Died in 1896

Jan 1 Alfred Ely Beach an American inventor, publisher, and patent lawyer, born in Springfield, Massachusetts. He is most known for his design of New York City's earliest subway predecessor, the Beach Pneumatic Transit. He also patented a typewriter for the blind
Jan 2 Walthère Frère-Orban a Belgian liberal politician and statesman.
Jan 4 Joseph Hubert Reinkens the first German Old Catholic bishop.
Jan 6 Thomas W. Knox a journalist, author, and world traveler, known primarily for his work as a New York Herald correspondent during the American Civil War. As an author, Knox wrote over 45 books, including a popular series of travel adventure books for boys
Jan 8 William Rainey Marshall an American politician. He was the fifth Governor of Minnesota from January 8, 1866 to January 9, 1870 and was a member of the Republican party. He served as an officer in the 7th Minnesota Volunteer Infantry Regiment during the American Civil War
Jan 8 Paul Verlaine a French poet associated with the Symbolist movement. He is considered one of the greatest representatives of the fin de siècle in international and French poetry
Jan 11 Benjamin Brierley an English weaver and writer in Lancashire dialect.
Jan 11 Francis C. Barlow a lawyer, politician, and Union General during the American Civil War.
Jan 11 João de Deus one of the greatest Portuguese poets of his generation.
Jan 15 Mathew Brady one of the first American photographers, best known for his scenes of the Civil War.
Jan 18 Charles Floquet a French statesman.
Jan 20 Graciano López Jaena well known for his newspaper, La Solidaridad.
Jan 20 Prince Henry of Battenberg a morganatic descendant of the Grand Ducal House of Hesse, later becoming a member of the British Royal Family, through his marriage to Princess Beatrice.
Jan 24 Nikolay Strakhov a Russian philosopher, publicist and literary critic who shared the ideals of pochvennichestvo. He was a long-time friend and correspondent of Leo Tolstoy
Jan 25 Frederic Leighton 1st Baron Leighton an English painter and sculptor. His works depicted historical, biblical and classical subject matter. Leighton was bearer of the shortest-lived peerage in history; after only one day his hereditary peerage ended with his death
Jan 27 Simeon Bavier a Swiss politician, member of the Swiss Federal Council.
Jan 27 Enrique de Ossó y Cercelló a priest and educator. His father had originally opposed his being a priest, while his mother favored it, sending him to do apprentice in textile work. Some time after the death of his mother he fled to the monastery of Montserrat and his father ultimately agreed to his becoming a priest. Enrique de Ossó y Cercelló was ordained in 1867. He became active as a catechist and wrote various works, including one for children, to serve that. He had a particular interest in the value of women and in Teresa of Ávila. He founded the Company of Saint Teresa of Jesus to educate women and the mass-movement Hermanadad Teresiana Universal. He was canonized in 1993
Jan 28 Johannes Müller Argoviensis the name used by the Swiss botanist Johann Müller. He was the monographer of Resedaceae, Apocynaceae and Euphorbiaceae in P. de Candolle's Prodromus and Martius's Flora Brasiliensis. He was also an authority on lichens
Jan 31 Josef Jiří Kolár a Czech theatrical actor, director, translator, and writer.
Feb 2 Princess Elisabeth of Saxe-Altenburg (1826–1896) a daughter of Joseph, Duke of Saxe-Altenburg and his wife Duchess Amelia of Württemberg. By marriage, she became Grand Duchess of Oldenburg
Feb 3 Alexey Bogolyubov a Russian landscape painter.
Feb 6 Julie Dorus-Gras a Belgian operatic soprano. Both give the singer's nationality as Belgian. Forbes in Sadie and Kuhn both describe her as a "South Netherlands soprano"; Spire Pitou does not specify nationality. Forbes , Kuhn, and Pitou give the singer's date of birth as 7 September 1805, while Warrack gives 9 September 1805, which is likely an error
Feb 6 John Gibbon a career United States Army officer who fought in the American Civil War and the Indian Wars.
