Born in 1851

Jan 2 Ludwig von Graff an Austrian zoologist born in Pancsova.
Jan 3 Viggo Johansen a Danish painter and active member of the group of Skagen Painters who met every summer in the north of Jutland. He was one of Denmark's most prominent painters in the 1890s
Jan 4 Ottomar Rosenbach a German physician.
Jan 4 Bedrifelek Kadınefendi the third wife of 34th Ottoman Sultan Abdul Hamid II and the mother of Şehzade Mehmed Selim Efendi, Zekiye Sultan and Şehzade Ahmed Nuri Efendi of the Ottoman Empire. Her marriage served an alliance between the Ottomans and the buffer state
Jan 6 Mark Natanson a Russian revolutionary and one of the founders of the Circle of Tchaikovsky, Land and Liberty, and the Socialist-Revolutionary Party. In 1917, he was a leader of the Left Socialist-Revolutionaries, supporting the Bolsheviks in the October Revolution. He was the uncle of Alexander Berkman
Jan 7 George Abraham Grierson an Irish linguistic scholar and civil servant who conducted the Linguistic Survey of India , obtaining information on 364 languages and dialects.
Jan 8 Gérard Leman a Belgian general. He was responsible for the military education of King Albert I of Belgium. During World War I he was the commander of the forts surrounding the Belgian city of Liège. The German Forces had to use heavy artillery to break through the defences and capture Leman as a prisoner of War. He was released at the end of the war and died a hero, in 1920
Jan 14 Rainer Ludwig Claisen a German chemist best known for his work with condensations of carbonyls and sigmatropic rearrangements. He was born in Cologne as the son of a jurist and studied chemistry at the university of Bonn , where he became a member of K.St.V. Arminia. He served in the army as a nurse in 1870–1871 and continued his studies at Göttingen University. He returned to the University of Bonn in 1872 and started his academic career at the same university in 1874. He died in 1930 in Godesberg am Rhein
Jan 15 Martijn Theodoor Houtsma often referred to as Th. Houtsma, was a Dutch orientalist. He was a fellow of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences, and a leading expert on the history of the Seljuks. He remains best known for his work as editor of the first edition of the standard encyclopedic reference work on Islam, the Encyclopaedia of Islam
Jan 16 William Hall-Jones the 16th Prime Minister of New Zealand from June 1906 until August 1906. He was the interim Prime Minister after the death of Richard Seddon and the return from overseas of Joseph Ward
Jan 16 Stephan Burián von Rajecz an Austro-Hungarian politician, diplomat and statesman of Hungarian origin and served as Imperial Foreign Minister during World War I.
Jan 17 A. B. Frost an early American illustrator, graphic artist and comics writer. He was also well known as a painter. Frost's work is well known for its dynamic representation of motion and sequence. Frost is considered one of the great illustrators in the "Golden Age of American Illustration". Frost illustrated over 90 books and produced hundreds of paintings; in addition to his work in illustrations, he is renowned for realistic hunting and shooting prints
Jan 19 Ivan Dumbadze a Major-General of I. Retinue of Nicholas II, Supreme Head of Yalta, one of the activists of the Union of Russian People, notorious for his antisemitic and extravagant escapades
Jan 19 David Starr Jordan a leading ichthyologist, educator, eugenicist, and peace activist. He was president of Indiana University and was the founding president of Stanford University
Jan 19 Jacobus Kapteyn a Dutch astronomer, best known for his extensive studies of the Milky Way and as the first discoverer of evidence for galactic rotation.
Jan 25 Petras Vileišis a prominent Lithuanian engineer, political activist, and philanthropist.
Jan 25 Jan Blockx a Belgian composer, pianist and teacher. He was a leader of the Flemish nationalist school in music
Jan 27 Jan Chełmiński a Polish painter, who was born in Brzustów and entered the Munich Academy of Fine Arts on 14 April 1875. He worked throughout Europe and lived in New York from 1895, though he took British nationality. He was married twice, and after divorcing his first wife, married the sister of Roland Knoedler, the famous art dealer in New York. He was best known in his lifetime for his historical works, especially those dealing with military history and the Napoleonic Wars
Jan 27 Miguel Cané an Argentine writer, lawyer, academic, journalist, and politician.
Feb 1 Durham Stevens an American diplomat and later an employee of Japan's Ministry of Foreign Affairs. His shooting death at the hands of Korean American assassins Jang In-hwan and Jeon Myeong-un led to his being described as "the first victim of Korean terrorism"
Feb 3 Wilhelm Trübner a German realist painter of the circle of Wilhelm Leibl.
Feb 6 Policarpo Toro a Chilean naval officer.
Feb 9 Daniel S. Lamont the United States Secretary of War during Grover Cleveland's second term.
Feb 12 Anna Yesipova a prominent Russian pianist. Her name is cited variously as Anna Esipova; Anna or Annette Essipova; Anna, Annette or Annetta Essipoff; Annette von Essipow; Anna Jessipowa
Feb 12 Eugen Böhm von Bawerk an Austrian economist who made important contributions to the development of the Austrian School of economics.
