Born in 1902

Jan 1 Hans von Dohnányi a German jurist of Hungarian ancestry, rescuer of Jews, and German resistance fighter against the Nazi régime.
Jan 1 Valerian Zorin a Soviet diplomat and statesman best remembered for his famous confrontation with Adlai Stevenson on October 25, 1962, during the Cuban Missile Crisis.
Jan 1 Buster Nupen a cricketer who played in 17 Test matches for South Africa between 1921–22 and 1935–36.
Jan 2 Sybil Seely a silent film actress who worked with the well known silent film comedy actor Buster Keaton. She was credited in most of her films as Sibye Trevilla
Jan 2 Dan Keating a lifelong Irish republican and patron of Republican Sinn Féin. At the time of death he was Ireland's oldest man and the last surviving veteran of the Irish War of Independence
Jan 4 Ivan Tevosian a Soviet statesman and politician of Armenian descent. Hero of Socialist Labor
Jan 4 John A. McCone an American businessman and politician who served as Director of Central Intelligence during the height of the Cold War.
Jan 5 Hubert Beuve-Méry a French journalist and newspaper editor. Before the Second World War, he was associated with right-wing causes and collaborated with the Vichy regime until December 1942, when he joined the Resistance. In 1944, he founded Le Monde at the behest of Charles de Gaulle. Following the liberation of France Beuve-Méry, built Le Monde from the ruins of Le Temps using its offices, printing presses, masthead and those staff members who had not collaborated with the Germans
Jan 5 Stella Gibbons an English author, journalist, and poet. She established her reputation with her first novel, Cold Comfort Farm , which won the literary Prix Femina Étranger and has been reprinted many times. Although she was active as a writer for half a century, none of her later 22 novels or other literary works—which included a sequel to Cold Comfort Farm—achieved the same critical or popular success. Much of her work was long out of print before a modest revival in the 21st century
Jan 5 Adam Ciołkosz a Polish scout, soldier, publicist and politician, who was one of the most important leaders of the Polish Socialist Party, both in the Second Polish Republic and in exile during and after World War II.
Jan 5 Adolfo Zumelzú a football player from Argentina.
Jan 5 Véra Nabokov the wife, editor, and translator of Vladimir Nabokov, and a source of inspiration for many of his works.
Jan 5 Maruja Mallo a Spanish painter.
Jan 5 Grigorii Grebnev a Soviet journalist and science fiction and adventure writer, who wrote under the name Grigorii Grebnev. He also wrote screenplays, including the adaptation of Alexander Kuprin's story for The White Poodle 1956 film
Jan 6 Jia Ruskaja a Russian dancer and choreographer who established a national dance school in Italy. Her stage name "Jia Ruskaja", which means "I am Russian", was used for the first time by Anton Giulio Bragaglia
Jan 6 Aryeh Altman an Israeli politician who served as a member of the Knesset for Herut and Gahal between 1951 and 1965.
Jan 7 George Kingsley Zipf an American linguist and philologist who studied statistical occurrences in different languages.
Jan 7 Sergei Khudyakov a Soviet Armenian Marshal of Aviation.
Jan 7 June Miller the much-written-about and discussed second wife of Henry Miller.
Jan 8 Carl Rogers an influential American psychologist and among the founders of the humanistic approach to psychology. Rogers is widely considered to be one of the founding fathers of psychotherapy research and was honored for his pioneering research with the Award for Distinguished Scientific Contributions by the American Psychological Association in 1956
Jan 8 Georgy Malenkov a Soviet politician and Communist Party leader.
Jan 9 Rudolf Bing an Austrian-born opera impresario who worked in Germany, the United Kingdom and the United States, most notably being General Manager of the Metropolitan Opera in New York from 1950 to 1972. He became a British citizen in 1946 and was knighted by Queen Elizabeth II in 1971
Jan 9 Josemaría Escrivá called to holiness and that ordinary life is a path to sanctity. He was canonized in 2002 by Pope John Paul II, who declared Saint Josemaría should be "counted among the great witnesses of Christianity."
Jan 10 Dobriša Cesarić a Croatian poet and translator born in Požega. Despite his limited output, Cesarić is considered as one of the greatest Croatian poets of the 20th century
Jan 11 Maurice Duruflé a French composer, organist, and teacher.
Jan 12 Victor Gsovsky a Russian ballet dancer, teacher, balletmaster and choreographer.
Jan 15 Nâzım Hikmet a Turkish poet, playwright, novelist and memoirist. He was acclaimed for the "lyrical flow of his statements". Described as a "romantic communist" and "romantic revolutionary", he was repeatedly arrested for his political beliefs and spent much of his adult life in prison or in exile. His poetry has been translated into more than fifty languages
Jan 15 Saud of Saudi Arabia King of Saudi Arabia from 1953 to 1964.
Jan 16 Róża Herman a Polish chess mistress.
