1883 events in history

Jan 16 The Pendleton Civil Service Reform Act, establishing the United States Civil Service, is passed
Jan 19 The first electric lighting system employing overhead wires, built by Thomas Edison, begins service at Roselle, New Jersey
Feb 23 Alabama becomes the first U.S. state to enact an anti-trust law
Feb 28 The first vaudeville theater opens in Boston
Mar 20 The Paris Convention for the Protection of Industrial Property is signed
Mar 28 Tonkin Campaign: French victory in the Battle of Gia Cuc
May 20 Krakatoa begins to erupt; the volcano explodes three months later, killing more than 36,000 people
May 24 The Brooklyn Bridge in New York City is opened to traffic after 14 years of construction
May 27 Alexander III is crowned Tsar of Russia
May 30 In New York City, a rumor that the Brooklyn Bridge is going to collapse causes a stampede that crushes twelve people
Jun 5 The first regularly scheduled Orient Express departs Paris
Jun 16 The Victoria Hall theatre panic in Sunderland, England kills 183 children
Aug 12 The last quagga dies at the Artis Magistra zoo in Amsterdam, Netherlands
Aug 17 The first public performance of the Dominican Republic's national anthem, Himno Nacional
Aug 21 An F5 tornado strikes Rochester, Minnesota, leading to the creation of the Mayo Clinic
Aug 25 France and Viet Nam sign the Treaty of Huế, recognizing a French protectorate over Annam and Tonkin
Aug 26 The 1883 eruption of Krakatoa begins its final, paroxysmal, stage
Sep 8 The Northern Pacific Railway (reporting mark NP) was completed in a ceremony at Gold Creek, Montana. Former president Ulysses S. Grant drove in the final "golden spike" in an event attended by rail and political luminaries
Oct 4 First run of the Orient Express
Oct 4 First meeting of the Boys' Brigade in Glasgow, Scotland
Oct 20 Peru and Chile sign the Treaty of Ancón, by which the Tarapacá province is ceded to the latter, bringing an end to Peru's involvement in the War of the Pacific
Oct 22 The Metropolitan Opera House in New York City opens with a performance of Gounod's Faust
Nov 3 American Old West: Self-described "Black Bart the poet" gets away with his last stagecoach robbery, but leaves a clue that eventually leads to his capture
Nov 9 The Royal Winnipeg Rifles of the Canadian Armed Forces (known then as the "90th Winnipeg Battalion of Rifles") is founded
Nov 18 American and Canadian railroads institute five standard continental time zones, ending the confusion of thousands of local times
Dec 21 The Royal Canadian Dragoons and The Royal Canadian Regiment, the first Permanent Force cavalry and infantry regiments of the Canadian Army, are formed
Dec 26 The Harbour Grace Affray between Irish Catholics and Protestant Orangemen causes five deaths in Newfoundland