1847 events in history

Jan 1 The world's first "Mercy" Hospital is founded in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania by the Sisters of Mercy, the name will go on to grace over 30 major hospitals throughout the world
Jan 4 Samuel Colt sells his first revolver pistol to the United States government
Jan 13 The Treaty of Cahuenga ends the Mexican–American War in California
Jan 16 John C. Frémont is appointed Governor of the new California Territory
Jan 30 Yerba Buena, California is renamed San Francisco
Feb 19 The first group of rescuers reaches the Donner Party
Feb 22 Mexican–American War: The Battle of Buena Vista – 5,000 American troops defeat 15,000 Mexicans
Feb 23 Mexican–American War: Battle of Buena Vista – In Mexico, American troops under future president General Zachary Taylor defeat Mexican General Antonio López de Santa Anna
Mar 1 The state of Michigan formally abolishes capital punishment
Mar 9 Mexican–American War: The first large-scale amphibious assault in U.S. history is launched in the Siege of Veracruz
Mar 29 Mexican–American War: United States forces led by General Winfield Scott take Veracruz after a siege
Apr 5 Birkenhead Park, the first civic public park in Britain, is opened in Birkenhead
Apr 16 The accidental shooting of a Māori by an English sailor results in the opening of the Wanganui Campaign of the New Zealand land wars
Apr 25 The last survivors of the Donner Party are out of the wilderness
May 7 The American Medical Association is founded in Philadelphia
Jul 24 After 17 months of travel, Brigham Young leads 148 Mormon pioneers into Salt Lake Valley, resulting in the establishment of Salt Lake City. Celebrations of this event include the Pioneer Day Utah state holiday and the Days of '47 Parade
Jul 26 Liberia declares its independence
Sep 6 Henry David Thoreau leaves Walden Pond and moves in with Ralph Waldo Emerson and his family in Concord, Massachusetts
Sep 11 Stephen Foster's song "Oh! Susanna" is first performed at a saloon in Pittsburgh
Sep 12 Mexican–American War: the Battle of Chapultepec begins
Sep 13 Mexican–American War: Six teenage military cadets known as Niños Héroes die defending Chapultepec Castle in the Battle of Chapultepec. American troops under General Winfield Scott capture Mexico City in the Mexican–American War
Sep 14 Mexican–American War: Winfield Scott captures Mexico City
Oct 1 German inventor and industrialist Werner von Siemens founds Siemens AG & Halske
Nov 4 Sir James Young Simpson, a British physician, discovers the anaesthetic properties of chloroform
Nov 10 The passenger ship Stephen Whitney is wrecked in thick fog off the southern coast of Ireland, killing 92 of the 110 on board. The disaster results in the construction of the Fastnet Rock lighthouse
Nov 19 The second Canadian railway line, the Montreal and Lachine Railway, is opened
Nov 29 The Sonderbund is defeated by the joint forces of other Swiss cantons under General Guillaume-Henri Dufour
Nov 29 Whitman massacre: Missionaries Dr. Marcus Whitman, his wife Narcissa, and 15 others are killed by Cayuse and Umatilla Indians, causing the Cayuse War
Dec 5 Jefferson Davis is elected to the U.S. senate, his first political post