Died in 1876

Jan 3 Nikolay Karlovich Krabbe an admiral of the Russian Imperial Navy.
Jan 6 Bernardo de Sá Nogueira de Figueiredo 1st Marquis of Sá da Bandeira a Portuguese nobleman and politician.
Jan 6 Semyon Ivanovich Yanovsky a Russian naval officer and chief manager of the Russian-American Company.
Jan 7 Juste Olivier born near Nyon in the canton of Vaud; he was brought up as a peasant, but studied at the college of Nyon, and later at the academy of Lausanne.
Jan 9 Samuel Gridley Howe a nineteenth century United States physician, abolitionist, and an advocate of education for the blind. He organized and was the first director of the Perkins Institution
Jan 15 Eliza McCardle Johnson the First Lady of the United States and the wife of Andrew Johnson, the 17th President of the United States.
Jan 17 Pyotr Romanovich Bagration a Russian-Georgian statesman, general and scientist who invented the first dry galvanic cell.
Jan 22 George Elphinstone Dalrymple an explorer, public servant and politician, member of the Legislative Assembly of Queensland.
Jan 23 Jonáš Záborský a Slovak lower nobleman and writer. He was an author of tales, epigrams, allegorical-philosophical poems, satirical poems, historical dramas, comedies and stories
Jan 26 Karl Otto Georg von Meck an important 19th century Russian businessman of German descent, one of the founders of Russian railways.
Jan 26 Frédérick Lemaître a French actor and playwright, one of the most famous players on the celebrated Boulevard du Crime.
Jan 28 Ferenc Deák a Hungarian statesman and Minister of Justice. He was known as "The Wise Man of the Nation"
Jan 30 Therese Grünbaum an Austrian soprano and opera singer.
Jan 31 Josef Anton Gegenbauer an accomplished German historical and portrait painter.
Feb 8 Ludwig Redtenbacher an Austrian doctor and entomologist mainly interested in beetles. He was the brother of chemist Josef Redtenbacher
Feb 10 August Söderman has traditionally been seen as the pre-eminent Swedish composer of the Romantic generation, known especially for his lieder and choral works, based on folk material, and for his theatre music, such as the incidental music to Ludvig Josephson's Marsk Stigs döttrar , 1866, or his Svenskt festspel.
Feb 11 Louis de Carné a French politician, journalist and historian.
Feb 13 Gabriel Andral a distinguished French pathologist and a professor at the University of Paris.
Feb 13 Mikhail Avdeev a Russian novelist, playwright and publicist, best known for the Tamarin trilogy, published in 1849–1852 by Sovremennik.
Feb 18 Adolphe-Théodore Brongniart a French botanist. He was the son of the geologist Alexandre Brongniart and grandson of the architect, Alexandre-Théodore Brongniart. Brongniart's pioneering work on the relationships between extinct and existing plants has earned him the title of father of paleobotany. His major work on plant fossils was his Histoire des végétaux fossiles. He wrote his dissertation on the Buckthorn family , an extant family of flowering plants, and worked at the Muséum national d'Histoire naturelle in Paris until his death. In 1851, he was elected a foreign member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences. This botanist is denoted by the author abbreviation Brongn. when citing a botanical name
Feb 19 Henri Patin a French writer and translator from ancient Greek and Latin.
Feb 21 Grand Duchess Maria Nikolaevna of Russia (1819–1876) a daughter of Emperor Nicholas I of Russia, sister of Alexander II and aunt of Alexander III. In 1839 she married Maximilian, Duke of Leuchtenberg. She was an art collector and President of the Imperial Academy of Arts in Saint Petersburg
Feb 24 Joseph Jenkins Roberts the first and seventh President of Liberia. Born free in Norfolk, Virginia, US, Roberts emigrated to Liberia in 1829 as a young man. He opened a trading store in Monrovia, and later engaged in politics. When Liberia became independent in 1847, Roberts was elected the first president, serving until 1856. In 1872 he was elected again to serve as Liberia's seventh president
Feb 29 John Joseph Bennett a British botanist.
Feb 29 Jozef Van Lerius a Belgian painter in the Romantic-Historical style.
Mar 2 Johannes Falke a German historian.
Mar 5 Francesco Maria Piave an Italian opera librettist who was born in Murano in the lagoon of Venice, during the brief Napoleonic Kingdom of Italy.
Mar 5 Marie d'Agoult a French author, known also by her pen name, Daniel Stern.
Mar 16 Wolfgang Sartorius von Waltershausen a German geologist.
Mar 18 Ferdinand Freiligrath a German poet, translator and liberal agitator.
Mar 28 Joseph Böhm a violinist and a director of the Vienna Conservatory.
Mar 29 Arvid Adolf Etholén a naval officer, explorer and administrator who was employed by the Russian-American Company. He was a Swedish-speaking Finn who was born in Helsinki, Finland. Etholén first reached Sitka in the service of the Russian-American Company in 1818, rising to Chief Manager of the Company 1840-1845
Mar 31 Yuri Samarin a leading Russian Slavophile thinker and one of the architects of the Emancipation reform of 1861.
Apr 3 Friedrich von Berchtold a German-speaking Bohemian physician and botanist from Austrian descent.
Apr 4 Julius Goltermann a 19th-century German cellist and music professor.
Apr 9 Philippe Grass a French sculptor.
Apr 9 Charles Goodyear (politician) a United States Representative from New York.
Apr 11 Ludwig Traube (physician) a German physician and co-founder of the experimental pathology in Germany.
Apr 15 Boris Almazov a Russian poet, translator, writer and literary critic. During his career, he generally lived and worked in Moscow, the center of literary culture
Apr 15 Simon Sinas a Greek benefactor and diplomat.
Apr 16 Peter von Glehn a Russian botanist.
Apr 23 August von Kreling German sculptor born in Osnabrück. He studied with Cornelius and in 1853, became director of the Academy of Fine Arts Nuremberg. He became a member of the Munich Academy in 1876, and died in Nuremberg in that same year
Apr 27 Adolf Zeising a German psychologist, whose main interests were mathematics and philosophy.
Apr 28 Thomas Aird a Scottish poet, best known for his 1830 narrative poem The Captive of Fez.
Apr 29 Gennady Nevelskoy a Russian navigator.
Apr 30 Antoine Jérôme Balard a French chemist and one of the discoverers of bromine.
May 4 F. C. D. Wyneken a missionary, pastor, and the second president of the Lutheran Church–Missouri Synod. He was also the first president of Concordia Theological Seminary
May 7 William Buell Sprague an American Congregational and Presbyterian clergyman and compiler of Annals of the American Pulpit , a comprehensive biographical dictionary of the leading American Protestant Christian ministers who died before 1850.
May 7 Count Franz Pocci a significant official in the court of King Ludwig the First of Bavaria. However, he is best known as the founding Director of the Munich Marionette Theatre, shadow puppeteer and author of countless puppet plays and children's stories
May 8 Karl Wilhelm Gottlieb Leopold Fuckel a German botanist who worked largely on fungi.