Born in 1922

Jan 1 Tano Cimarosa an Italian actor, screenwriter and film director from Sicily. He participated in more than fifty movies
Jan 1 Ernest Hollings Frederick "Fritz" Hollings served as a Democratic United States Senator from South Carolina from 1966 to 2005, as well as the 106th Governor of South Carolina and the 77th Lieutenant Governor. He served 38 years and 55 days in the Senate, which makes him the 8th-longest-serving Senator in history. He served alongside Republican Strom Thurmond for 36 of those years, making them the longest-serving Senate duo in history, and him the most senior junior senator ever
Jan 1 Blagoje Jovović an agent of the Yugoslav secret police, April War participant, and participant of the antifascist war in Yugoslavia in both partisan and chetniks' movements. He is most notable for taking part in the attack on World War II criminal, Ante Pavelić, on April 10, 1957
Jan 1 Natalio Pescia a former Argentine football midfielder. He was born in Dock Sud in Avellaneda, Argentina. He played his entire club career for Boca Juniors in Argentina
Jan 1 Roza Baglanova a Soviet and Kazakh soprano opera and pop music singer, who was honored with many awards throughout her career, including the People’s Artist of the USSR and the Order of Lenin. She was also deemed a National Hero of Kazakhstan
Jan 1 Roz Howard an American stock car racing driver. He competed in the NASCAR Grand National Division, now the Sprint Cup Series, and the NASCAR Convertible Division in the 1950s and early 1960s, in addition to racing throughout the southeast, winning the 1957 MARC Southern Late Model Championship
Jan 1 Jerry Robinson an American comic book artist known for his work on DC Comics' Batman line of comics during the 1940s. He is best known as the co-creator of the Joker and for his work on behalf of creators' rights
Jan 2 Jack Agnew a United States Army private first class in World War II, a member of the Filthy Thirteen, whose exploits inspired the novel and movie The Dirty Dozen.
Jan 2 Maurice Faure a member of the French Resistance and a minister in several French governments. He was born in Azerat, Dordogne
Jan 2 Phuntsok Wangyal a Tibetan politician. He is best known for having founded the Tibetan Communist Party and was a major figure in modern Sino-Tibetan relations. He was arrested by the Chinese authorities in 1960 and subsequently spent 18 years in the infamous Chinese high security prison Qincheng in solitary confinement. He lived in Beijing until his death
Jan 3 Bill Travers an English actor, screenwriter, director and animal rights activist, known professionally as Bill Travers.
Jan 4 Frank Wess an American jazz saxophonist and flautist.
Jan 4 Karl-Erik Nilsson (wrestler) a former Swedish wrestler. He was born in Stehag, Sweden
Jan 4 Mart Port an Estonian architect and pedagogue. He is mostly notable for being in the head of many statutory plans during the Soviet era, those including Tallinn, Tartu, Pärnu, Viljandi and Tallinn's districts Mustamäe, Väike-Õismäe and Lasnamäe. His most notable individual objects include the Viru Hotel , the building of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Estonia , the "Planners' House" and the World War II Memorial in Maarjamäe
Jan 5 Gustaf Jansson a Swedish athlete who competed in the marathon during his career. He was born in Brattfors, Värmland
Jan 5 Aleksey Gushchin a Soviet sports shooter and Olympic medalist. He won a gold medal in the 50 metre pistol at the 1960 Summer Olympics in Rome
Jan 5 Shem Downey an Irish hurler who played as a midfielder for the Kilkenny senior team.
Jan 5 Anthony Synnot a senior officer in the Royal Australian Navy, who served as Chief of the Defence Force Staff from 1979 to 1982.
Jan 6 Nina Veselova a Russian Soviet realist painter and graphic artist, Doctor of art-criticism , who lived and worked in Leningrad. She was a member of the Leningrad Union of Artists and regarded as one of the brightest representatives of the Leningrad school of painting
Jan 6 Eusebio Tejera a Uruguayan footballer.
Jan 7 Eric Jupp best remembered for his theme music to the TV series Skippy the Bush Kangaroo.
Jan 7 Fatafehi Tu'ipelehake the youngest son of Sālote Tupou III and was educated in Tonga and Australia. Tu'ipelehake is a traditional high-ranking Tongan title
Jan 7 Francisco Aramburu a Brazilian footballer who played striker.
Jan 7 Alvin Dark an American baseball player who was a shortstop and manager in Major League Baseball and played for five National League teams from 1946 to 1960. Dark was named the major leagues' Rookie of the Year with the 1948 Boston Braves when he batted.322
Jan 7 Jean-Pierre Rampal a French flautist. He has been personally "credited with returning to the flute the popularity as a solo classical instrument it had not held since the 18th century."
Jan 8 Dale D. Myers a former Deputy Administrator of NASA, serving between October 6, 1986 and May 13, 1989. He was born in Kansas City, Missouri, and graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Aeronautical Engineering from the University of Washington in Seattle in 1943
Jan 8 Bill Closs an American basketball player. He played collegiately for Rice University. In his final year, he led the Southwest Conference in scoring and was All-American in 1943. In 1971 he was inducted into the Rice Athletic Hall of Fame, and in 2003 his basketball jersey was retired
Jan 8 Georgy Adelson-Velsky a Soviet and Israeli mathematician and computer scientist.
