Died in 1920

Jan 1 Zygmunt Gorazdowski a Roman Catholic saint.
Jan 2 Paul Adam (French novelist) a French novelist. He was born and died in Paris
Jan 3 Zygmunt Janiszewski a Polish mathematician.
Jan 4 Benito Pérez Galdós a Spanish realist novelist. Some authorities consider him second only to Cervantes in stature as a Spanish novelist. He was the leading literary figure in 19th century Spain
Jan 6 Hieronymus Georg Zeuthen a Danish mathematician.
Jan 6 Heinrich Lammasch an Austrian jurist. He was a professor of criminal and international law, a member of the Hague Arbitration Tribunal, and served as the last Minister-President of Austria for a few weeks in October and November 1918. He was the first and only non-noble to serve as Minister-President in the Austrian half of the Habsburg monarchy
Jan 7 Edmund Barton an Australian politician and judge. He served as the first Prime Minister of Australia and became a founding justice of the High Court of Australia
Jan 7 Vahan Terian an Armenian poet, lyrist and public activist. He is known for his sorrowful, romantic poems, the most famous of which are still read and sung in their musical versions
Jan 12 Alexander J. Krawtzoff a Russian Imperial Army Yesaul during the First World War and a Commander of the North Groupe of Orenburg Army in White movement during the Ataman Alexander Dutovs revolt against the Soviet authorities in Orenburg in 1918. He was also one of the Orenburg Army officers who participated in march across Turgaj steppe
Jan 14 Charles Edward Magoon best remembered as a governor of the Panama Canal Zone, Minister to Panama, and an occupation governor of Cuba. He was also the subject of several small scandals during his career
Jan 14 John Francis Dodge an American automobile manufacturing pioneer and co-founder of Dodge Brothers Company.
Jan 16 Reginald De Koven an American music critic and prolific composer, particularly of comic operas.
Jan 16 Mikhail Bakhirev a Russian Naval officer and Admiral.
Jan 20 Mato Celestin Medović a Croatian painter. Best known for his large paintings depicting historical scenes, and his series of colourful landscapes and seascapes of his native Dalmatia, Medović is one of the earliest modern Croatian painters
Jan 20 Georg Lurich an Estonian Greco-Roman wrestler and strongman of the early 20th century. Lurich was also the trainer of his fellow countryman wrestlers and weightlifters Georg Hackenschmidt and Aleksander Aberg
Jan 24 Amedeo Modigliani an Italian painter and sculptor who worked mainly in France. He is known for portraits and nudes in a modern style characterized by elongation of faces and figures. His production is known for its nudes, which were not received well during his lifetime, but later found acceptance. Modigliani spent his youth in Italy, where he studied the art of antiquity and the Renaissance, until he moved to Paris in 1906. There he came into contact with prominent artists such as Pablo Picasso and Constantin Brâncuşi
Jan 25 Jeanne Hébuterne a French artist, best known as the frequent subject and common-law wife of the artist Amedeo Modigliani.
Jan 28 Panas Myrny a famous Ukrainian writer.
Jan 31 Wilhelm Pfeffer a German botanist and plant physiologist born in Grebenstein.
Feb 1 Adolf Albin a Romanian chess player, especially known for the countergambit that bears his name, and for the first chess book written in Romanian.
Feb 1 Pavel Shternberg a Russian astronomer and revolutionary, who contributed to the abolition of the government by Alexander Kerensky. He was friends with two notable figures, Vladimir Lenin and Leon Trotsky. His significant contributions include discovery of the planetary perturbations, the measurement of the latitude of the Moscow Astronomical Observatory, and application of the photography to astronomy. The primary subject of his photography were capturing double stars
Feb 1 Jāzeps Grosvalds a Latvian painter from Riga. He is now regarded as one of Latvia's finest painters and has several works on display in the Latvian National Museum of Art. His style is a combination of European Modernism and Abstract with a distinctly Latvian influence. A student of Simon Hollósy's school in Munich, Grosvalds went to Paris in 1910 where he studied at several private academies until 1914. In addition to this, he immersed himself in the flourishing art scene of the time, studying both modern art as well as the old masters
Feb 1 Vladimir Purishkevich a Russian conservative politician, a member of the Russian Assembly, noted for his monarchist, ultra-nationalist and antisemitic views. He participated in the assassination of Grigori Rasputin, an unsuccessful attempt to save the institution of monarchy
Feb 2 Pál Szinyei Merse a Hungarian painter and politician.
