1795 events in history

Jan 19 The Batavian Republic is proclaimed in the Netherlands bringing to an end the Republic of the Seven United Netherlands
Feb 7 The 11th Amendment to the United States Constitution is ratified
Mar 28 Partitions of Poland: The Duchy of Courland and Semigallia, a northern fief of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, ceases to exist and becomes part of Imperial Russia
May 31 French Revolution: the Revolutionary Tribunal is suppressed
Jun 16 First Battle of Groix otherwise known as "Cornwallis' Retreat"
Jun 17 The burghers of Swellendam expel the Dutch East India Company magistrate and declare a republic
Jul 25 The first stone of the Pontcysyllte Aqueduct is laid
Aug 3 Treaty of Greenville is signed
Aug 31 War of the First Coalition: The British capture Trincomalee (present-day Sri Lanka) from the Dutch in order to keep it out of French hands
Sep 16 The first occupation by United Kingdom of Cape Colony, South Africa with the Battle of Hout Bay, after successive victories at the Battle of Muizenberg and Wynberg, after William V requested protection against revolutionary France's occupation of the Netherlands
Oct 1 Belgium is conquered by France
Oct 4 Napoleon Bonaparte first rises to national prominence with a "Whiff of Grapeshot", using cannon to suppress armed counter-revolutionary rioters threatening the French Legislature (National Convention)
Oct 24 Partitions of Poland: The Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth is completely divided among Austria, Prussia, and Russia
Oct 27 The United States and Spain sign the Treaty of Madrid, which establishes the boundaries between Spanish colonies and the U.S
Nov 2 The French Directory, a five-man revolutionary government, is created
Nov 25 Partitions of Poland: Stanisław August Poniatowski, the last king of independent Poland, is forced to abdicate and is exiled to Russia
Dec 28 Construction of Yonge Street, formerly recognized as the longest street in the world, begins in York, Upper Canada (present-day Toronto, Ontario, Canada)