Born in 1865

Jan 3 Henry Lytton an English actor and singer who was the leading exponent of the comic patter-baritone roles in Gilbert and Sullivan operas in the early part of the twentieth century. His career in these Savoy operas with the D'Oyly Carte Opera Company spanned 50 years, and he is the only person ever knighted for achievements as a Gilbert and Sullivan performer
Jan 5 Ban Johnson an American executive in professional baseball who served as the founder and first president of the American League.
Jan 5 Julio Garavito Armero a Colombian astronomer.
Jan 6 Nicholas Marr a Georgia-born historian and linguist who gained a reputation as a scholar of the Caucasus during the 1910s before embarking on his controversial "Japhetic theory" on the origin of language and related speculative linguistic hypotheses.
Jan 6 Nikola Zhekov the Minister of War of Bulgaria in 1915 and served as commander-in-chief from 1915 to 1918 during World War I.
Jan 7 Lyman Duff the eighth Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Canada, was the longest serving justice of the Supreme Court of Canada, and briefly served as Acting Governor General of Canada in 1931 and 1940.
Jan 8 Winnaretta Singer a musical patron and heir to the Singer sewing machine fortune. Born in America, she lived most of her adult life in France
Jan 10 Vladimir Grabar a Russian and Soviet jurist. The brother of painter Igor Grabar, and the husband of philologue and translator Maria Grabar-Passek. He is one of the leading specialists in international law of the pre-revolutionary and post-Revolutionary Soviet period. Grabar was held a number of leading posts during his impressive and broad career, including: professor of international law, academician, dean, legal advisor to the Imperial Russian government and the Soviet state, internationally recognized jurist and historian. His academic and professional career encompassed the last decades of the Russian empire and the first four decades of the Soviet period. His most notable work on the history of international law in Russia guaranteed a visible place not only in the Russian legal academy but also abroad
Jan 10 Mary Ingalls born near the town of Pepin, Wisconsin. She was the first child of Caroline and Charles Ingalls. She was the older sister of author Laura Ingalls Wilder, who is best known for her Little House on the Prairie book series
Jan 11 Johannes Franz Hartmann a German physicist and astronomer. In 1904, while studying the spectroscopy of Delta Orionis he noticed that most of the spectrum had a shift, except the calcium lines, which he interpreted as indicating the presence of interstellar medium
Jan 13 Princess Marie of Orléans (1865–1909) a French princess by birth and a Danish princess by marriage, as the wife of Prince Valdemar. She was politically active with left-wing sympathies by the standards of her day
Jan 13 Emmanuel Pontremoli a French architect and archaeologist. Born in Nice, Alpes-Maritimes, a student in the atelier of Louis-Jules André, in 1890 he won the Prix de Rome in the architecture category and in 1922 became a member of the Académie des Beaux Arts. At the Beaux-Arts he taught a clinical architecture studio with André Leconte, a former student and winner of the 1927 Prix de Rome, the distinguished Atelier Pontremoli-Leconte. Pontremoli was appointed director of the Beaux-Arts in 1932 and is credited with shepherding the school, whose name had become synonymous with neoclassicism, into the Twentieth Century
Jan 17 Sir Charles Fergusson 7th Baronet a British Army officer and the third Governor-General of New Zealand.
Jan 17 Kōjirō Matsukata an early 20th-century businessman who devoted his life and fortune to amassing a collection of Western art which, he hoped, would become the nucleus of a Japanese national museum focused particularly on masterworks of the Western art tradition. Although his plans were not realized in his lifetime, his vision is commemorated in Japan's National Museum of Western Art in Ueno, central Tokyo
Jan 18 Said Halim Pasha a statesman who served as the Grand Vizier of the Ottoman Empire from 1913 to 1917.
Jan 19 Valentin Serov a Russian painter, and one of the premier portrait artists of his era.
Jan 19 Alfred Barton Rendle an English botanist.
Jan 20 Anton Handlirsch an Austrian entomologist.
Jan 20 Friedrich Prince of Waldeck and Pyrmont the last reigning Prince of Waldeck and Pyrmont from 12 May 1893 to 13 November 1918.
Jan 20 Mikhail Tugan-Baranovsky a Russian-Ukrainian economist, politician, statesman. He is remembered as a leading exponent of Legal Marxism in the Tsarist Russian Empire and was the author of numerous works dealing with the theory of value, the distribution of a social revenue, history of managerial development, and fundamentals of cooperative managerial activities
Jan 20 Yvette Guilbert a French cabaret singer and actress of the Belle Époque.
Jan 22 Henry Oliver a Royal Navy officer. After serving in the Second Boer War as a navigating officer in a cruiser on the Cape of Good Hope and West Coast of Africa Station, he became the first commanding officer of the new navigation school HMS Mercury in the early years of the 20th century. He went to be commanding officer first of the armoured cruiser HMS Achilles and then of the new battleship HMS Thunderer before becoming Director of the Intelligence Division at the Admiralty
Jan 22 Georg Liebling a German pianist and composer.
Jan 22 Friedrich Paschen a German physicist, known for his work on electrical discharges. He is also known for the Paschen series, a series of hydrogen spectral lines in the infrared region that he first observed in 1908. He established the now widely used Paschen curve in his article "Über die zum Funkenübergang in Luft, Wasserstoff und Kohlensäure bei verschiedenen Drücken erforderliche Potentialdifferenz"
Jan 24 Paul Wayland Bartlett an American sculptor working in the Beaux-Arts tradition of heroic realism.
