Born in 1807

Jan 1 Abraham Kohn the Reform Chief Rabbi of Lemberg, and was poisoned to death.
Jan 6 Joseph Petzval a mathematician, inventor, and physicist best known for his work in optics. He was born in the town of Zipser Bela in the Kingdom of Hungary
Jan 9 Princess Charlotte of Württemberg was, as Grand Duchess Elena Pavlovna of Russia, the wife of Grand Duke Michael Pavlovich of Russia. He was the youngest son of Tsar Paul I of Russia and Sophie Dorothea of Württemberg
Jan 11 Ezra Cornell an American businessman and education administrator. He was the founder of Western Union and a co-founder of Cornell University. He also served as President of the New York Agriculture Society and as a state Senator
Jan 13 Alexey Galakhov a Russian author and literary historian, best known for his Russian Reader for Children , and The History of Russian Literature, Old and New. Galakhov, the Professor at the Saint Petersburg History and Philology Institute, contributed regularly to numerous high profile magazines, most notably, Andrey Krayevsky's Otechestvennye Zapiski where from 1839 till 1856 he published more than 900 articles and reviews, occasionally under the pseudonym Sto Odin. He was the author of several novelettes and books of memoirs
Jan 15 Hermann Burmeister a German Argentine zoologist, entomologist, herpetologist, and botanist. He was born in Stralsund and died in Buenos Aires
Jan 16 Charles Henry Davis a Rear Admiral in the United States Navy, serving primarily during the American Civil War, and with the United States Coast Survey.
Jan 19 Robert E. Lee an American soldier best known for commanding the Confederate Army of Northern Virginia in the American Civil War from 1862 until his surrender in 1865. The son of Revolutionary War officer Henry "Light Horse Harry" Lee III and a top graduate of the United States Military Academy, Robert Lee was an exceptional officer and combat engineer in the United States Army for 32 years. During this time, he served throughout the United States, distinguished himself during the Mexican–American War, served as Superintendent of the United States Military Academy, and married Mary Custis
Jan 28 Robert McClure an Irish explorer of the Arctic. In 1854, he was the first to transit the Northwest Passage , as well as the first to circumnavigate the Americas
Feb 2 Alexandre Auguste Ledru-Rollin a French politician.
Feb 3 Joseph E. Johnston a career U.S. Army officer, serving with distinction in the Mexican-American War and Seminole Wars, and was also one of the most senior general officers in the Confederate States Army during the American Civil War. He was unrelated to Albert Sidney Johnston, another high-ranking Confederate general
Feb 6 Hiram Sibley an industrialist, entrepreneur, and philanthropist.
Feb 7 August Wilhelm Knobel a German theologian born near Sorau, Niederlausitz.
Feb 8 Benjamin Waterhouse Hawkins an English sculptor and natural history artist renowned for his work on the life-size models of dinosaurs in the Crystal Palace Park in south London. The models, accurately made using the latest scientific knowledge, created a sensation at the time. Hawkins was also a noted lecturer on zoological topics
Feb 10 Lajos Batthyány the first Prime Minister of Hungary. He was born in Pressburg/Pozsony on 10 February 1807, and was executed by firing squad in Pest on 6 October 1849, the same day as the 13 Martyrs of Arad
Feb 11 Napoleon Orda a Polish–Lithuanian musician, pianist, composer and artist, best known for numerous sketches of historical sites of present-day Belarus, Lithuania, and Poland.
Feb 14 Ernest Legouvé a French dramatist.
Feb 14 Max Emanuel Ainmiller a German artist and glass painter.
Feb 15 Stevan Knićanin a Serbian voivode of the Serbian volunteer squads in Serbian Vojvodina during the 1848 revolution.
Feb 15 Ignatius Bryanchaninov a bishop and theologian of the Russian Orthodox Church.
Feb 15 Ignacy Feliks Dobrzyński a Polish pianist and composer.
Feb 20 James Bonham a 19th-century American soldier who died at the Battle of the Alamo during the Texas Revolution. His younger brother, Milledge Luke Bonham, was a brigadier general in the Confederate States Army in the American Civil War, and served as Governor of South Carolina from 1862 to 1864
Feb 25 George Trenholm a prominent politician in the Confederate States of America and served as the Secretary of the Treasury during the final year of the American Civil War.
Feb 26 Carl Friedrich Keil a conservative German Lutheran Old Testament commentator. He was born at Lauterbach near Oelsnitz, Kingdom of Saxony, and died at Rätz, Saxony
Feb 26 Théophile-Jules Pelouze a French chemist. He was born at Valognes, and died in Paris
Feb 27 Henry Wadsworth Longfellow an American poet and educator whose works include "Paul Revere's Ride", The Song of Hiawatha, and Evangeline. He was also the first American to translate Dante Alighieri's The Divine Comedy and was one of the five Fireside Poets
Mar 1 Franz Xaver Fieber a German botanist and entomologist.
