer, judge and politician from Virginia. Upshur was active in Virginia state politics and later served as Secretary of the Navy and Secretary of State during the Whig administration of President John Tyler. Upshur was instrumental in negotiating the secret treaty that led to the 1845 annexation of Texas to the United States and played a key role in ensuring that Texas was admitted to the United States as a slave state. He was among six people killed on February 28, 1844, when a gun exploded during an official function on board the President's steam warship USS Princeton
Jun 19 John Gibson (sculptor) a Welsh Neoclassical sculptor who spent most of his career in Italy.
Jun 24 Pyotr Gorchakov an Imperial Russian Army general from the Gorchakov family of Russian nobility.
Jul 2 Leopold Prince of Salerno a member of the House of Bourbon-Two Sicilies and a Prince of Bourbon-Two Sicilies.
Jul 3 Christian August Pohlenz a German composer and conductor.
Jul 3 George Brown (British Army officer) a British soldier notable for commands in the Peninsular War and the Crimean War.
Jul 4 Friedrich Calker educated in Jena. For a short time, he was a lecturer in Berlin. In 1818, he was called to an extraordinary professorship in the newly founded University of Bonn, becoming an ordinary professor in 1826. He substantially echoed the ideas of his teacher Jakob Fries. His two major works are Urgesetzlehre des Wahren, Guten und Schönen und Denklehre
Jul 4 George Everest a Welsh surveyor and geographer, and the Surveyor General of India from 1830 through 1843.
Jul 12 David Hansemann a Prussian politician and banker, serving as the Prussian Minister of Finance in 1848.
Jul 15 William Henry Playfair one of the greatest Scottish architects of the 19th century, designer of many of Edinburgh's neo-classical landmarks in the New Town.
Jul 17 Ivan Petrovich Liprandi a Russian major general, historian and chief of the secret police.
Jul 20 Francisco Acuña de Figueroa an Uruguayan poet and writer. He was born in Montevideo, on September 3, 1791 and died on October 6, 1862. He was the son of the Treasurer of the Royal Treasury, Jacinto Acuña de Figueroa