Born in 1907

Jan 1 Kinue Hitomi a Japanese athlete. She was the world record holder in several events in the 1920s – 1930s and was the first Japanese woman to win an Olympic medal
Jan 1 Eduardo Reyes Ortíz a Bolivian football Forward.
Jan 1 Jean Carzou a French–Armenian artist, painter, and illustrator, whose work illustrated the novels of Ernest Hemingway and Albert Camus.
Jan 1 Marian Wróbel a prominent Polish chess problemist of the mid-twentieth century. Between 1947 and 1950 he was considered the leading chess composer in the world. During his lifetime he published more than 1,000 problems and was a FIDE International Master of Chess Composition
Jan 1 Gumercindo Gómez a Bolivian football Forward.
Jan 3 Ray Milland a Welsh actor and director. His screen career ran from 1929 to 1985, and he is best remembered for his Academy Award–winning portrayal of an alcoholic writer in The Lost Weekend , a sophisticated leading man opposite a corrupt John Wayne in Reap the Wild Wind , the murder-plotting husband in Dial M for Murder , and as Oliver Barrett III in Love Story
Jan 4 Joe Marsala an Italian-American jazz clarinetist and songwriter, born and initially based in Chicago, Marsala moved to New York City in 1933 at the request of Wingy Manone. It was in NYC that Joe found his greatest success as the leader of the 1936 band that entered the Hickory House on 52nd Street. He remained there as leader for ten years
Jan 4 Joseph Serebriany a Soviet Russian painter and stage decorator, who lived and worked in Leningrad, a member of the Leningrad Union of Artists, People's Artist of the Russian Federation, professor of the Repin Institute of Arts, regarded as one of the leading representatives of the Leningrad school of painting, well known for his portrait paintings.
Jan 4 Vasilij Kvachantiradze credited with confirmed kills numbering at least 215 officers and soldiers of the German Wehrmacht during the Vitebsk-Orsha Offensive. and around 534 confirmed kills total during Operation Bagration or during the war.
Jan 4 Nikolay Dubinin a Soviet and Russian biologist and academician.
Jan 4 Walter Donaldson (snooker player) a Scottish professional snooker player.
Jan 6 Dionisio Mejía a Mexican football forward who made one appearance for the Mexican national team at the 1930 FIFA World Cup.
Jan 6 Adalbert Püllöck a Romanian footballer who played as a goalkeeper. He was born in Austria-Hungary
Jan 6 Carl Voss an American ice hockey forward in the National Hockey League.
Jan 6 David Fleay an Australian naturalist who pioneered the captive breeding of endangered species, and was the first person to breed the platypus in captivity.
Jan 7 Mykola Livytskyi a Ukrainian politician and journalist. He was the Prime Minister and the President of the Ukrainian People's Republic in exile
Jan 7 Viktor Leselidze a Colonel and Hero of the Soviet Union who distuingished himself during a fatal yet successful melee assault against Finnish forces at the Svir River in World War He was also the brother of Col.General Konstantin Leselidze who died in the same year.
Jan 7 Mirali Qashqai an eminent Azerbaijani and Soviet geologist, author of multitude works in the sphere of geomorphology and stratigraphy. Honorary member of Mineralogical Society, chairman of Azerbaijani department of the Society, full member of the National Academy of Sciences of the Azerbaijan SSR. He was one of the founders of scientific school in the sphere geologo-mineralogical sciences and he was the supervisor of geochemistry and mineralogy of ore departments of Geology Institute of the National Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan. Most important works of Mir Ali Gashgai were dedicated to petrology and mineralogy of Azerbaijan. Qashqai studied the iron-cobalt and alunite deposits of Dashkesan and discovered the deposits of obsidian and perlite in Kalbajar. Together with Aliyev, he compiled the geothermic map of Azerbaijan and proposed the theory of volcanic origin of Caucasian pyrite and chalcopyrite instead of the intrusive one. Following the landfall of Yardymly meteorite in 1959 he led the examination of its chemical and physical properties
Jan 7 Nicanor Zabaleta a Spanish harpist.
Jan 8 Jean Hyppolite a French philosopher known for championing the work of Hegel, and other German philosophers, and educating some of France's most prominent post-war thinkers.
Jan 9 Eldred G. Smith the patriarch emeritus of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and held the calling of Patriarch to the Church from 1947 to 1979. He was the oldest and longest-serving general authority of the church at his death, although he had not been active in that capacity for many years
Jan 9 Feliks Konarski a Polish poet, songwriter, and cabaret performer.
