Born in 1928

Jan 1 Ernest Tidyman a Cleveland-born American author and screenwriter, best known for his novels featuring the African-American detective John Shaft. He also co-wrote the screenplay for the film version of Shaft with John D.F. Black in 1971
Jan 1 Abdul Sattar Edhi a prominent Pakistani philanthropist, social activist and humanitarian. He is the founder and head of the Edhi Foundation, a non-profit social welfare organisation in Pakistan. Together with his wife, Bilquis Edhi, he received the 1986 Ramon Magsaysay Award for Public Service. He is also the recipient of the Lenin Peace Prize and the Balzan Prize. In 2006, Institute of Business Administration Pakistan conferred an honoris causa degree of Doctor of Social Service Management for his services. In 2010 Edhi was awarded Ahmadiyya Muslim Peace Prize. In September 2010, Edhi was also awarded an honorary degree of Doctorate by the University of Bedfordshire. In 1985 Edhi received the Nishan-e-Imtiaz from the Government of Pakistan. On 1 January 2014, Edhi was voted Person of the year 2013 by the readers of The Express Tribune
Jan 1 Laurus (Škurla) First Hierarch of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia, the fifth cleric to hold that position. Late in his life he the fourth ROCOR agreement, that reunited ROCOR to the Russian Orthodox Patriarchate based in Moscow
Jan 1 Amotz Zahavi an Israeli evolutionary biologist, a Professor Emeritus at the Zoology Department of Tel Aviv University, and one of the founders of the Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel. His main works are in the evolution of signals, particularly those that indicate fitness, and their selection
Jan 1 Vasiliy Podshibyakin a Soviet geologist and head of the trust “Yamalnefterazvedka”. He took part in discoveries of large and unique gas fields in the northern regions of Western Siberia, including Urengoy gas field – the world's second largest natural gas field
Jan 1 Gerhard Weinberg a German-born American diplomatic and military historian noted for his studies in the history of World War Weinberg currently is the William Rand Kenan, Professor Emeritus of History at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He has been a member of the history faculty at UNC-Chapel Hill since 1974. Previously he served on the faculties of the University of Michigan and the University of Kentucky
Jan 2 Robert Goralski a news correspondent for NBC News for fifteen years in the 1960s and 1970s during a thirty-five-year career in communications.
Jan 2 Daisaku Ikeda the founder and current president of Soka Gakkai International , the international offshoot of Soka Gakkai, a Japanese new religious movement informed by the teachings of Nichiren which, according to its own account, has more than 12 million members. In 1996, he was described in a Los Angeles Times article as a "puzzle of conflicting perceptions", ranging from "Japan's most powerful man" and a "threat to democracy", to an "inspired teacher" and "man of deep learning". Ikeda and Soka Gakkai have been the frequent targets of criticism for fostering a cult of personality centered on Ikeda
Jan 2 Oscar Rabin (artist) a Russian painter, celebrated in the West as ‘Solzhenitsyn in painting’.
Jan 2 Avie Bennett a Canadian businessman and philanthropist.
Jan 3 Frank Anderson (chess player) a Canadian International Master of chess, and a chess writer. He twice won gold medals at the chess Olympiads, for the best scores on his board. Anderson tied for the Canadian Chess Championship in 1953 and won this title outright in 1955
Jan 3 Michael Barratt (television presenter) an English television presenter and announcer. He is mainly known for his lengthy period as the main presenter on Nationwide
Jan 4 Jan Lenica a Polish graphic designer and cartoonist.
