Born in 1900

Jan 1 Sam Berger a Canadian owner of the Canadian Football League's Ottawa Rough Riders and Montreal Alouettes and president of the CFL.
Jan 1 Chiune Sugihara a Japanese diplomat who served as Vice-Consul for the Empire of Japan in Lithuania. During World War II, he helped several thousand Jews leave the country by issuing transit visas to Jewish refugees so that they could travel to Japan. Most of the Jews who escaped were refugees from German-occupied Poland and residents of Lithuania. Sugihara wrote travel visas that facilitated the escape of more than 6,000 Jewish refugees to Japanese territory, risking his career and his family's lives. Sugihara had told the refugees to call him "Sempo", the Sino-Japanese reading of the characters in his first name, discovering it was much easier for Western people to pronounce. In 1985, Israel named him to the Righteous Among the Nations for his actions, the only Japanese to be so honored
Jan 1 Xavier Cugat a Spanish-American bandleader who spent his formative years in Havana, Cuba. A trained violinist and arranger, he was a personality in the spread of Latin music in United States popular music. He was also a cartoonist. In New York, he was the leader of the resident orchestra at the Waldorf-Astoria before and after World War II
Jan 1 Elizabeth Zarubina a Soviet spy. She was known as Elizabeth Zubilin while serving in the United States, and also known as Lisa Gorskaya
Jan 1 Paola Borboni an Italian film actress whose career spanned nine decades of cinema. She also made a substantial contribution to theatre
Jan 2 William Haines an American film actor and interior designer.
Jan 3 Donald J. Russell an American railroad executive. He was president of Southern Pacific Railroad from 1952–1964 and then chairman from 1964–1972. Russell was featured on the cover of Time on August 11, 1961 and Forbes on November 1, 1965
Jan 4 James Bond (ornithologist) a leading American ornithologist, an expert on the birds of the Caribbean. His name was appropriated by writer Ian Fleming for his fictional spy, James Bond
Jan 5 Xun Huisheng one of the four great twentieth century performers of the Dan role type in Jingju with Mei Lanfang, Cheng Yanqiu and Shang Xiaoyun. Xun is best known for his portrayal of huadan roles, women who tended to be more vivacious or even of questionable character
Jan 5 Yves Tanguy a French surrealist painter.
Jan 6 Maria of Yugoslavia the Queen of Yugoslavia as the wife of King Alexander. Her citizenship was revoked and her property confiscated by the communist Presidium of Yugoslavia in 1947, for which she was rehabilitated in 2014
Jan 7 John Brownlee (baritone) an Australian operatic baritone. For most of his professional career he was based in Europe and then United States. He married former Countess Donna Carla Oddone di Feletto in Paris on 29 November 1928, and the couple had a daughter and two sons. He died in New York and was buried in Ferncliff cemetery, Hartsdale
Jan 7 Arvo Haavisto a Finnish freestyle wrestler and Olympic champion.
Jan 7 Robert Le Vigan a French actor.
Jan 8 Merlyn Myer an Australian philanthropist, who was knighted in recognition of her charitable work.
Jan 8 Solon Earl Low a Canadian politician in the 20th century.
Jan 9 Richard Halliburton an American traveler, adventurer, and author. Best known today for having swum the length of the Panama Canal and paying the lowest toll in its history—36 cents—Halliburton was headline news for most of his brief career. His final and fatal adventure, an attempt to sail a Chinese junk, the Sea Dragon, across the Pacific Ocean from Hong Kong to the Golden Gate International Exposition in San Francisco, made him legendary
Jan 9 Anton Schmid an Austrian conscript to the Wehrmacht in World War II who, as a sergeant in Vilnius, Lithuania, was executed by his superiors for helping 250 Jewish men, women, and children escape from extermination by the Nazi SS during the European Jewish Holocaust. He did this by hiding them and supplying them with false ID papers
Jan 9 Clarence Emmeren Kobuski an American botanist and biologist. He was the curator of the Arnold Arboretum and the Gray Herbarium at Harvard University from 1954 until his death in 1963. He never married nor had any children
Jan 9 Vasiliy Grabin a Soviet artillery designer. He led a design bureau at Joseph Stalin Factory 92 in Gorky
Jan 12 Fuller Albright an American endocrinologist who made numerous contributions to his field, especially to the area of calcium metabolism.
Jan 12 Todor Angelov a Bulgarian anarcho-communist revolutionary who lived and was active for a long time in Western Europe. During World War II, he headed a Brussels-based group of the Belgian Resistance against Nazi Germany; he was captured and sentenced to death by the Nazis
Jan 13 Prince Nikita Alexandrovich of Russia a son of Grand Duke Alexander Mikhailovich of Russia and Grand Duchess Xenia Alexandrovna of Russia. He was a nephew of Tsar Nicholas II of Russia
Jan 14 Jenő Barcsay a Hungarian painter.
Jan 14 Abu Al-Asar Hafeez Jullundhri a Pakistani Urdu-language poet who wrote the lyrics for the National Anthem of Pakistan.
Jan 15 César Domela a Dutch sculptor, painter, photographer, and typographer, and a key member of the De Stijl movement.
Jan 15 William Heinesen a poet, novel writer, short story writer, children's book writer, composer and painter from the Faroe Islands.