Jan 10 Peggy Shannon an American actress. She appeared on the stage and screen of the 1920s and 1930s
Jan 11 Abraham Joshua Heschel a Polish-born American rabbi and one of the leading Jewish theologians and Jewish philosophers of the 20th century. Heschel, a professor of Jewish mysticism at the Jewish Theological Seminary of America, authored a number of widely read books on Jewish philosophy and was active in the American Civil Rights movement
Jan 11 Pierre Mendès France a French politician who served as President of the Council of Ministers in 1954-55. It was under the government of Mendès France that France withdrew its military forces from Vietnam in 1954. He is known for his unusual habit of drinking milk during speeches to the chamber during his Prime Ministership
Jan 12 Norair Sisakian a Soviet Armenian biochemist, academic, one of the founders of space biology, an outstanding organizer of science, a member of the Pugwash movement. He was a Member of the Presidium of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR, a member of the Armenian Academy of Sciences, the Vice-President of the International Academy of Astronautics, the Chairman of the Committee on Bioastronautics of the International Astronautics Federation. State Prize of the USSR in 1952. In 1964 he was unanimously elected as a President of the 21st session of the UNESCO General Conference
Jan 12 Sergei Korolev the lead Soviet rocket engineer and spacecraft designer in the Space Race between the United States and the Soviet Union during the 1950s and 1960s. He is considered by many as the father of practical astronautics
Jan 13 Jeff Morrow an American actor educated at the Pratt Institute in his native New York City. He was a commercial artist prior to turning to acting
Jan 14 Georges-Émile Lapalme a politician in Quebec, Canada, member of the Legislative Assembly of Quebec, and leader of the Quebec Liberal Party.
Jan 15 Janusz Kusociński a Polish athlete, winner in the 10000 m event at the 1932 Summer Olympics.
Jan 15 Gennady Gor a Russian writer and science fiction author of the Soviet Union.
Jan 16 Paul Nitze a high-ranking United States government official who helped shape Cold War defense policy over the course of numerous presidential administrations.
Jan 16 Alexander Knox a Canadian actor and author of adventure novels set in the Great Lakes area during the 19th century.
Jan 17 Oscarino Costa Silva an association footballer in offensive midfielder role. He was born in Niterói, Rio de Janeiro State, Brazil
Jan 17 Hryhory Kytasty a Ukrainian émigré composer and conductor. In 2008 he was honored with the Hero of Ukraine state decoration
Jan 17 Henk Badings a Dutch composer.
Jan 18 János Ferencsik a Hungarian conductor.
Jan 18 Reino Kuuskoski a jurist born in Loimaa, Finland.
Jan 18 Lina Haag a German anti-Fascist activist.
Jan 19 Edith Barrett an American film actress.
Jan 19 Silvio Frondizi an Argentine intellectual and lawyer, brother of President Arturo Frondizi and of the philosopher Risieri Frondizi. He became active in leftist groups, and was assassinated in 1974 by the Triple A right-wing death squad that operated under the Peron government between 1973 and 1976. This was before the military juntas and their Dirty War
Jan 20 Philip Slone a U.S. soccer wing half. He spent a single season each in the short lived Eastern Soccer League and Atlantic Coast Conference, then ten years in the American Soccer League. He was a member of the U.S team at the 1930 FIFA World Cup and is a member of the National Soccer Hall of Fame
Jan 20 Roy Welensky a Northern Rhodesian politician and the second and last prime minister of the Federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland.
Jan 20 Manfred von Ardenne a German research and applied physicist and inventor. He took out approximately 600 patents in fields including electron microscopy, medical technology, nuclear technology, plasma physics, and radio and television technology. From 1928 to 1945, he directed his private research laboratory Forschungslaboratorium für Elektronenphysik. For ten years after World War II, he worked in the Soviet Union on their atomic bomb project and was awarded a Stalin Prize. Upon his return to the then East Germany, he started another private laboratory, Forschungsinstitut Manfred von Ardenne
Jan 20 Paula Wessely an Austrian theatre and film actress. Die Wessely , as she was affectionately called by her admirers and fans, was Austria's foremost popular postwar actress
Jan 21 Friedrich Karm an Estonian international footballer who scored 9 goals in 13 games for the Estonian national side.
Jan 21 Jānis Mendriks a Latvian Catholic priest killed in a Soviet Gulag.
Jan 22 Douglas Corrigan an American aviator born in Galveston, Texas. He was nicknamed "Wrong Way" in 1938. After a transcontinental flight from Long Beach, California, to New York, he flew from Floyd Bennett Field in Brooklyn, New York, to Ireland, though his flight plan was filed to return to Long Beach. He claimed his unauthorized flight was due to a navigational error, caused by heavy cloud cover that obscured landmarks and low-light conditions, causing him to misread his compass. However, he was a skilled aircraft mechanic and had made several modifications to his own plane, preparing it for his transatlantic flight. He had been denied permission to make a nonstop flight from New York to Ireland, and his "navigational error" was seen as deliberate. Nevertheless, he never publicly admitted to having flown to Ireland intentionally
Jan 22 Michel Loève a French American probabilist and a mathematical statistician, of Palestinian Jewish origin. He is known in mathematical statistics and probability theory for the Karhunen–Loève theorem and Karhunen–Loève transform
Jan 22 Baruch Ashlag a Kabbalist, the firstborn and successor of Rabbi Yehuda Ashlag also known as Baal Hasulam, the author of "The Sulam" commentary on the Zohar. Among his writings: Shlavey ha Sulam , Dargot ha Sulam , Igrot Rabash