Died in 1848

Jan 5 Ferdinando Orlandi an Italian composer best known for his operas. Born in Parma, he was a pupil of organist Gaspare Rugarli and composer Ferdinando Paer. He also studied at the Conservatorio della Pietà dei Turchini in Naples with Nicola Sala and Giacomo Tritto. In 1800, he took a position at the ducal court in Parma. He worked as a singing teacher in Milan , Monaco , and Stuttgart. In 1834 he was appointed maestro di cappella of the Parma Cathedral. He composed at least 25 operas between 1800 and 1820
Jan 9 Caroline Herschel a German British astronomer and the sister of astronomer Sir William Herschel with whom she worked throughout both of their careers. Her most significant contributions to astronomy were the discoveries of several comets and in particular the periodic comet 35P/Herschel-Rigollet, which bears her name
Jan 12 Karl Friedrich von dem Knesebeck a Prussian field marshal and military adviser in the Napoleonic Wars.
Jan 14 Robert Adamson (photographer) a Scottish chemist and pioneer photographer at Hill & Adamson. He is best known for his pioneering photographic work with David Octavius Hill and producing some 2500 calotypes, mostly portraits, within 5 years after being hired by Hill in 1843, before his life was cut short
Jan 17 Petros Mavromichalis the leader of the Maniot people during the first half of the 19th century. His family had a long history of revolts against the Ottoman Empire, which ruled most of what is now Greece. His grandfather Georgios and his father Pierros were among the leaders of the Orlov Revolt
Jan 20 Christian VIII of Denmark the King of Denmark from 1839 to 1848 and, as Christian Frederick, King of Norway in 1814. He was the eldest son of Hereditary Prince Frederick of Denmark and Norway and Duchess Sophia Frederica of Mecklenburg-Schwerin, born in 1786 at Christiansborg Palace in Copenhagen. His paternal grandparents were King Frederick V of Denmark and his second wife, Duchess Juliana Maria of Brunswick-Wolfenbüttel
Feb 6 Dámaso Antonio Larrañaga a Uruguayan priest, naturalist and botanist.
Feb 7 Christen Købke born in Copenhagen to Peter Berendt Købke, a baker, and his wife Cecilie Margrete. He was one of 11 children. Købke is one of the best known artists belonging to the Golden Age of Danish Painting
Feb 11 William Howley a clergyman in the Church of England. He served as Archbishop of Canterbury from 1828 to 1848
Feb 11 Thomas Cole an American artist. He is regarded as the founder of the Hudson River School, an American art movement that flourished in the mid-19th century. Cole's Hudson River School, as well as his own work, was known for its realistic and detailed portrayal of American landscape and wilderness, which feature themes of romanticism
Feb 13 Sophie von Knorring a Swedish novelist and noble. She is regarded as a pioneer of the realistic novel in Sweden. Most of her novels are romantic love stories in an aristocratic environment
Feb 15 Hermann von Boyen a Prussian army officer who helped to reform the Prussian Army in the early 19th century. He also served as minister of war of Prussia in the period 1810-1813 and later again from 1 March 1841 – 6 October 1847
Feb 17 George W. Campbell an American statesman who served as a U.S. Representative, Senator, Tennessee Supreme Court Justice, U.S. Ambassador to Russia and the 5th United States Secretary of the Treasury from February to October 1814
Feb 17 Jean-Antoine Dubois Abbe J.A. Dubois or Jean-Antoine Dubois was a French Catholic missionary in India, and member of the 'Missions Etrangères de Paris'. He was known as Fraadh Saaibh to the parishioners of the Holy Cross Church, Cordel in Mangalore, among whom he ministered
Feb 18 Joseph Gerhard Zuccarini a German botanist, Professor of Botany at the University of Munich. He worked extensively with Philipp Franz von Siebold, assisting in describing his collections from Japan, but also described plants discovered in other areas, including Mexico. Siebold wrote his Flora Japonica in collaboration with Zuccarini. It first appeared in 1835, but the work was not completed until after his death, finished in 1870 by A. Miquel , director of the Rijksherbarium in Leiden
Feb 22 Wilhelmine Reichard the first German female balloonist.
Feb 22 Princess Karoline Amalie of Hesse-Kassel a German princess and member of the House of Hesse-Kassel by birth, and Duchess of Saxe-Gotha-Altenburg by marriage.
Feb 23 John Quincy Adams an American statesman who served as the sixth President of the United States from 1825 to 1829. He also served as a diplomat, a Senator and member of the House of Representatives. He was a member of the Federalist, Democratic-Republican, National Republican, and later Anti-Masonic and Whig parties
Feb 29 Louis-François Lejeune a French general, painter, and lithographer. His memoirs have frequently been republished and his name is engraved on the Arc de Triomphe
Mar 10 Simonas Stanevičius a Lithuanian writer and an activist of the "Samogitian Revival", an early stage of the Lithuanian National Revival.
Mar 12 Wilhelm Lindenschmit the Elder a German history painter born in Mainz. He was an older brother to prehistorian Ludwig Lindenschmit , and father to history painter Wilhelm Lindenschmit the Younger
Mar 13 Johann Cornies a Mennonite German settler to the Russian Empire.