Jan 4 Boško Vuksanović a Yugoslavian water polo player who competed in the 1952 Summer Olympics. He was born in Belgrade, Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes. He was part of the Yugoslav team which won the silver medal in the 1952 tournament. He played six matches
Jan 5 Qian Qichen a Chinese diplomat and politician. He served as the Chinese foreign minister from April 1988 to March 1998
Jan 5 Walter Mondale an American Democratic Party politician who served as the 42nd Vice President of the United States under President Jimmy Carter, and as a United States Senator from Minnesota. He was the Democratic Party's presidential candidate in the United States presidential election of 1984. At more than 33 years, he has had the longest retirement of any Vice President
Jan 5 Zulfikar Ali Bhutto the ninth Prime Minister of Pakistan and its fourth President. Revered as Quaid-i-Awam , he founded the Pakistan People's Party and served as its chairman until his execution in 1979
Jan 6 Vijay Tendulkar a leading Indian playwright, movie and television writer, literary essayist, political journalist, and social commentator primarily in Marāthi. He is best known for his plays Shantata! Court Chalu Aahe , Ghāshirām Kotwāl , and Sakhārām Binder. Many of Tendulkar's plays derived inspiration from real-life incidents or social upheavals, which provides clear light on harsh realities. He provided his guidance to students studying "playwright writing" in US universities. For over five decades Tendulkar had been a highly influential dramatist and theatre personality in Mahārāshtra
Jan 6 George H. Ross Executive Vice President and Senior Counsel of the Trump Organization. He is perhaps best known as one of Donald Trump's two advisors on the NBC reality television program The Apprentice; Carolyn Kepcher was the other. On the program, he monitors the progress of the contestants and assists Trump in determining who should be "fired."
Jan 6 Capucine a French fashion model and actress known for her comedic roles in The Pink Panther and What's New Pussycat?. She appeared in 36 films and 17 television productions between 1948 and 1990
Jan 7 Emilio Pericoli an Italian singer. He was born in Cesenatico, Romagna
Jan 7 Clyde Snow a well known U.S. forensic anthropologist. Some of his skeletal confirmations include John Kennedy, victims of John Wayne Gacy, King Tutankhamun, victims of the Oklahoma City bombing, and Josef Mengele
Jan 7 William Peter Blatty an American writer and filmmaker. The Exorcist, written in 1971, is his most well-known novel; he also wrote the screenplay for the film adaptation, for which he won an Academy Award, and wrote and directed the sequel, The Exorcist III
Jan 7 Sen Arevshatyan an Armenian scholar, whose works are devoted to the history of ancient and medieval Armenian philosophy and historical sources. He is also specialized in the publication of critical texts and scientific translations of medieval works. Arevshatyan was awarded the State Prize of the Armenian Soviet Socialist Republic in 1978. He has been a member of Armenian Academy of Sciences presidium, ex-director of Mashtots Matenadaran for more than two decades
Jan 8 Jeen van den Berg a Dutch long track speed skating primarily known as the winner of the Elfstedentocht of 1954. He competed in the race a record seven times, with his first race being in 1947 and his final one in 1997
Jan 8 Slade Gorton an American politician. A Republican, he was a U.S. senator from Washington state from 1981 to 1987, and from 1989 to 2001. He held both of the state's Senate seats in his career and was narrowly defeated for reelection twice as an incumbent: in 1986 by Brock Adams, and in 2000 by Maria Cantwell after a recount. Gorton was twice both Senior Senator and Junior Senator
Jan 8 Luther Perkins an American country music guitarist and a member of the Tennessee Three, the backup band for singer Johnny Cash. Perkins was an iconic figure in what would become known as rockabilly music. His creatively simple, sparsely embellished, rhythmic use of Fender Esquire, Jazzmaster and Jaguar guitars is credited for creating Cash's signature "boom-chicka-boom" style
Jan 8 Gaston Miron an important poet, writer, and editor of the Quebec Quiet Revolution. His masterpiece, L'homme rapaillé has sold over 100 000 copies, in Quebec and overseas, ensuring Miron as one of the most widely read authors of Quebec literature. His commitment for a free and independent Quebec, both politically and through his writings, associated with his popularity, placed Miron as a central figure of the Quebec nationalist and independence movements
Jan 9 Irena Veisaitė a Lithuanian theatre scholar, intellectual and human rights activist.