Feb 2 Otto Bütschli a German zoologist and professor at the University of Heidelberg. He specialized in invertebrates and insect development. Many of the groups of protists were first recognized by him
Feb 4 Asbury Bascom Davidson served as Lieutenant Governor of Texas from January 15, 1907 to January 21, 1913. He had previously served in the Texas Senate from 1899 to 1907. He was a lawyer who served on the Board of directors of what became Texas A&M University. He married Minnie McClanahan in March 1890
Feb 7 Alexander Kolchak a polar explorer and commander in the Imperial Russian Navy, who fought in the Russo-Japanese War and the First World War. During the Russian Civil War, he established an anti-communist government in Siberia—later the Provisional All-Russian Government—and was recognised as the "Supreme Ruler and Commander-in-Chief of All Russian Land and Sea Forces" by the other leaders of the White movement
Feb 7 Viktor Pepelyayev a Russian politician associated with the White movement. Brother of Anatoly Pepelyayev
Feb 7 Charles Langelier a Canadian lawyer, politician, judge, journalist, and author.
Feb 8 Richard Dehmel a German poet and writer.
Feb 10 Amedee Reyburn an American freestyle swimmer and water polo player who competed in the 1904 Summer Olympics.
Feb 10 Hugo Eisig a German marine zoologist.
Feb 10 Wilberforce Eaves a former co-World 1 male tennis player from the United Kingdom. At the 1908 London Olympics he won a bronze medal in the Men's Singles tournament
Feb 12 Pier Andrea Saccardo an Italian botanist and mycologist.
Feb 12 Aurore Gagnon a Canadian girl who was a victim of child abuse. She died of exhaustion and blood poisoning from some 52 wounds inflicted by her stepmother, Marie-Anne Houde, and her father, Télesphore Gagnon. The story of l'enfant martyre received great attention in the media and Aurore became an icon of Quebec sociological and popular culture
Feb 12 Émile Sauret a French violinist and composer. Sauret wrote over 100 violin pieces, including a famous cadenza for the first movement of Niccolò Paganini's First Violin Concerto, and the "Gradus ad Parnassum"
Feb 13 Otto Gross an Austrian psychoanalyst. A maverick early disciple of Sigmund Freud, he later became an anarchist and joined the utopian Ascona community
Feb 14 Konstantin Mamontov a Russian military commander and famous general of the Don Cossacks, who fought in the White Army during the Russian Civil War.
Feb 15 Dmitry Ilovaysky an anti-Normanist Russian historian who penned a number of standard history textbooks.
Feb 15 Aleksander Aberg an Estonian professional Greco-Roman and free-style wrestling world champion of the early 20th century. He took part in the World Heavyweight Championship and was one of the three most famous Estonian professional wrestlers along with Georg Lurich and Georg Hackenschmidt
Feb 16 Edward Jones (statistician) a U.S. statistician, mostly known for being the "Jones" in the Dow Jones Industrial Average.
Feb 17 Yefim Volkov a Russian landscape painter.
Feb 20 Duke John Albert of Mecklenburg a member of the House of Mecklenburg-Schwerin who served as the regent of two states of the German Empire. Firstly from 1897 to 1901 he was regent of Grand Duchy of Mecklenburg-Schwerin for his nephew Frederick Francis IV, Grand Duke of Mecklenburg, and from 1907 to 1913 he was Regent of the Duchy of Brunswick
Feb 20 Robert Peary an American explorer who claimed to have reached the geographic North Pole with his expedition on April 6, 1909. Peary's claim was widely credited for most of the 20th century, rather than the competing claim by Frederick Cook, who said he got there a year earlier. Both claims were widely debated in newspapers until 1913
Feb 21 Vladimir Makovsky a Russian painter, art collector, and teacher.
Feb 21 Afonso Duke of Porto a Portuguese Infante of the House of Braganza, the son of King Dom Luis I of Portugal and his wife, Dona Maria Pia of Savoy.
Feb 23 Alexander Ilyinsky a Russian music teacher and composer, best known for the Lullaby , 13, 7, from his orchestral suite "Noure and Anitra", and for the opera The Fountain of Bakhchisaray set to Pushkin's poem of the same name.
Feb 24 Alexandr Alexandrovich Fischer von Waldheim a Russian Botanist. He was a director of the Saint Petersburg Botanical Garden. He was the son of Alexandr Grigorievich Fischer von Waldheim and the grandson of Gotthelf Fischer von Waldheim
Feb 25 Marcel-Auguste Dieulafoy a French archaeologist, noted for his excavations at Susa in 1885 and for his work, L'Art antique de la Perse.
Feb 25 Vadim Podbelsky a Russian revolutionary and Bolshevik statesman following the Russian Revolution.