Mar 14 Adriano Balbi born at Venice. The publication of his Prospetto politico-geografico dello stato attuale del globo obtained his election to the chair of professor of geography at the college of San Michele at Murano; in 1811–1813 he was professor of physics at the Lyceum of Fermo, and afterwards became attached to the customs office at his native city
Mar 15 Johan Jakob Nervander a Finnish poet, physicist and meteorologist.
Mar 25 Albine de Montholon a French noblewoman, and the wife of Charles Tristan, marquis de Montholon. She was reputed to be the mistress of Napoleon during his exile on Saint Helena
Mar 26 Steen Steensen Blicher an author and poet born in Vium near Viborg, Denmark.
Mar 27 Gabriel Bibron a French zoologist, and herpetologist. He was born in Paris. Son of an employee of the Museum national d'histoire naturelle, he had a good foundation in natural history and was hired to collect vertebrates in Italy and Sicily. Under the direction of Jean Baptiste Bory de Saint-Vincent , he took part in the Morea expedition to Peloponnese
Mar 29 John Jacob Astor a German-born American businessman, merchant, fur trader, and investor who was the first prominent member of the Astor family and the first multi-millionaire in the United States. He was the creator of the first trust in America. He emigrated to England as a teenager and worked as a musical instrument manufacturer
Mar 29 Hugo Staehle a German composer.
Apr 8 Gaetano Donizetti an Italian composer from Bergamo in Lombardy. Along with Gioachino Rossini and Vincenzo Bellini, Donizetti was a leading composer of the bel canto opera style during the first fifty years of the Nineteenth Century
Apr 8 Louis Adam a French composer, music teacher, and piano virtuoso. His son, Adolphe Adam, was the composer of the score for the ballet Giselle
Apr 10 Godert van der Capellen a Dutch statesman from Utrecht.
Apr 14 Khachatur Abovian an Armenian writer and national public figure of the early 19th century who mysteriously vanished in 1848 and eventually presumed dead. He was an educator, poet and an advocate of modernization. Reputed as the father of modern Armenian literature, he is best remembered for his novel Wounds of Armenia. Written in 1841 and published posthumously in 1858, it was the first novel published in the modern Armenian language using the Eastern Armenian dialect instead of Classical Armenian
May 3 Hans Ernst Karl Graf von Zieten an officer in the Prussian Army during the Napoleonic Wars.
May 7 Gustaw Gizewiusz a Polish political figure, folklorist, and translator. He was married to a Mazur Polish woman, who encouraged him to become a political figure. From 1835 he was also an Evangelical-Lutheran pastor in Ostróda
May 11 Tom Cribb an English bare-knuckle boxer of the 19th century, so successful that he became world champion.
May 21 Pierre Wantzel a French mathematician who proved that several ancient geometric problems were impossible to solve using only compass and straightedge.
May 24 Annette von Droste-Hülshoff a 19th-century German writer and composer. She was one of the most important German poets and author of the novella Die Judenbuche
May 27 Princess Sophia of the United Kingdom the 12th child and fifth daughter of King George III and Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz. Sophia is perhaps best known for the rumours surrounding a supposed illegitimate child to which she gave birth as a young woman
May 31 Eugénie de Guérin the sister of the poet Maurice de Guérin.
Jun 4 William Sorell a soldier and third Lieutenant-Governor of Van Diemen's Land.
Jun 7 Vissarion Belinsky a Russian literary critic of Westernizing tendency. He was an associate of Alexander Herzen, Mikhail Bakunin , and other critical intellectuals. Belinsky played one of the key roles in the career of poet and publisher Nikolay Nekrasov and his popular magazine Sovremennik
Jun 16 Louis II Grand Duke of Hesse Grand Duke of Hesse and by Rhine from 1830 until 5 March 1848. He was the son of Louis I, Grand Duke of Hesse
Jun 26 Stevenson Archer (1786–1848) a United States Representative from Maryland, representing the sixth district from 1811 to 1817, and the seventh district from 1819 to 1821. His son Stevenson Archer and father John Archer were also U.S. Congressmen from Maryland
Jun 27 Denis Auguste Affre an Archbishop of Paris who was killed while trying to negotiate peace during the uprising of the French Revolution of 1848.
Jun 27 Heinrich Zschokke a German, later Swiss, author and reformer. Most of his life was spent, and most of his reputation earned, in Switzerland. He had an extensive civil service career, and wrote histories, fiction and other works which were widely known
Jun 28 Jean-Baptiste Debret a French painter, who produced many valuable lithographs depicting the people of Brazil.
Jul 4 François-René de Chateaubriand a French writer, politician, diplomat and historian. He is considered the founder of Romanticism in French literature. Descended from an old aristocratic family from Brittany, Chateaubriand was a royalist by political disposition and in an age when a significant part of the intelligentsia was turning against the Church, authored the Génie du christianisme in defence of the Catholic faith. It is his autobiography Mémoires d'outre-tombe , however, that is nowadays generally considered his most accomplished work
Jul 10 Karoline Jagemann a major German tragedienne and singer. Her great roles included Elizabeth in Mary Stuart and Beatrice in The Bride of Messina. She is also notable as a mistress of Karl August, Grand Duke of Saxe-Weimar-Eisenach, the father of her three children. Both she and Karl August had their portraits painted by Heinrich Christoph Kolbe
Jul 24 Andrey Ivanovich Ivanov a Russian painter in the Neo-Classical style who specialized in historical scenes.