Jan 9 Judith Krantz a Jewish-American novelist who writes in the romance genre. Her works include Scruples, Princess Daisy, and Till We Meet Again
Jan 9 Fernand St. Germain a U.S. Representative from Rhode Island
Jan 9 Domenico Modugno an Italian singer, songwriter, actor, and later in life, a member of the Italian Parliament. He is known for his 1958 international hit song "Nel Blu Dipinto Di Blu ". He is considered the first Italian cantautore
Jan 10 Peter Mathias a British economic historian. He attended Colston's School and Bristol Grammar School where he became interested in history. In December 1945, he applied for a scholarship at King's College, Cambridge; instead he won an Exhibition at Jesus College, Cambridge during Summer 1946. However the college demanded that those coming up from school should have done military service before they arrived so he spent two years in the army as a conscript
Jan 10 Imre Hódos a Hungarian wrestler and Olympic champion in Greco-Roman wrestling.
Jan 10 Fuat Mansurov a Soviet and Russian conductor.
Jan 10 Ivan Kapitanets a retired Soviet Navy Admiral of the Fleet.
Jan 10 Philip Levine (poet) a Pulitzer Prize-winning American poet best known for his poems about working-class Detroit. He taught for more than thirty years in the English department of California State University, Fresno and held teaching positions at other universities as well. He was appointed Poet Laureate of the United States for 2011–2012
Jan 11 Dave Petitjean an American actor and humorist of Cajun stories. Born in 1928 in Rayne, Louisiana, he attended college at Louisiana State University at the age of 16, before joining the United States Navy and serving aboard the USS Estes command ship during World War After the war, Petitjean studied agriculture at Southwest Louisiana Institute. He graduated and worked for a local chemical company, from which he retired 25 years later. He then worked for an insurance company until retiring in 2000
Jan 11 David L. Wolper an American television and film producer, responsible for shows such as Roots, The Thorn Birds, North & South, L.A. Confidential, and the film Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory. He also produced numerous documentaries and documentary series including Biography , The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich , Appointment with Destiny , This is Elvis, Four Days in November, Imagine: John Lennon, Visions of Eight , and others. Wolper directed the 1959 documentary The Race for Space, which was nominated for an Academy Award. His 1971 film about the study of insects, The Hellstrom Chronicle, won an Academy Award
Jan 11 Alan Bowness a British art historian and former museum director.
Jan 12 Erkki Mallenius an Olympic bronze medal winning boxer from Finland.
Jan 12 Ruth Brown an American singer-songwriter and actress also known as "Queen of R&B" noted for bringing a pop music style to R&B music in a series of hit songs for Atlantic Records in the 1950s, such as "So Long", "Teardrops from My Eyes" and " He Treats Your Daughter Mean". For these contributions, Atlantic became known as "The house that Ruth built"
Jan 12 Vic Toweel a South African boxer and former undisputed World bantamweight champion. He was the first South African to hold a world title
Jan 12 Ray Barnhart a businessman and Republican politician, formerly from Pasadena in Harris County, Texas.
Jan 12 Lloyd Ruby an American racecar driver.
Jan 13 William Martínez a Uruguayan footballer. He played 54 times for the Uruguay national football team between 1950 and 1965
Jan 14 Hans Kornberg a German-born British biochemist.
Jan 14 Lars Forssell a Swedish writer and member of the Swedish Academy. Forssell was a versatile writer who worked within many genres, including poetry, drama and songwriting. He was married from 1951 until his death to Kerstin Hane, and was the father of Jonas and Malte Forssell
Jan 14 Garry Winogrand a street photographer known for his portrayal of the United States in the mid-20th century. John Szarkowski called him the central photographer of his generation
Jan 15 M. V. Devan Madathil Vasudevan, popularly known as V. Devan , was an Indian painter, sculptor, writer, art critic and orator. He was born in Panniyannur village in Thalassery in northern Kerala. After completing high school in 1946, he left for Madras to study painting. He learned the basics of painting at the Government School of Arts and Crafts, Madras under the likes of Debi Prasad Roy Chowdhury and C. Paniker