Born in 1829

Jan 1 Tommaso Salvini an Italian actor.
Jan 3 Konrad Duden a Gymnasium teacher who became a philologist. He founded the well-known German language dictionary bearing his name Duden, somewhat like Noah Webster in the United States
Jan 9 Thomas William Robertson usually known professionally as W. Robertson, was an English dramatist and innovative stage director best known for a series of realistic or naturalistic plays produced in London in the 1860s that broke new ground and inspired playwrights such as W.S. Gilbert and George Bernard Shaw
Jan 9 Adolf Schlagintweit a German botanist and explorer of Central Asia. The standard author abbreviation A.Schlag. is used to indicate this individual as the author when citing a botanical name
Jan 10 Epameinondas Deligiorgis a Greek lawyer, newspaper reporter and politician. His father hailed from Mesolonghi. Deligiorgis studied law at the University of Athens and entered politics in 1854. He was not a proponent of the Megali Idea and thought that a better solution to the Eastern Question would be to improve the condition of the Greeks living in Ottoman-controlled Macedonia, Epirus, Thrace and Asia Minor by liberalising the Ottoman Empire. Deligeorgis was the person who, on October 10, 1862, declared the end of the reign of King Otto and the convening of a national assembly
Jan 15 Julien Léon Loizillon a French general and politician.
Jan 17 Catherine Booth the wife of the founder of The Salvation Army, William Booth. Because of her influence in the formation of The Salvation Army she was known as the 'Mother of The Salvation Army'
Jan 18 Ludvig Lorenz a Danish mathematician and physicist. He developed mathematical formulae to describe phenomena such as the relation between the refraction of light and the density of a pure transparent substance, and the relation between a metal's electrical and thermal conductivity and temperature
Jan 21 Job Bicknell Ellis a pioneering North American mycologist known for his study of the Ascomycetes, especially the grouping of fungi called the Pyrenomycetes. Born and raised in New York, he worked as a teacher and farmer before developing an interest in mycology. He collected specimens extensively, and together with his wife, prepared 200,000 sets of dried fungal samples that were sent out to subscribers in series between 1878 and 1894. Together with colleagues William Kellerman and Benjamin Matlack Everhart, he founded the Journal of Mycology in 1885, forerunner to the modern journal Mycologia. He described over 4000 species of fungi, and his collection of over 100,000 specimens is currently housed at the herbarium of the New York Botanical Gardens. Ellis had over 100 taxa of fungi named in his honor
Jan 21 Oscar II of Sweden King of Sweden from 1872 until his death and King of Norway from 1872 until 1905. The third son of King Oscar I of Sweden and Josephine of Leuchtenberg, he was a descendant of Gustav I of Sweden through his mother
Jan 26 Ivane Amilakhvari a Georgian nobleman and a military commander in the Imperial Russian service.
Feb 2 William Stanley (inventor) a British inventor with 78 patents filed in both the United Kingdom and the United States of America. He was an engineer who designed and made precision drawing and mathematical instruments, as well as surveying instruments and telescopes, manufactured by his company "William Ford Stanley and Ltd."
Feb 2 Alfred Brehm a German zoologist, natural history illustrator and writer, the son of Christian Ludwig Brehm.
Feb 4 Gustave Léonard de Jonghe a Belgian painter known for his glamourous society portraits and genre scenes.
Feb 6 Joseph Auguste Émile Vaudremer a French architect. He won the prix de Rome and designed several public buildings in France, particularly in Paris
Feb 8 Vital-Justin Grandin now Canada both before and after Confederation.
Feb 10 Simon Schwendener a Swiss botanist who was a native of Buchs in the Canton of Gallen.
Feb 11 Samuel Lodge The Rev. Samuel Lodge was the author of Scrivelsby, the Home of the Champions He was a headmaster of Horncastle Grammar School, Lincolnshire, rector for 30 years of Scrivelsby in Lincolnshire, and a Canon of Lincoln Cathedral
Feb 14 Andrew Archibald Macdonald one of the fathers of Canadian Confederation.
Feb 14 Alfred Iverson Jr. a lawyer, an officer in the Mexican-American War, a U.S. Army cavalry officer, and a Confederate general in the American Civil War. He served in the 1862–63 campaigns of the Army of Northern Virginia as a regimental and later brigade commander. His career was fatally damaged by a disastrous infantry assault at the first day of the Battle of Gettysburg. General Robert Lee removed Iverson from his army and sent him to cavalry duty in Georgia. During the Atlanta Campaign, he achieved a notable success in a cavalry action near Macon, Georgia, capturing Union Army Maj. Gen. George Stoneman and hundreds of his men
Feb 14 Jean Dufresne a German chess player and chess composer. He was a student of Adolf Anderssen, to whom he lost the "Evergreen game" in 1852
Feb 20 Odo Russell 1st Baron Ampthill a British diplomat and the first British Ambassador to the German Empire.
Feb 20 Joseph Jefferson an American actor. He was the third actor of this name in a family of actors and managers, and one of the most famous of all American comedians
Feb 24 Friedrich Spielhagen a German novelist, literary theorist and translator. He tried a number of careers in his early 20s, but at 25 began writing and translating. His best known novel is Sturmflut and his novel In Reih' und Glied was quite successful in Russia
Feb 24 Marie Seebach a German actress.