Jan 8 Don Patinkin an Israeli/American monetary economist, and the president of Hebrew University in Jerusalem.
Jan 8 Jan Nieuwenhuys a Dutch painter and one of the early active founders of the Dutch Experimentalists group that later became part of CoBrA.
Jan 8 Abbey Simon an American classical pianist.
Jan 9 Ahmed Sékou Touré a Guinean political leader; head of the PDG, he was elected as the first President of Guinea, serving from 1958 to his death in 1984. Touré was one of the primary Guinean nationalists involved in gaining independence of the country from France
Jan 9 Har Gobind Khorana an Indian-American biochemist who shared the 1968 Nobel Prize for Physiology or Medicine with Marshall Nirenberg and Robert Holley for research that helped to show how the order of nucleotides in nucleic acids, which carry the genetic code of the cell, control the cell’s synthesis of proteins. Khorana and Nirenberg were also awarded the Louisa Gross Horwitz Prize from Columbia University in the same year
Jan 10 Billy Liddell a Scottish footballer, who played his entire professional career with Liverpool. He signed with the club as a teenager in 1938 and retired in 1961, having scored 228 goals in 534 appearances. He was Liverpool's leading goalscorer in the league in eight out of nine seasons from 1949-50 to 1957–58, and surpassed Elisha Scott's club record for most league appearances in 1957
Jan 10 Yuri Golfand a Russian and Israeli physicist known, in particular, for his 1971 paper where they proposed supersymmetry between bosonic and ferminoic particles by extending the Poincaré algebra with anticommuting spinor generators. The algebra they constructed is also called a Super-Poincaré algebra
Jan 10 Ester Mägi an Estonian composer, widely regarded as the First Lady of Estonian Music.
Jan 10 Hannelore Schroth a German film, stage and television actress whose career spanned over five decades.
Jan 10 Lasse Kolstad a Norwegian actor and singer. Active from the 1940s, he was known from many stage roles, but primarily as "Tevye" in Fiddler on the Roof
Jan 10 Cliff Chambers a professional baseball pitcher in the Major Leagues from 1948-1953. He played for the Chicago Cubs, Pittsburgh Pirates, and Louis Cardinals. He was born in Portland, Oregon
Jan 11 Ernle Bradford a noted 20th century British historian specializing in the Mediterranean world and naval topics. A keen yachtsman himself, Bradford spent almost 30 years sailing the Mediterranean, and many of his books are set there. His book, The Journeying Moon describes some of these voyages. It ends with the sale of his Bristol Channel Pilot Cutter, Mischief, to HW Bill Tilman, who made a number of significant voyages in it to high latitudes. Bradford lived in Kalkara, Malta for a number of years. Sometime BBC broadcaster and magazine editor, Bradford was a prolific author
Jan 11 Valentine Telegdi a Hungarian-born U.S. physicist.
Jan 12 Tadeusz Żychiewicz a Polish journalist, art historian, religious publicist, theologist, Biblicist, feuilletonist and editor of Tygodnik Powszechny, soldier of Armia Krajowa.
Jan 12 Eric Heffer a British socialist politician. He was Labour Member of Parliament for Liverpool Walton from 1964 until his death. His working-class background and consciousness fed into his left-wing politics, but to an extent disguised the depth of his knowledge: with 12,000 books in his home, he admitted to being a bibliophile. Due to his experience as a professional joiner, he made a speciality of the construction industry and its employment practices, but was also concerned with trade union issues in general. He changed his view on the European Common Market from being an outspoken supporter to an outspoken opponent, and served a brief period in government in the mid-1970s. His later career was dominated by his contribution to debates within the Labour Party and he defended Liverpool against attacks on the far left-dominated Liverpool City Council
Jan 12 Veniamin Margolin a Soviet Russian classical trumpeter and music teacher. He was the principal trumpeter at the Leningrad Philharmonic Orchestra and professor of trumpet at the Saint Petersburg Conservatory
Jan 13 Albert Lamorisse best known for his award winning short films which he began making in the late 1940s, and also for inventing the famous strategic board game Risk in 1957.
Jan 13 John Hewer an English actor and manager. He was born in Leyton, London
Jan 15 Eric Willis an Australian politician, Cabinet Minister and the 34th Premier of New South Wales, serving from 23 January 1976 to 14 May 1976. Born in Murwillumbah in 1922, Willis was educated at Murwillumbah High School and the University of Sydney, where he obtained a Bachelor of Arts with double honours. Enlisting during the Second World War, Willis served on the homefront and later served in New Guinea and the Philippines. He continued to serve the Citizen Military Forces until 1958
Jan 15 Paul Marcinkus an American archbishop of the Roman Catholic Church. He was best known for his tenure as President of the Vatican Bank from 1971 through 1989
Jan 15 Martin Ostwald a German-American classical scholar, who taught until 1992 at Swarthmore College and the University of Pennsylvania. His main field of study was the political structures of Ancient Greece
Jan 16 Ferenc Deák (footballer) a Hungarian footballer who played for teams such as Szentlőrinci SE, Ferencváros and Budapesti Dózsa.