Born in 1810

Jan 2 Alfred Jacob Miller an American painter and sketcher best known for his paintings concerning the northwestern United States.
Jan 3 Antoine Thomson d'Abbadie a French explorer, geographer, ethnologist, linguist and astronomer notable for his travels in Ethiopia during the first half of the 19th century. He was the older brother of Arnaud Michel d'Abbadie, with whom he traveled
Jan 9 Anna Bishop an English operatic soprano. She sang in many countries on every continent, and was the most widely travelled singer of the 19th century. She was married to the composer Henry Bishop but abandoned him for the French harpist, composer and entrepreneur Nicolas-Charles Bochsa. She and Bochsa were said to have been the inspiration for Trilby and Svengali in George du Maurier's 1894 novel Trilby
Jan 10 Jeremiah S. Black an American statesman and lawyer. He served as Chief Justice of Pennsylvania , Supreme Court Justice , Attorney General and the U.S. Secretary of State under President James Buchanan
Jan 10 Ferdinand Barbedienne a French metalworker and manufacturer, who was well known as a bronze founder.
Jan 11 Johann Ludwig Krapf a German missionary in East Africa, as well as an explorer, linguist, and traveler. Krapf played an important role in exploring East Africa with Johannes Rebmann. They were the first Europeans to see Mount Kenya and Kilimanjaro. Krapf also played a key role in exploring the East African coastline
Jan 12 Ferdinand II of the Two Sicilies King of the Two Sicilies from 1830 until his early death in 1859.
Jan 21 Pierre Louis Charles de Failly a French general.
Jan 29 Ernst Kummer a German mathematician. Skilled in applied mathematics, Kummer trained German army officers in ballistics; afterwards, he taught for 10 years in a gymnasium, the German equivalent of high school, where he inspired the mathematical career of Leopold Kronecker
Feb 5 John Muir (indologist) a Scottish Sanskrit scholar and Indologist.
Feb 5 Ole Bull a Norwegian violinist and composer.
Feb 8 Ivan Khrutsky a Belarus-Russian painter known by his still lifes and portraits.
Feb 8 Eliphas Levi a French occult author and ceremonial magician.
Feb 8 Norbert Burgmüller a German composer.
Feb 10 Jean Louis Armand de Quatrefages de Bréau a French biologist.
Feb 10 Miklós Barabás a Hungarian painter. He is mostly known for his portrait paintings, including a famous portrait of a young Franz Liszt done in 1847 and an 1853 portrait of Emperor Franz Joseph I
Feb 15 Giovanni Lanza an Italian politician and the eighth Prime Minister from 1869 to 1873.
Feb 17 Andrey Krayevsky a Russian publisher and journalist, best known for his work as an editor-in-chief of Otechestvennye Zapiski , the influential literary journal he was also the publisher Another well-known publication that Krayevsky founded was the popular newspaper Golos.
Feb 20 Henri Martin (historian) a French historian celebrated in his own day, whose modern reputation has been eclipsed by the greater literary and interpretive powers of his contemporary, the equally passionate patriot Jules Michelet, whose works have often been reprinted.
Feb 22 Grigore Alexandrescu a nineteenth-century Romanian poet and translator noted for his fables with political undertones.
Feb 24 Matías Ramos Mejía an Argentine colonel. He joined the 1828 coup of Juan Lavalle against Manuel Dorrego, and the 1839 rebellion of the Freemen of the South. He took part in the move of Lavalle's corpse to Potosí. He also fought in the Paraguayan War. He is the father of historian José María Ramos Mejía
Feb 25 Princess Pauline of Württemberg (1810–1856) a member of the House of Württemberg and a Princess of Württemberg by birth. Through her marriage to William, Duke of Nassau, Louise was also a member of the House of Nassau-Weilburg and Duchess consort of Nassau. Pauline is an ancestor of the present Belgian, Danish, British, Dutch, Luxembourg, Norwegian, and Swedish Royal families
Mar 1 Frédéric Chopin a Polish composer and virtuoso pianist of the Romantic era, who wrote primarily for the solo piano. He gained and has maintained renown worldwide as one of the leading musicians of his era, whose "poetic genius was based on a professional technique that was without equal in his generation." Chopin was born in what was then the Duchy of Warsaw, and grew up in Warsaw, which after 1815 became part of Congress Poland. A child prodigy, he completed his musical education and composed many of his works in Warsaw before leaving Poland, aged 20, less than a month before the outbreak of the November 1830 Uprising
Mar 2 Pope Leo XIII born Vincenzo Gioacchino Raffaele Luigi Pecci to an Italian comital family, reigned from 20 February 1878 to his death in 1903. He was the oldest pope , and had the third longest pontificate, behind that of Pius IX and Pope John Paul He is the most recent pontiff to date to take the pontifical name of "Leo" upon being elected to the pontificate
Mar 6 George Robert Waterhouse an English naturalist. He was a keeper at the department of geology and later curator of the Zoological Society of London's museum
Mar 10 John McCloskey an American prelate of the Roman Catholic Church. He was Archbishop of New York from 1864 until his death in 1885, having previously served as Bishop of Albany. In 1875, he became the first American cardinal
Mar 10 Stanisław Kierbedź a Polish-Russian engineer and military officer. He served in the Imperial Russian Army with the rank of Major General. He designed and supervised the construction of dozens of bridges, railway lines, ports and other objects in Central and Eastern Europe
Mar 10 Samuel Ferguson an Irish poet, barrister, antiquarian, artist and public servant. Perhaps the most important Ulster-Scot poet of the 19th century, because of his interest in Irish mythology and early Irish history he can be seen as a forerunner of William Butler Yeats and the other poets of the Irish Literary Revival
Mar 15 Jakob Becker a German painter.