Jan 25 Princess Elisabeth of Saxe-Altenburg (1865–1927) a Russian Grand Duchess by marriage. She was the wife of Grand Duke Konstantin Konstantinovich of Russia , whom she married in 1884 in Saint Petersburg, Russia
Jan 26 Philip Richardson a British sport shooter and Conservative politician.
Jan 26 Franz Kneisel an American violinist and teacher of Romanian birth.
Jan 26 Sabino Arana a Spanish Basque writer. He was the founder of the Basque Nationalist Party and father of Basque nationalism
Jan 27 Ferdinand Feyerick a Belgian fencer. He won a bronze medal in the team épée event at the 1908 Summer Olympics
Jan 27 Nikolai Pokrovsky a Russian politician and the last foreign minister of the Russian Empire.
Jan 27 Věnceslav Černý a Czech illustrator and painter.
Jan 28 Kaarlo Juho Ståhlberg a Finnish jurist and academic, who played a central role in the drafting of the Constitution of Finland in 1919. He was the first President of Finland and a nationalist liberal
Jan 28 Lala Lajpat Rai chiefly remembered as a leader in the Indian fight for independence from the British Raj. He was popularly known as Punjab Kesari meaning The Lion of Punjab also known as "Sher-E- Punjab" in Punjabi. He was part of the Lal Bal Pal trio. He was also associated with activities of Punjab National Bank and Lakshmi Insurance Company in their early stages. He sustained serious injuries by the police when leading a non-violent protest against the Simon Commission and died less than three weeks later. His death anniversary is one of several days celebrated as Martyrs' Day in India
Jan 31 Shastriji Maharaj a saint of the Swaminarayan Sampraday and later accepted as the third spiritual successor of Swaminarayan and founder of the BAPS Swaminarayan Sanstha. Born in a family of farmers in central Gujarat, India, he became a sadhu within the Vadtal diocese of the Swaminarayan Sampraday at the age of 17 where he was given the name Yagnapurushdas Swami. The prefix Shastri was later added in recognition of his eminent scholarship in Sanskrit and the Hindu scriptures. He established BAPS after a doctrinal split from the Vadtal diocese of the Swaminarayan Sampradaya
Jan 31 Patriarch Tikhon of Moscow the 11th Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia of the Russian Orthodox Church during the early years of the Soviet Union, 1917 through 1925.
Jan 31 Henri Desgrange a French bicycle racer and sports journalist. He set 12 world track cycling records, including the hour record of 35.325 kilometres on 11 May 1893. He was the first organiser of the Tour de France
Feb 1 Nikolai Baratov an Imperial Russian Army general during World War I and the Russian Civil War.
Feb 3 Isaac Israëls a Dutch painter associated with the Amsterdam Impressionism movement.
Feb 4 Charles Bally a French linguist from the Geneva School. He lived from 1865 to 1947 and was, like Ferdinand de Saussure, from Switzerland. His parents were Jean Gabriel, a teacher, and Henriette, the owner of a cloth store. Bally was married three times: first with Valentine Leirens, followed by Irma Baptistine Doutre, who was sent into a mental institution in 1915, and finally with Alice Bellicot. In addition to his edition of de Saussure's lectures, Course in General Linguistics, Charles Bally also played an important role in linguistics
Feb 4 Abe Isoo a Japanese Christian socialist, parliamentarian and pacifist.
Feb 6 Andrew Claude de la Cherois Crommelin an astronomer of French and Huguenot descent. He was educated in England at Marlborough College and Trinity College, Cambridge. He worked at the Royal Greenwich Observatory and went on several solar eclipse expeditions. He was president of the Royal Astronomical Society from 1929 to 1931
Feb 7 Michel Carré (director) a French actor, stage director and film director. He was the son of the librettist Michel Carré and nephew of the theatre director Albert Carré. His notable films included the 1909 short Ordre du roy. He also collaborated with André Barde on the libretto for Joseph Szulc's 1933 three act operetta Le Garçon de chez Prunier
Feb 9 Wilson Bentley one of the first known photographers of snowflakes. He perfected a process of catching flakes on black velvet in such a way that their images could be captured before they either melted or sublimated
Feb 9 Erich von Drygalski a German geographer, geophysicist and polar scientist, born in Königsberg, Province of Prussia.
Feb 9 Mrs. Patrick Campbell Patrick Campbell , born Beatrice Stella Tanner and known informally as "Mrs Pat", was an English stage actress
Feb 10 Elfego Baca a gunman, lawman, lawyer, and politician in the closing days of the American wild west. Baca was born in Socorro, New Mexico just before the end of the American Civil War to Francisco and Juana Maria Baca. His family moved to Topeka, Kansas when he was a young child. Upon his mother’s death in 1880, Baca returned with his father to Belen, New Mexico where his father became a marshal
Feb 12 Katharine Carl an American portrait painter and author. She made paintings of notable and royal people in the United States, Europe and Asia. She spent nine months in China in 1903 painting a portrait of the Empress Dowager Cixi for the Louis Exposition. On her return to America, she published a book about her experience, titled With the Empress Dowager
Feb 12 Kazimierz Przerwa-Tetmajer a Polish poet, novelist, playwright, journalist and writer. He was a member of the Young Poland movement
Feb 13 István Csók a Hungarian Impressionist painter. Csok lived and exhibited in Paris for a portion of his life. He became most famous in Hungary for his nudes, portraits, and landscapes of the Lake Balaton. Csok had many international exhibitions in such cities as Rome, San Francisco, Pittsburgh, and London. He won the Kossuth Prize twice