1823 events in history

Jan 3 Stephen F. Austin receives a grant of land in Texas from the government of Mexico
Jul 2 Bahia Independence Day: The end of Portuguese rule in Brazil, with the final defeat of the Portuguese crown loyalists in the province of Bahia
Jul 15 A fire destroys the ancient Basilica of Saint Paul Outside the Walls in Rome, Italy
Jul 24 Slavery is abolished in Chile
Jul 24 In Maracaibo, Venezuela the naval Battle of Lake Maracaibo takes place, where Admiral José Prudencio Padilla, defeats the Spanish Navy, thus culminating the independence for the Gran Colombia
Sep 10 Simón Bolívar is named President of Peru
Sep 22 Joseph Smith states he found the Golden plates on this date after being directed by God through the Angel Moroni to the place where they were buried
Oct 12 Charles Macintosh of Scotland sells the first raincoat
Dec 2 Monroe Doctrine: In a State of the Union message, U.S. President James Monroe proclaims American neutrality in future European conflicts, and warns European powers not to interfere in the Americas
Dec 23 A Visit from St. Nicholas, also known as The Night Before Christmas, is published anonymously