Mar 18 Charles Forbes René de Montalembert a French publicist, historian and Count of Montalembert, Deux-Sèvres.
Mar 25 Francis Orpen Morris an Irish clergyman, notable as "parson-naturalist" and as the author of many children's books and books on natural history and heritage buildings. He died on 10 February 1893 and was buried at Nunburnholme, East Riding of Yorkshire, England
Mar 27 Adolf Glassbrenner a German humorist and satirist, born in Berlin.
Mar 27 William Hepworth Thompson an English classical scholar and Master of Trinity College, Cambridge.
Apr 4 James Freeman Clarke an American theologian and author.
Apr 5 Sir Henry Rawlinson 1st Baronet Maj.-Gen. Sir Henry Creswicke Rawlinson, 1st Baronet GCB was a British East India Company army officer, politician and Orientalist, sometimes described as the Father of Assyriology. Rawlinson was one of the most important figures arguing that Britain must check Russian ambitions in South Asia. He was a strong advocate of the forward policy in Afghanistan, and counselled the retention of Kandahar. He argued that Tsarist Russia would attack and absorb Khokand, Bokhara and Khiva and warned they would invade Persia and Afghanistan as springboards to British India
Apr 6 Philip Henry Gosse an English naturalist and popularizer of natural science, virtually the inventor of the seawater aquarium, and a painstaking innovator in the study of marine biology. Gosse was also the author of Omphalos, an attempt to reconcile the geological ages presupposed by Charles Lyell with the biblical account of creation. After his death, Gosse was portrayed as a despotic father of uncompromising religious views in Father and Son , a memoir written by his son, the poet and critic Edmund Gosse
Apr 8 Karl August Klüpfel a German historian and librarian. He was a son-in-law of writer Gustav Schwab
Apr 11 Victor Motschulsky a Russian entomologist mainly interested in beetles.
Apr 11 Johann Rudolf Kutschker an Austrian Cardinal.
Apr 12 Heinrich von Rustige a German painter specializing in historical subjects and genres.
Apr 13 Félicien David a French composer.
Apr 21 John Putnam Chapin served as Mayor of Chicago, Illinois for the Whig Party.
Apr 22 Hippolyte de Villemessant a conservative French journalist.
Apr 23 Salomon Corrodi a Swiss-Italian painter, mainly of watercolor landscapes.
Apr 23 Eugène Belgrand a French engineer who made significant contributions to the modernization of the Parisian sewer system during the 19th century rebuilding of Paris. Much of Belgrand's work remains in use today
May 2 Hans Christian Lumbye a Danish composer of waltzes, polkas, mazurkas and galops, among other things.
May 4 Alexandre Colonna-Walewski a Polish and French politician and diplomat. He was widely rumoured to be the illegitimate son of Napoleon I by his mistress, Countess Marie Walewska. However, Countess Walewska's husband legally acknowledged him as his son
May 5 Eugène Cormon a French dramatist and librettist. He used his mother's name, Cormon, during his career
May 9 Princess Marianne of the Netherlands a member of the House of Orange-Nassau, by birth Princess of the Kingdom of the United Netherlands and by marriage Princess of the Kingdom of Prussia.
May 10 E. Cobham Brewer the compiler of Brewer's Dictionary of Phrase and Fable, and The Reader's Handbook, Victorian reference works.