Died in 1854

Jan 3 Adolphe Delattre a French ornithologist.
Jan 8 William Beresford 1st Viscount Beresford General The Hon. William Carr Beresford, 1st Viscount Beresford, 1st Marquis of Campo Maior, GCB, GCH, GCTE, PC /ˈwɪlɪəm kɑː ˈberɪsfəd/ , was an Anglo-Irish soldier and politician. A general in the British Army and a Marshal in the Portuguese Army, he fought alongside Field Marshal The 1st Duke of Wellington in the Peninsular War and held the office of Master-General of the Ordnance in 1828 in Wellington's first ministry
Jan 10 Pavel Medem a Russian diplomat and privy councillor.
Jan 13 Fructuoso Rivera an Uruguayan general and patriot who assisted in the efforts to force Brazilians out of the Banda Oriental.
Jan 16 Charles Gaudichaud-Beaupré a French botanist.
Jan 17 Gottfried Wilhelm Becker a German physician and writer.
Jan 23 Robert Montgomery Bird an American novelist, playwright, and physician.
Jan 27 George Stanley Faber an Anglican theologian and prolific author.
Jan 28 Jérôme-Adolphe Blanqui a French economist. His most important contributions were made in labour economics, economic history and especially the history of economic thought, in which field his 1837 treatise has been the first major work. He was the son of French Girondin politician Jean Dominique Blanqui and the elder brother of the revolutionary, Louis Auguste Blanqui
Jan 30 Jacob Peter Mynster a Danish theologian and Bishop of Zealand, Denmark from 1834 until his death.
Jan 31 Silvio Pellico an Italian writer, poet, dramatist and patriot.
Feb 10 Georg Kloss a German historian of freemasonry.
Feb 10 José Joaquín de Herrera a moderate Mexican politician who served as president of Mexico three times , as well as a general in the Mexican Army during the Mexican-American War.
Feb 17 John Martin (painter) an English Romantic painter, engraver and illustrator.
Feb 27 Pierre Antoine Poiteau a French botanist, gardener and botanical artist.
Feb 27 Hugues Felicité Robert de Lamennais a French Catholic priest, philosopher, and political theorist. His famous opinions on matters of religion and government changed dramatically over the course of his life
Mar 2 John Conroy a British army officer who served as comptroller to the Duchess of Kent and her young daughter, Princess Victoria, the future Queen of the United Kingdom.
Mar 3 Giovanni Battista Rubini an Italian tenor, as famous in his time as Enrico Caruso in a later day. His ringing and expressive coloratura dexterity in the highest register of his voice, the tenorino, inspired the writing of operatic roles which today are almost impossible to cast. As a singer Rubini was the major early exponent of the Romantic style of the bel canto era of Vincenzo Bellini and Gaetano Donizetti
Mar 6 Caspar Georg Carl Reinwardt a Prussian-born Dutch botanist.
Mar 6 Charles Vane 3rd Marquess of Londonderry a British soldier, politician and nobleman.
Mar 8 Antoine Claire Thibaudeau a French politician.
Mar 11 Willard Richards an early leader in the Latter Day Saint movement and served as Second Counselor in the First Presidency to church president Brigham Young in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints from 1847 until his death.
Mar 13 Jean-Baptiste de Villèle a French statesman. Several time Prime minister, he was a leader of the Ultra-royalist faction during the Bourbon Restoration
Mar 16 Johann Ender an Austrian painter.
Mar 27 Charles III Duke of Parma Duke of Parma from 1849 to 1854.
Apr 3 John Wilson (Scottish writer) a Scottish advocate, literary critic and author, the writer most frequently identified with the pseudonym Christopher North of Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine.
Apr 6 George Newport a prominent English entomologist. He was the first of four children of William Newport , a local wheelwright, and Sarah Gillham
Apr 7 Pierre François Tissot a French man of letters and politician.
Apr 9 Antoine Jay a French writer, journalist, historian and politician.
Apr 9 Jules-Édouard Alboize de Pujol a French historian and playwright. Director of the Théâtre de l'Atelier in Montmartre, Alboize Pujol wrote several dramas and comedies, either alone or in collaboration
Apr 11 Karl Adolph von Basedow a German physician most famous for reporting the symptoms of what could later be dubbed Graves-Basedow disease, now technically known as exophthalmic goiter.
Apr 15 Arthur Aikin an English chemist, mineralogist and scientific writer.
Apr 18 Józef Elsner a composer, music teacher, and music theoretician, active mainly in Warsaw. He was one of the first composers in Poland to weave elements of folk music into his works
Apr 19 John Davis (Massachusetts governor) an American lawyer, businessman and politician from Massachusetts. He spent 25 years in public service, serving in both houses of the United States Congress and for three non-consecutive years as Governor of Massachusetts. Because of his reputation for personal integrity he was known as "Honest John" Davis
Apr 19 Robert Jameson a Scottish naturalist and mineralogist.
Apr 22 Nicolás Bravo a Mexican politician and soldier. He distinguished himself in both roles during the 1846–1848 U.S. invasion of Mexico
Apr 24 Gabriele Rossetti an Italian poet and scholar who emigrated to England.
Apr 27 William Pickering (publisher) an English publisher, notable for introducing cloth binding to British publishing.
Apr 28 Nathaniel Wallich a surgeon and botanist of Danish origin who worked in India, initially in the Danish settlement near Calcutta and later for the East India Company. He was involved in the early development of the Calcutta Botanical Garden, describing many new plant species and developing a large herbarium collection which was distributed to collections in Europe. Several of the plants that he collected were named after him
Apr 29 Henry Paget 1st Marquess of Anglesey a British Army officer and politician. After serving as a Member of Parliament for Carnarvon and then for Milborne Port, he took part in the Flanders Campaign and then commanded the cavalry for Sir John Moore's army in Spain during the Peninsular War; his cavalry showed distinct superiority over their French counterparts at the Battle of Sahagún, where his men captured two French lieutenant colonels and so mauled the French chasseurs that they ceased to exist as a viable regiment. He also commanded the cavalry at the Battle of Benavente, where he defeated the elite chasseurs of the French Imperial Guard
May 1 Jean Coralli a French dancer and choreographer and later held the esteemed post of First Balletmaster of the Paris Opera Ballet. He is best known for the creation of the Romantic ballet Giselle which he choreographed in tandem with another French dancer, Jules Perrot
May 2 Sulpiz Boisserée a German art collector and art historian. With his brother Melchior he formed a collection that ultimately formed the basis of that of the Alte Pinakothek. He played a key role in the completion of Cologne Cathedral
May 12 Luigi Lambruschini an Italian cardinal of the Roman Catholic Church in the mid nineteenth century.
May 12 Melchior Berri a well-known Swiss architect.
May 13 Étienne-Émile Desvaux a French botanist.
May 20 Karl Ludwig von Haller a Swiss jurist. He was the author of Restauration der Staatswissenschaften , a book which Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel strongly criticized in Elements of the Philosophy of Right. This work, which was burnt during the Wartburg festival, opposed nationalism and the bureaucracy of extensive government
May 21 Bernhard von Lindenau a German lawyer, astronomer, politician, and art collector.
May 23 Justo Figuerola President of Peru during two brief periods; for a few days in 1843 and briefly in 1844.
May 31 Vatroslav Lisinski a Croatian composer.
Jun 1 Josipina Turnograjska one of the first Slovene female writers, poets, and composers.