1822 events in history

Jan 1 The Greek Constitution of 1822 is adopted by the First National Assembly at Epidaurus
Jan 9 The Portuguese prince Pedro I of Brazil decides to stay in Brazil against the orders of the Portuguese King João VI, beginning the Brazilian independence process
Jan 13 The design of the Greek flag is adopted by the First National Assembly at Epidaurus
Jan 14 Greek War of Independence: Acrocorinth is captured by Theodoros Kolokotronis and Demetrios Ypsilantis
Jan 15 Greek War of Independence: Demetrios Ypsilantis is elected president of the legislative assembly
Feb 24 The first Swaminarayan temple in the world, Shri Swaminarayan Mandir, Ahmedabad, is inaugurated
Mar 30 The Florida Territory is created in the United States
Mar 31 The massacre of the population of the Greek island of Chios by soldiers of the Ottoman Empire following an attempted rebellion, depicted by the French artist Eugène Delacroix
May 16 Greek War of Independence: The Turks capture the Greek town of Souli
May 24 Battle of Pichincha: Antonio José de Sucre secures the independence of the Presidency of Quito
May 26 116 people die in the Grue Church fire, the biggest fire disaster in Norway's history
Jun 6 Alexis St. Martin is accidentally shot in the stomach, leading to William Beaumont's studies on digestion
Jun 14 Charles Babbage proposes a difference engine in a paper to the Royal Astronomical Society entitled "Note on the application of machinery to the computation of astronomical and mathematical tables"
Jul 2 Thirty-five slaves are hanged in South Carolina, including Denmark Vesey, after being accused of organizing a slave rebellion
Jul 8 Chippewas turn over a huge tract of land in Ontario to the United Kingdom
Jul 26 José de San Martín arrives in Guayaquil, Ecuador, to meet with Simón Bolívar
Jul 26 First day of the three-day Battle of Dervenakia, between the Ottoman Empire force led by Mahmud Dramali Pasha and the Greek Revolutionary force led by Theodoros Kolokotronis
Sep 7 Dom Pedro I declares Brazil independent from Portugal on the shores of the Ipiranga Brook in São Paulo
Sep 27 Jean-François Champollion announces that he has deciphered the Rosetta stone
Oct 12 Pedro I of Brazil is proclaimed the emperor of the Empire of Brazil
Oct 19 In Parnaíba; Simplício Dias da Silva, João Cândido de Deus e Silva and Domingos Dias declare the independent state of Piauí
Oct 25 Greek War of Independence: The First Siege of Missolonghi begins
Oct 31 Emperor Agustín de Iturbide attempts to dissolve the Congress of the Mexican Empire
Nov 9 The Action of 9 November 1822 between USS Alligator and a squadron of pirate schooners off the coast of Cuba
Nov 16 American Old West: Missouri trader William Becknell arrives in Santa Fe, New Mexico, over a route that became known as the Santa Fe Trail
Dec 1 Peter I is crowned Emperor of Brazil