Jan 16 Eric Liddell a Scottish athlete, rugby union international player, and missionary, who was forced to choose between his religious beliefs and competing in an Olympic race.
Jan 17 Leonid Trauberg an Ukrainian Soviet film director and screenwriter. He directed 17 films between 1924 and 1961 and was awarded the Stalin Prize in 1941. Trauberg was Jewish
Jan 20 Kevin Barry the first Irish republican to be executed by the British since the leaders of the Easter Rising. Barry was sentenced to death for his part in an Irish Volunteers operation which resulted in the deaths of three British soldiers
Jan 20 Leon Ames an American film and television actor. He is best remembered for playing father figures in such films as Meet Me in Louis with Judy Garland as one of his daughters, Little Women , On Moonlight Bay and By the Light of the Silvery Moon. The fathers whom Ames portrayed were often somewhat stuffy and exasperated by the younger generation, but ultimately kind and understanding. His most famous role came as DA Kyle Sackett from the film The Postman Always Rings Twice
Jan 21 Leonid Obolensky a Russian and Soviet actor, born on 21 January 1902 in Arzamas. Born into a family of a bank employee, he studied at the Gerasimov Institute of Cinematography
Jan 21 Paul Harsin a professor at the University of Liège, Belgium. In 1950, he was awarded the Francqui Prize on Human Sciences
Jan 22 Daniel Kinsey an American hurdler and a scholar in physical education.
Jan 23 Josef Silný a Czech football player.
Jan 24 Oskar Morgenstern a German-born economist. In collaboration with mathematician John von Neumann, he founded the mathematical field of game theory and its application to economics
Jan 24 Heinosuke Gosho a Japanese film director who directed Japan's first talkie, The Neighbor's Wife and Mine, in 1931. He once served as president of the Directors Guild of Japan
Jan 24 Ephraim Avigdor Speiser a Jewish Polish-born American Assyriologist. He discovered the ancient site of Tepe Gawra in 1927 and supervised its excavation between 1931 and 1938
Jan 25 André Beaufre a French general. Beaufre ended World War II with the rank of colonel. Well known by the Anglo-Saxon world as a military strategist and as an exponent of an independent French nuclear force. In 1921 Beaufre entered the military academy at École Spéciale Militaire de Saint-Cyr, where he met the future French president Charles de Gaulle, who was an instructor. In 1925 he saw action in Morocco against the Rif, who opposed French rule. Beaufre then studied at the École Supérieure de Guerre and at the École Libre des Sciences Politiques and was subsequently assigned to the French army's general staff
Jan 25 Johann von Leers an Alter Kämpfer and an honorary Sturmbannführer in the Waffen SS in Nazi Germany, where he was also a professor known for his anti-Jewish polemics. He was one of the most important ideologues of the Third Reich, serving as a high-ranking propaganda ministry official. He later served in the Egyptian Information Department, as well as an advisor to Gamal Abdel Nasser. He published for Goebbels, in Peron's Argentina and for Nasser's Egypt. He converted to Islam, and changed his name to Omar Amin
Jan 26 Jokichi Ikarashi a Japanese supercentenarian who was thought to be the world's oldest verified living man after the death of 111-year-old James McCoubrey on July 5, 2013, until he died 18 days later of pneumonia at the age of 111 years, 178 days, However it was subsequently determined that Salustiano Sanchez , was born before Ikarashi and therefore he was the oldest living man. As stated by the Japanese Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, Ikarashi was the oldest living man in Japan upon the death of 116-year-old Jiroemon Kimura on June 12, 2013
Jan 26 Menno ter Braak a Dutch modernist author.
Jan 27 Carl Berner (supercentenarian) a German-born American supercentenarian, civic activist, and former toymaker. Before his death he was the second-oldest living American man whose age had been verified behind James McCoubrey. He had also been the oldest living man in New York City for at least the last two years of his life. At the time of his death he was the second-oldest verified German-born man ever, behind Hermann Dörnemann, who lived for 111 years and 279 days
Jan 27 Yosef Sapir an Israeli politician and Knesset member of the 1st to 7th Knessets. He served as head of the General Zionists and was a founding member of the Gahal party
Jan 28 John Savio a Norwegian artist, known for his woodcuts, of Sami and Kven descent. He is thought to have been autodidact as artist
Jan 28 Alfred H. Barr Jr. an American art historian and the first director of the Museum of Modern Art in New York City. From that position, he was one of the most influential forces in the development of popular attitudes toward modern art; for example, his arranging of the blockbuster Van Gogh exhibition of 1935, in the words of author Bernice Kert, was "a precursor to the hold Van Gogh has to this day on the contemporary imagination."
Jan 29 Lyubov Orlova the first recognized star of Soviet cinema, famous theatre actress and a gifted singer.
Jan 29 Arlette Marchal a French film actress. She appeared in 41 films between 1922 and 1951. She was born and died in Paris