Jan 16 Edith Frank the mother of Holocaust diarist Anne Frank. She died from starvation at the age of forty-four
Jan 19 Leslie White an American anthropologist known for his advocacy of theories of cultural evolution, sociocultural evolution, and especially neoevolutionism, and for his role in creating the department of anthropology at the University of Michigan Ann Arbor. He was president of the American Anthropological Association
Jan 19 Mikhail Isakovsky a Russian poet, a laureate of 2 USSR State Prizes , a Hero of Socialist Labor. A member of CPSU since 1918
Jan 19 Vadim Borisovsky a Russian violist.
Jan 20 Colin Clive an English stage and screen actor best remembered for his portrayal of Frankenstein in James Whale's two Universal Frankenstein films Frankenstein and Bride of Frankenstein.
Jan 20 Anatoli Golovnya a Soviet cinematographer, renowned for his work with Vsevolod Pudovkin. In 1969 he was a member of the jury at the 6th Moscow International Film Festival
Jan 21 Fernando Quiroga y Palacios a Spanish Cardinal of the Roman Catholic Church who served as Archbishop of Santiago de Compostela from 1949 until his death and was elevated to the cardinalate in 1953 by Pope Pius XII.
Jan 22 Ernst Busch (actor) a German singer and actor.
Jan 23 William Ifor Jones a Welsh conductor and organist. Born into a large coal-mining family and raised in Merthyr Tydfil, Jones studied at the Royal Academy of Music in London from 1920 to 1925. He studied the organ with Sir Stanley Marchant at Paul's Cathedral, London; orchestral conducting with Sir Henry Wood and Ernest Read; and harmony with Benjamin Dale. He was for a time organist at the Welsh Baptist Church in Castle Street, London, worked at the Royal Opera House, Covent Garden, and assisted with the British National Opera Company in the role of prompter
Jan 24 Theodosius Dobzhansky a prominent geneticist and evolutionary biologist, and a central figure in the field of evolutionary biology for his work in shaping the unifying modern evolutionary synthesis. Dobzhansky was born in Ukraine and emigrated to the United States as a young man in 1927
Jan 25 István Fekete a Hungarian writer, author of several youth novels and animal stories.
Jan 26 Andy Auld a Scottish American soccer player who spent most of his professional career in the American Soccer League as a midfielder and forward. He earned five caps with the United States national team, three coming in the 1930 FIFA World Cup. He was inducted into the National Soccer Hall of Fame in 1986
Jan 26 Karl Ristenpart a German conductor.
Jan 27 Hyman G. Rickover a United States Navy admiral who directed the original development of naval nuclear propulsion and controlled its operations for three decades as director of Naval Reactors. In addition, he oversaw the development of the Shippingport Atomic Power Station, the world's first commercial pressurized water reactor used for generating electricity
Jan 27 Aleksanteri Ahola-Valo a Finnish artist, architect and thinker. Inventor of "AE-evohomology" life philosophy. He was a witness of the Russian Revolution. In 1925 he took part in Battleship Potemkin silent film. In 1930 he designed "The temple of violence of mankind" in Minsk, Belarusia
Jan 27 Ivan Ivanov-Vano a Soviet animator and Russian animation director, sometimes called the "Patriarch of Soviet animation".
Jan 28 Alice Neel an American visual artist, who was particularly well known for oil painting and for her portraits depicting friends, family, lovers, poets, artists and strangers. Her paintings are notable for their expressionistic use of line and color, psychological acumen, and emotional intensity. Neel was called "one of the greatest portrait artists of the 20th century" by Barry Walker, curator of modern and contemporary art at the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, which organized a retrospective of her work in 2010
Jan 28 Hermann Kesten a German novelist and dramatist. He was one of the principal literary figures of the New Objectivity movement in 1920's Germany
Jan 30 Isaak Dunayevsky the biggest Soviet film composer and conductor of the 1930s and 1940s, who achieved huge success in music for operetta and film comedies, frequently working with the film director Grigori Aleksandrov. He is considered one of the greatest Soviet composers of all time. Many of his songs are very well known and held in high regard in Russia and the former Soviet Union
Jan 31 Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov a Macedonia-born Bulgarian philosopher, pedagogue, alchemist, mystic, magus and astrologer. A leading 20th-century teacher of Western Esotericism in Europe, he was a disciple of the universal spiritual Master Peter Deunov , the founder of the Universal White Brotherhood
Jan 31 Betty Parsons an American artist, art dealer and collector known for her early promotion of Abstract Expressionism.
Feb 1 Jānis Lipke a Latvian rescuer of Jews in Riga during World War II.
Feb 1 Clarence Pinkston an American diver. Born in Wichita, Kansas, he attended San Diego High where he won a Gymnastics title at age 15. He is the first San Diegan to win an Olympic Gold Medal. Pinkston attended college at Oregon State University and Stanford University. Pinkston won a gold medal in 10 metre platform diving and a silver medal in 3 metre springboard diving at the 1920 Summer Olympics; he won two bronze medals in the same two events at the 1924 Summer Olympics. Pinkston met Elizabeth "Betty" Becker at the 1924 Games; they later married and Pink became Betty's coach