1839 events in history

Jan 6 The most damaging storm in 300 years sweeps across Ireland, damaging or destroying more than 20% of the houses in Dublin
Jan 9 The French Academy of Sciences announces the Daguerreotype photography process
Jan 19 The British East India Company captures Aden
Jan 20 In the Battle of Yungay, Chile defeats an alliance between Peru and Bolivia
Mar 26 The first Henley Royal Regatta is held
Apr 19 The Treaty of London establishes Belgium as a kingdom and guaranteeing its neutrality
Jun 3 In Humen, China, Lin Tse-hsü destroys 1.2 million kg of opium confiscated from British merchants, providing Britain with a casus belli to open hostilities, resulting in the First Opium War
Jun 14 Henley Royal Regatta: the village of Henley-on-Thames, on the River Thames in Oxfordshire, stages its first regatta
Jun 17 In the Kingdom of Hawaii, Kamehameha III issues the edict of toleration which gives Roman Catholics the freedom to worship in the Hawaiian Islands. The Hawaii Catholic Church and the Cathedral of Our Lady of Peace are established as a result
Jun 22 Cherokee leaders Major Ridge, John Ridge, and Elias Boudinot are assassinated for signing the Treaty of New Echota, which had resulted in the Trail of Tears
Jul 2 Twenty miles off the coast of Cuba, 53 rebelling African slaves led by Joseph Cinqué take over the slave ship Amistad
Jul 2 Abdülmecid I became Sultan of the Ottoman Empire and Caliph of Islam
Jul 3 The first state normal school in the United States, the forerunner to today's Framingham State College, opens in Lexington, Massachusetts with three students
Aug 19 The French government announces that Louis Daguerre's photographic process is a gift "free to the world"
Aug 23 The United Kingdom captures Hong Kong as a base as it prepares for war with Qing China. The ensuing 3-year conflict will later be known as the First Opium War
Sep 5 The United Kingdom declares war on the Qing dynasty of China
Sep 9 John Herschel takes the first glass plate photograph
Nov 4 Newport Rising: The last large-scale armed rebellion against authority in mainland Britain
Nov 11 The Virginia Military Institute is founded in Lexington, Virginia
Nov 17 Oberto, Giuseppe Verdi's first opera, opens at the Teatro alla Scala in Milan, Italy
Nov 25 A cyclone slams India with high winds and a 40-foot storm surge, destroying the port city of Coringa (which has never been completely rebuilt). The storm wave sweeps inland, taking with it 20,000 ships and thousands of people. An estimated 300,000 deaths result from the disaster
Nov 27 In Boston, Massachusetts, the American Statistical Association is founded