Feb 13 George Brown Goode an ichthyologist, although most of his time was spent as a museum administrator and he was very interested in the history of science, especially the history of the development of science in America. Goode graduated from Wesleyan University and studied at Harvard University
Feb 15 Spiru Haret a Romanian-Armenian mathematician, astronomer and politician. He made a fundamental contribution to the n-body problem in celestial mechanics by proving that using a third degree approximation for the disturbing forces implies instability of the major axes of the orbits, and by introducing the concept of secular perturbations in relation to this
Feb 17 Robert Bonnet (physician) a German anatomist born in Augsburg.
Feb 21 Karl Wilhelm Diefenbach a German painter and social reformer.
Feb 23 Kim Ok-gyun a reformist activist during the late Joseon Dynasty of Korea. He served under the national civil service under King Gojong, and actively participated to advance Western ideas and sciences in Korea. The goal of the reform movement was to develop Korea in government, technology, and military by using foreign resources, so that Korea would become stable enough in time to withstand increasing foreign encroachment. Kim was assassinated in Shanghai, and later was given the posthumous title "Chungdal"
Feb 24 Hermann Paasche a German statistician and economist. He is known for his Paasche Index, which provides a calculation of the Price Index. Paasche studied economics, agriculture, statistics and philosophy at University of Halle. In 1879, he became a professor of political science at Aachen University of Technology. Paasche died in 1925 in Detroit, Michigan, United States
Feb 24 Karel Liebscher a Czech landscape painter and illustrator. His brother was the history painter Adolf Liebscher
Feb 26 Paul Gautsch von Frankenthurn an Austrian political figure who served three times as Minister-President.
Feb 27 James Churchward best known as a British born occult writer. However, he was also a patented inventor, engineer, and expert fisherman
Feb 28 Samuel W. McCall a member of the United States House of Representatives, and the 47th Governor of Massachusetts. He was born in East Providence Township, Pennsylvania on February 28, 1851
Mar 2 Franz von Liszt a German jurist, criminologist and international law reformer. As a legal scholar, he was a proponent of the modern sociological and historical school of law. From 1898 until 1917, he was Professor of Criminal Law and International Law at the University of Berlin and was also a member of the Progressive People's Party in the Prussian Chamber of Deputies and the Reichstag
Mar 4 Alexandros Papadiamantis an influential Greek novelist, short-story writer and poet.
Mar 5 Ermete Novelli an Italian actor and playwright.
Mar 6 Václav Brožík a Czech painter who worked in the academic style.
Mar 8 Ismail Gasprinski a Crimean Tatar intellectual, educator, publisher and politician. He was one of the first Muslim intellectuals in the Russian Empire, who realized the need for education and cultural reform and modernization of the Turkic and Islamic communities. His last name comes from the town of Gaspra in Crimea
Mar 13 George Newnes an English publisher and editor. His company George Newnes Ltd continued publishing long after his death
Mar 15 William Mitchell Ramsay a Scottish archaeologist and New Testament scholar. By his death in 1939 he had become the foremost authority of his day on the history of Asia Minor and a leading scholar in the study of the New Testament. Although Ramsay was educated in the Tübingen school of thought which doubted the reliability of the New Testament, his extensive archaeological and historical studies convinced him of the historical accuracy of the New Testament. From the post of Professor of Classical Art and Architecture at Oxford, he was appointed Regius Professor of Humanity at Aberdeen. Knighted in 1906 to mark his distinguished service to the world of scholarship, Ramsay also gained three honorary fellowships from Oxford colleges, nine honorary doctorates from British, Continental and North American universities and became an honorary member of almost every association devoted to archaeology and historical research. He was one of the original members of the British Academy, was awarded the Gold Medal of Pope Leo XIII in 1893 and the Victorian Medal of the Royal Geographical Society in 1906
Mar 15 Alexandros Pallis a Greek educational and language reformer who translated the New Testament into Modern Greek. The publication, in the Akropolis newspaper, caused riots in Athens in 1901 in which 8 people died. His translation was subsequently published in Liverpool The New Testament in Modern Greek was not legalised until 1924
Mar 15 John Sebastian Little an American politician who served as a member of the United States House of Representatives and the 21st Governor of the U.S. state of Arkansas.
Mar 16 Princess Maria Antonietta of Bourbon-Two Sicilies a Princess of Bourbon-Two Sicilies by birth and by her marriage to Prince Alfonso, Count of Caserta, claimant to the defunct throne of the Two Sicilies.
Mar 16 Martinus Beijerinck a Dutch microbiologist and botanist.
Mar 17 Robert Blatchford a socialist campaigner, journalist and author in the United Kingdom. He was a prominent atheist and opponent of eugenics. He was also an English patriot. In the early 1920s, after the death of his wife, he turned towards spiritualism
Mar 18 Adalbert Ricken a German Roman Catholic priest and mycologist born in Fulda.
Mar 18 Julien Dupré a French painter.
Mar 19 Roque Sáenz Peña President of Argentina from 12 October 1910 to 9 August 1914, when he died in office. He was the son of former President Luis Sáenz Peña