1897 events in history

Jan 23 Elva Zona Heaster is found dead in Greenbrier County, West Virginia. The resulting murder trial of her husband is perhaps the only case in United States history where the alleged testimony of a ghost helped secure a conviction
Feb 1 Shinhan Bank, the oldest bank in South Korea, opens in Seoul
Feb 3 The Greco-Turkish War breaks out
Feb 7 Greco-Turkish War: The first full-scale battle takes place when the Greek expeditionary force in Crete defeats a 4,000-strong Ottoman force at Livadeia
Feb 28 Queen Ranavalona III, the last monarch of Madagascar, is deposed by a French military force
Mar 13 San Diego State University is founded
Apr 17 The Aurora, Texas UFO incident
Apr 18 The Greco-Turkish War is declared between Greece and the Ottoman Empire
Apr 19 Léo Taxil exposes his own fabrications concerning Freemasonry
May 14 The Stars and Stripes Forever is first performed in public near Willow Grove Park, Philadelphia
May 19 Oscar Wilde is released from Reading Gaol
May 22 The Blackwall Tunnel under the River Thames is officially opened
May 26 Dracula, a novel by the Irish author Bram Stoker, is published
Jun 16 A treaty annexing the Republic of Hawaii to the United States is signed; the Republic would not be dissolved until a year later
Jun 22 British colonial officers Charles Walter Rand and Lt. Charles Egerton Ayerst are assassinated in Pune, Maharashtra, India by the Chapekar brothers and Mahadeo Vinayak Ranade, who are later caught and hanged
Jul 2 Italian scientist Guglielmo Marconi obtains a patent for radio in London
Jul 11 Salomon August Andrée leaves Spitsbergen to attempt to reach the North Pole by balloon. He later crashes and dies
Jul 26 Anglo-Afghan War: The Pashtun fakir Saidullah leads an army of more than 10,000 to begin a siege of the British garrison in the Malakand Agency of the North West Frontier Province of India
Aug 2 Anglo-Afghan War: The Siege of Malakand ends when a relief column is able to reach the British garrison in the Malakand states adjacent to India's North West Frontier Province
Aug 14 Franco-Hova Wars: The town of Anosimena is captured by French troops from Menabe defenders in Madagascar
Aug 21 Oldsmobile, a brand of American automobiles, is founded
Aug 30 The town of Ambiky is captured by France from Menabe in Madagascar
Aug 31 Thomas Edison patents the Kinetoscope, the first movie projector
Sep 1 The Tremont Street Subway in Boston opens, becoming the first underground rapid transit system in North America
Sep 10 Lattimer massacre: A sheriff's posse kills 20 unarmed immigrant miners in Pennsylvania, United States
Sep 11 After months of pursuit, generals of Menelik II of Ethiopia capture Gaki Sherocho, the last king of Kaffa, bringing an end to that ancient kingdom
Sep 12 Tirah Campaign: Battle of Saragarhi
Sep 21 The "Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus" editorial is published in the New York Sun
Oct 10 German chemist Felix Hoffmann discovers an improved way of synthesizing acetylsalicylic acid (aspirin)
Nov 1 The first Library of Congress building opens its doors to the public. The Library had been housed in the Congressional Reading Room in the U.S. Capitol
Dec 6 London becomes the world's first city to host licensed taxicabs
Dec 9 Activist Marguerite Durand founds the feminist daily newspaper La Fronde in Paris
Dec 12 Belo Horizonte, the first planned city in Brazil, is founded
Dec 30 The British Colony of Natal annexes Zululand