Feb 12 Ambroise Thomas a French composer, best known for his operas Mignon and Hamlet and as Director of the Conservatoire de Paris from 1871 till his death.
Feb 16 Jens Andreas Friis a Norwegian linguist and author. He is widely recognized as the founder of the Sami language studies
Feb 22 George D. Robinson an American politician.
Feb 26 Arsène Houssaye born at Bruyères , near Laon. His real surname was Housset
Feb 28 Ante Starčević a Croatian politician and writer whose activities and works laid the foundations for the modern Croatian state. His works are considered to have laid the foundations for Croatian nationalism and is often referred to as "Father of the Homeland" by Croats
Mar 4 Petro Nishchynsky a Ukrainian linguist and composer. He was born in the village of Nemenka, currently in the Vinnytsia Oblast of Ukraine
Mar 5 Frederic T. Greenhalge a British-born lawyer and politician in the United States state of Massachusetts. He served in the United States House of Representatives and was the state's 38th governor. He was elected three consecutive times, but died early in his third term
Mar 12 Nikolay Grigoryevich Yershov a Russian entomologist mainly interested in Lepidoptera.
Mar 15 John Ireland (politician) the 18th Governor of Texas from 1883 to 1887. During Ireland's term, the University of Texas was established, and construction on the Texas State Capitol began. Ireland is credited with the selection of local pink granite as the construction material
Mar 18 Otto Roquette a German author.
Mar 19 George Richmond (painter) an English painter. In his youth he was a member of The Ancients, a group of followers of William Blake. Later in life he established a career as a portrait painter
Mar 21 William Quan Judge a mystic, esotericist, and occultist, and one of the founders of the original Theosophical Society. He was born in Dublin, Ireland. When he was 13 years old, his family emigrated to the United States. He became a naturalized citizen of the USA at age 21 and passed the New York state bar exam, specializing in commercial law
Mar 21 George Denison (priest) a Church of England priest.
Mar 22 Thomas Hughes an English lawyer, judge and author. He is most famous for his novel Tom Brown's School Days , a semi-autobiographical work set at Rugby School, which Hughes had attended. It had a lesser-known sequel, Tom Brown at Oxford
Mar 22 Ludwig Laistner a German novelist, mythologist, and literary historian.
Mar 24 Florvil Hyppolite the President of Haiti from 17 October 1889 to 24 March 1896. He was a career soldier, a general. He was installed as president by a constitutional council. He was reportedly under the influence of Victoire Jean-Baptiste, mistress of his successor Tirésias Simon Sam
Mar 29 Leó Frankel a Communist revolutionary of Hungarian and Jewish origin.
Mar 30 Charilaos Trikoupis a Greek politician who served as a Prime Minister of Greece seven times from 1875 until 1895.
Apr 10 John Edward Jones (governor) an American politician. He was the eighth Governor of Nevada. He was a member of the Silver Party
Apr 12 Carl Humann a German engineer, architect and archaeologist. He discovered the Pergamon Altar
Apr 12 Alexander Ritter a German composer and violinist. He wrote two operas - Der faule Hans and Wem die Krone?, a few songs, a symphonic waltz and two symphonic fantasias. Ritter died in Munich
Apr 15 Alexander Järnefelt a Finnish general, topographist, governor and senator.
Apr 21 Léon Say born in Paris.
Apr 21 Maurice de Hirsch a German-Jewish philanthropist who set up charitable foundations to promote Jewish education and improve the lot of oppressed European Jewry. He was the founder of the Jewish Colonization Association which sponsored large-scale Jewish immigration to Argentina
Apr 21 Adalbert Krüger a German astronomer. Born in Marienburg, Prussia, he was editor of Astronomische Nachrichten from 1881
Apr 22 Thomas Meik a British engineer, born in Duddingston, Midlothian.
Apr 22 Mårten Eskil Winge a Swedish artist especially known for his Norse mythology paintings. He was a friend of August Malmström and under influence from Nils Blommér and Carl Wahlbom. He is associated with the Düsseldorf school of painting