Feb 25 Nathaniel Barnaby Chief Constructor of the Royal Navy from 1872 to 1885.
Feb 26 Levi Strauss a German-American businessman of German Jewish descent who founded the first company to manufacture blue jeans. His firm, Levi Strauss & Co., began in 1853 in San Francisco, California
Feb 28 Antonio Guzmán Blanco President of Venezuela for three separate terms, from 1870–1877, from 1879–1884, and from 1886–1887.
Mar 2 Carl Schurz a German revolutionary, American statesman and reformer, U.S. Minister to Spain, Union Army General in the American Civil War, S. Senator, and Secretary of the Interior. He was also an accomplished journalist, newspaper editor and orator, who in 1869 became the first German-born American elected to the United States Senate
Mar 2 Francis Day Inspector-General of Fisheries in India and Burma and a pioneer ichthyologist who first described 343 of the marine an freshwater fishes of British India.
Mar 3 Carl Heinrich von Siemens a German entrepreneur, a child of a tenant farmer. He is a brother of Ernst Werner von Siemens and William Siemens, sons of Christian Ferdinand Siemens and wife Eleonore Deichmann. They had two more brothers, Hans Siemens and Friedrich August Siemens , married and father to Friedrich Carl Siemens , married on May 22, 1920 in Berlin to Melanie Bertha Gräfin Yorck von Wartenburg the parents of Heinrich Werner Andreas Siemens born September 28, 1921, Annabel Siemens , Daniela Siemens and Peter Siemens
Mar 3 Heinrich Dernburg a German jurist, professor, and politician. Born in Mainz, Grand Duchy of Hesse, he was the brother of Friedrich Dernburg
Mar 14 Pierre-Hector Coullié a Cardinal of the Roman Catholic Church and was Archbishop of Lyon.
Mar 15 Jean-Jacques Henner a French painter, noted for his use of sfumato and chiaroscuro in painting nudes, religious subjects, and portraits.
Mar 16 Theodor Horschelt a German painter who specialized in scenes from the Caucasian Wars.
Mar 18 Richard Coke an American lawyer, farmer, and statesman from Waco, Texas. He was the 15th governor of Texas from 1874 to 1876 and represented Texas in the U.S. Senate from 1877 to 1895. His uncle was Congressman Richard Coke, Jr
Mar 19 Carl Frederik Tietgen a Danish financier and industrialist. The founder of numerous prominent Danish companies, many of which are still in operation today, he played an important role in the industrialisation of Denmark. Notably also forming conglomerates, several of Tietgen's companies attained a monopoly-like status, which cemented their durability
Mar 23 N. R. Pogson an English astronomer.
Mar 24 George Francis Train an American entrepreneur who organized the clipper ship line that sailed around Cape Horn to San Francisco; he organized the Union Pacific Railroad and the Credit Mobilier in the United States in 1864 to construct the eastern portion of the Transcontinental Railroad, and a horse tramway company in England while there during the American Civil War. In 1870 Train made the first of his three trips around the globe, with the last in 1890
Mar 24 Ignacio Zaragoza a general in the Mexican army, best known for defeating invading French forces at the Battle of Puebla on May 5, 1862.
Mar 29 Robert E. Rodes one of the youngest Confederate generals in the American Civil War, and the first of Robert Lee's divisional commanders not trained at West Point. His division led Stonewall Jackson's devastating surprise attack at the Battle of Chancellorsville; Jackson, on his deathbed, promoted Rodes to major general. Rodes then served in the corps of Richard Ewell at the Battle of Gettysburg and in the Overland Campaign, before that corps was sent to the Shenandoah Valley under Jubal Early, where Rodes was killed at the Third Battle of Winchester
Apr 4 Bohuslav Count Chotek of Chotkow and Wognin a Bohemian noble and was a diplomat in the service of Austria-Hungary. He was the father of Sophie, Duchess of Hohenberg the morganatic wife of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria
Apr 10 Johannes Janssen a Catholic priest and German historian born in Xanten. After graduating from the Rektoratsschule in Xanten he was educated at the universities of Münster, Leuven, Bonn and Berlin, afterwards becoming a teacher of history in Frankfurt-am-Main
Apr 10 William Booth a British Methodist preacher who founded The Salvation Army and became its first General. The Christian movement with a quasi-military structure and government founded in 1865 has spread from London, England to many parts of the world and is known for being one of the largest distributors of humanitarian aid
Apr 26 Grigory Danilevsky a Ukrainian and Russian historical novelist.
Apr 26 Theodor Billroth a Prussian-born Austrian surgeon and amateur musician.
Apr 30 Ferdinand von Hochstetter a German geologist.
May 1 Frederick Sandys an English Pre-Raphaelite painter, illustrator and draughtsman, of the Victorian era.
May 1 José de Alencar a Brazilian lawyer, politician, orator, novelist and dramatist. He is considered to be one of the most famous and influential Brazilian Romantic novelists of the 19th century, and a major exponent of the literary tradition known as "Indianism". Sometimes he signed his works with the pen name Erasmo
May 6 Timofei Stukolkin a famous Russian ballet dancer.