1821 events in history

Jan 28 Alexander Island is first discovered by Fabian Gottlieb von Bellingshausen
Feb 22 Greek War of Independence: Alexander Ypsilantis crosses the Prut river at Sculeni into the Danubian Principalities
Feb 23 Alexander Ypsilantis starts the Greek War of Independence in Iași, Wallachia (now part of Romania)
Feb 25 Greek War of Independence: Alexander Ypsilantis issues a proclamation at Iași, announcing that he had "the support of a great power" (i.e. Russia)
Mar 21 Greek War of Independence: First revolutionary act in the monastery of Agia Lavra, Kalavryta
Mar 23 Greek War of Independence: Battle and fall of city of Kalamata
Mar 25 (Julian Calendar) Traditional date of the start of the Greek War of Independence. The war had actually begun on 23 February 1821. The date was chosen in the early years of the Greek state so that it falls on the day of the Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary, strengthening the ties between the Greek Orthodox Church and the newly founded state
Apr 10 Patriarch Gregory V of Constantinople is hanged by the Ottoman government from the main gate of the Patriarchate and his body is thrown into the Bosphorus
Apr 21 Benderli Ali Pasha arrives in Constantinople as the new Grand Vizier of the Ottoman Empire; he remains in power for only nine days before being sent into exile
May 5 Emperor Napoleon I dies in exile on the island of Saint Helena in the South Atlantic Ocean
May 8 Greek War of Independence: The Greeks defeat the Turks at the Battle of Gravia Inn
May 12 The first major battle of the Greek War of Independence against the Turks is fought in Valtetsi
May 26 Establishment of the Peloponnesian Senate by the Greek rebels
Jun 14 Badi VII, king of Sennar, surrenders his throne and realm to Isma'il Pasha, general of the Ottoman Empire, ending the existence of that Sudanese kingdom
Jun 19 Decisive defeat of the Filiki Eteria by the Ottomans at Drăgășani (in Wallachia)
Jun 19 Coronation of George IV of the United Kingdom
Jun 24 The Battle of Carabobo takes place. It is the decisive battle in the war of independence of Venezuela from Spain
Jul 9 Four hundred seventy prominent Cypriots including Archbishop Kyprianos are executed in response to Cypriot aid to the Greek War of Independence
Jul 10 The United States takes possession of its newly bought territory of Florida from Spain
Jul 23 While the Mora Rebellion continues, Greeks capture Monemvasia Castle. Turkish troops and citizens are transferred to Minor Asia coasts
Jul 28 José de San Martín declares the independence of Peru from Spain
Aug 4 Atkinson & Alexander publish The Saturday Evening Post for the first time as a weekly newspaper
Aug 10 Missouri is admitted as the 24th U.S. state
Aug 21 Jarvis Island is discovered by the crew of the ship, Eliza Frances
Aug 24 The Treaty of Córdoba is signed in Córdoba, now in Veracruz, Mexico, concluding the Mexican War of Independence from Spain
Aug 26 The University of Buenos Aires, Argentina, is officially opened
Sep 15 Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, and Costa Rica jointly declare independence from Spain
Sep 23 Tripolitsa, Greece, is captured by Greek rebels during the Greek War of Independence
Sep 27 Mexico gains its independence from Spain
Oct 8 The government of general José de San Martín establishes the Peruvian Navy
Nov 10 Cry of Independence by Rufina Alfaro at La Villa de Los Santos, Panama setting into motion a revolt which lead to Panama's independence from Spain and to it immediately becoming part of Colombia
Nov 28 Panama Independence Day: Panama separates from Spain and joins Gran Colombia