1828 events in history

Feb 21 Initial issue of the Cherokee Phoenix is the first periodical to use the Cherokee syllabary invented by Sequoyah
Apr 14 Noah Webster copyrights the first edition of his dictionary
Apr 20 René Caillié becomes the first non-Muslim to enter Timbouctou
May 19 U.S. President John Quincy Adams signs the Tariff of 1828 into law, protecting wool manufacturers in the United States
May 26 Feral child Kaspar Hauser is discovered wandering the streets of Nuremberg
Aug 27 Uruguay is formally proclaimed independent at preliminary peace talks brokered by the United Kingdom between Brazil and Argentina during the Cisplatine War
Oct 7 Morea expedition: The city of Patras, Greece, is liberated by the French expeditionary force in the Peloponnese under General Maison
Oct 25 St Katharine Docks open in London
Nov 16 Greek War of Independence: The London Protocol entails the creation of an autonomous Greek state under Ottoman suzerainty, encompassing the Morea and the Cyclades
Nov 28 Greek War of Independence: The French Morea expedition to recapture Morea (now the Peloponnese) ends when the last Ottoman forces depart the peninsula
Dec 1 Argentine general Juan Lavalle makes a coup against governor Manuel Dorrego, beginning the Decembrist revolution
Dec 19 Nullification Crisis: Vice President of the United States John C. Calhoun pens the South Carolina Exposition and Protest, protesting the Tariff of 1828