Mar 1 Wilford Woodruff the fourth president of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints from 1889 until his death. Woodruff's large collection of diaries provides an important record of Latter Day Saint history, and his decision to formally end the practice of plural marriage among the members of the LDS Church in 1890 brought to a close one of the most difficult periods of church history
Mar 3 Charles François Antoine Morren a Belgian botanist and horticulturist, and Director of the Jardin botanique de l’Université de Liège.
Mar 7 Joseph Decaisne a French botanist and agronomist.
Mar 7 Charles McNeill Gray served as Mayor of Chicago, Illinois for the Democratic Party.
Mar 7 Count Franz Pocci a significant official in the court of King Ludwig the First of Bavaria. However, he is best known as the founding Director of the Munich Marionette Theatre, shadow puppeteer and author of countless puppet plays and children's stories
Mar 12 Vladimir Pavlovich Titov a Russian writer, statesman, diplomat. As a writer he is best known for the novella The Remote House on Vasilyevsky Street , which was influenced by the writings of Aleksandr Pushkin
Mar 12 James Abbott (Indian Army officer) a British army officer and administrator in colonial India.The Pakistani city of Abbottabad was founded and named by him.
Mar 13 Albert Mackey an American medical doctor and author. He is best known for his writing many books and articles about freemasonry, particularly the Masonic Landmarks
Mar 14 Josephine of Leuchtenberg Queen consort of Sweden and Norway as the wife of King Oscar She was known as Queen Josefina, and was regarded to be politically active during the reign of her spouse. She acted as his political adviser and actively participated in state affairs. She was particularly active within the laws of religion in Sweden and Norway, and is attributed to have introduced more liberal laws regarding religion
Mar 17 Karl Mathy a Badensian statesman.
Mar 20 Mary E. Hewitt an American poet and editor born in Malden, Massachusetts to Thomas Hewitt and Elizabeth Durkee. On April 25, 1832 she married Samuel Jillson. Mary gave birth to five children
Mar 21 Alois Vojtěch Šembera a Czech linguist, historian of literature, writer, journalist and patriot.
Mar 25 Dominique Alexandre Godron a French physician and botanist born in the town of Hayange, in the département Moselle.
Mar 27 James P. Kirkwood a 19th-century American civil engineer, and general superintendent of the Erie Railroad in the year 1849-1850. He left the Erie to go to the southwest to construct railroads, and he made the first survey for the Pacific Railroad west from the Mississippi to the Rocky Mountains. Late 1860s he served as President of the American Society of Civil Engineers
Apr 2 John Mitchell Kemble the eldest son of Charles Kemble the actor and Maria Theresa Kemble. He is notable for his major contribution to the history of the Anglo-Saxons and philology of the Old English language
Apr 3 Jane Digby an English aristocrat who lived a scandalous life of romantic adventure, spanning decades and two continents. She had four husbands and many lovers, including King Ludwig I of Bavaria, his son King Otto of Greece, statesman Felix Schwarzenberg, and a Greek brigand general. She died in Damascus, Syria as the wife of Arab Sheikh Medjuel el Mezrab, who was 20 years her junior
Apr 8 Karol Libelt a Polish philosopher, writer, political and social activist, social worker and liberal, nationalist politician, president of the PTPN.
Apr 18 Lorenzo Lyons an early missionary to the Kingdom of Hawaii. He was a songwriter who composed "Hawaiʻi Aloha", which was inducted into the Hawaiian Music Hall of Fame in 1998. Lyons spent the last 28 years of his life as postmaster in the district surrounding Waimea, Hawaii County, Hawaii
Apr 20 Aloysius Bertrand a French Romantic poet, playwright and journalist. He is famous for having introduced prose poetry in French literature, and is considered a forerunner of the Symbolist movement. His masterpiece is the collection of prose poems Gaspard de la Nuit, that was published posthumously in 1842 and had three of its poems famously adapted to a homonymous piano suite by Maurice Ravel in 1908
Apr 20 Wincenty Pol a Polish poet and geographer.
Apr 22 Luigi Palmieri an Italian physicist and meteorologist. He was famous for his scientific studies of the eruptions of Mount Vesuvius, for his researches on earthquakes and meteorological phenomena and for improving the seismographer of the time
Apr 26 Charles Auguste Frossard a French general.
May 1 František Zach a Czech-born soldier and military theorist, best known for being the first acting General and Chief of the General Staff to the Principality of Serbia from 1876 to 1877.